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How healthy is alcohol-free beer is actually


Alcohol-free beer is becoming ever more popular. It is considered to be healthier than normal beer, as it contains little or no alcohol and therefore fewer calories. Just athletes rely after Training on the non-alcoholic version. But free beer is alcohol really healthy? Read here what you always wanted to know even about non-alcoholic beer.

Alcohol-Free Beer: A Few Calories

In any case, a positive effect on alcohol-free beer is that it has relatively few calories. So half a Liter of alcohol-free Pils to about 120 calories – which is only about half of a normal beer. Also, in contrast to some soft drink, the alcohol cuts off the free beer, too: half a litre of Apple juice, for example, to 150, half a Liter of Cola even to 215 calories.

120 calories you can reduce by Training relatively quickly, and So a 80 kilogram man burns calories by ten minutes of Jogging. After the Sport an alcohol-free beer for refreshment is thus allowed. But those who want to lose weight through sports, should prefer to drink water.

For athletes are suitable

Athletes is not only due to the relatively low caloric content on an alcohol-free beer, but also because most of the varieties are one of the isotonic drinks. Isotonic means that the drink in respect of the composition of its salts is as focused as the body fluids. This allows water and minerals to the sports losses particularly quickly to compensate. It is often noted on the bottle of beer separately, that it is an isotonic drink.

Alcohol free beer is for athletes but also because of the Maltodextrin content is suitable. The carbohydrate provides the mixture to ensure that the movement of the emptied glycogen stores are filled up. However, Maltodextrin contains less sugar than a juice spritzer. Convenient for athletes is that non-alcoholic beer Magnesium – this cramps can be prevented. In addition to Magnesium, potassium, and various B-vitamins in the juice of the Barley stuck. However, the sodium content for athletes from falling too low.

Alcohol content is equal to zero?

Alcohol-free beer is likely to contain the name to the alcohol, but that’s not quite true. In many varieties of alcohol is still, but only in very small quantities: The alcohol content must be under 0.5 percent. Similarly small quantities of juices by fermentation processes in some fruit. Drunk you can’t be this amount of alcohol.

In other countries, the rules concerning the alcohol content of alcohol-free beer are stricter: alcohol shall not contain free varieties in the UK, for example, not more than 0.05 per cent alcohol. In Germany, too, is always is always challenged, Beers with a low alcohol content and not with the note ‘alcohol-free’, but ‘to provide low in alcohol’.

Healthy or unhealthy?

Alcohol-free beer is in many ways healthier than normal beer: It has less calories and the liver is burdened by the lack of alcohol less. Moreover, alcohol-free beer will also have a positive effect on the immune system. According to a study by the beer contained polyphenols are responsible for this. This will kill viruses and bacteria, to scavenge free radicals and is also an anti-inflammatory effect.

Such polyphenols, but also in many other foods – for example, in Apples, eggplant, onions, or blue berries. You are so not an excuse to drink gallons of alcohol-free beer. As a General rule, you can approve quietly at an alcohol-free beer. However, you should meet your fluid needs, nevertheless, largely with water.

Non-alcoholic beer in pregnancy

During pregnancy, many women treat yourself to a alcohol-free beer. Probably this is harmless – however, the consumer should follow in the framework, because, in alcohol-free beer, small amounts of alcohol are often included. However, can form such small quantities in the partial fruit juices.

For gout patients-free beer is not alcohol, however, in any case, taboo: indeed, It contains exactly as many Purines as normal beer. Since Purines can contribute to the triggering of a gout attack, gout-patients generally better on beer, whether alcoholic or not.

The production of alcohol-free beer

In the production of alcohol-free beer distinction is always made between two different procedures. In the first method, the fermentation process is stopped so early that no alcohol is produced. In the second method, the beer is first prepared in the normal. It is then removed by distillation of the alcohol.