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Iced tea make it yourself


Many of the ingredients of iced tea, such as, for example, preservatives and aromatic substances that are typical for soft drinks from the supermarket. Because in addition to sodas, fizzy drinks and sweetened juices and also iced tea is one of the so-called soft drinks. These are characterized usually by a high content of citric acid. Citric acid can attack with regular consumption the tooth enamel. In addition, some of the industrially produced ice tea products contain up to 90 grams of sugar per Liter. Thus, there is an increased risk for caries. Moreover, this iced tea can be products trigger for obesity and Diabetes.

Artificial sweeteners produce the desire for more

Although there are also sugar-free iced tea brands, these contain a lot of artificial sweeteners, which are highly appetizing. The consumption of such a flavored iced tea, the taste buds get used to the Sweetness, so that the body requires, finally, after more and more iced tea.

Industrially produced soft drinks and therefore should be removed from the diet plan. Instead of buying iced tea brands in the supermarket, they make their iced tea. We will show you how you can get the delicious thirst-quencher with the delicious fruits to make your own.

Sugar-free iced tea do it yourself

Recipe for the iced tea “Hot on ice” (for 4-6 persons):

  • 1 l of fresh water
  • 12 TSP of black tea
  • 3 untreated lemons
  • 25 ice cubes

And so it goes: take 1 Liter of water, twelve tablespoons of black tea, three untreated lemons, 25 ice cubes. The tea with boiling water to brew and three minutes long. The lemons, rinse under hot water and cut in half. Three half lemons squeeze the juice with the tea mix. The other Lemon half in thin slices. Can sweet each to taste.

And now the Clou: The iced tea is “shocked”. That is, in order to preserve the full Teearoma, to be poured over the ice cubes with hot tea. The tea is immediately cold and tastes wonderfully refreshing.

The advantage of homemade iced tea without sugar: he has hardly any calories and is therefore an optimal fluid supplier in the summer.

Caffeine content of iced tea

Conventional iced tea is often enriched with the extracts of black tea and therefore contains plenty of caffeine. Although the caffeine content in iced tea is not quite as high as in other caffeinated drinks, nevertheless, children should be able to healthier thirst-quencher like bottled water, or homemade iced tea.

For the preparation of, for example, fruit tea is suitable for this purpose; the fruit tastes sweet but is sugar free and also contains no caffeine. Also, the iced tea with seasonal fruits like strawberries, peaches or cherries as desired padding.

Who doesn’t want to miss out on the classic tart flavour of iced tea, instead of black tea and also herbal tea. Also green tea is excellent for delicious iced tea creations. With Mint leaves and citrus fruits refined he receives a particularly refreshing touch.