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If Adam comes in the years


So far, the programmed hormonal descent to the 50-exclusively for women was a thing, but the ravages of time, even with the lords of creation to the body, Psyche and sexual. PADAM is one of the phrases with which the symptom complex is described for a decline in production of sex hormones responsible.

Andropause, PADAM, or the climacteric virile?

Feminists would consider the complaints of the older man as a climacteric virile. Linguists favour the Andropause in order to create a counterpart to Menopause – even if it is biological nonsense. And the term Midlife crisis only takes into account psycho-social aspects. Endocrinologists have found, however, Like PADAM, partial androgen deficit of the aging male, and describe the actual biological conditions.

In contrast to women in whom sex hormone levels fall off with the last menstrual period is relatively abrupt, is not dangers of testosterone production in many men, however, at all – slowly, but steadily down, and between the 40. and 70. Years of age. Ewa every third man after the age of 55. The age of the testosterone levels below 3.5 ng/ml of blood is so low that there is talk of a hypogonadism, a condition in which the sex organs refuse their service. The phenomenon of the decline in testosterone levels observed in the case of any man, but from different starting values. This explains the large differences in the Occurrence of PADAM symptoms.

The stronger sex is weak

It is unclear whether the estate is at the end of testosterone output is a completely normal ageing process or whether the decline in hormone amounts and associated loss of functionality in consequence of the pathological findings are, for example, atherosclerotic vascular changes. It is a fact that in patients with General diseases more often low testosterone levels as in healthy older men. It is the suspicion that between the testosterone concentration and the General state of health is a connection that goes beyond the sexual performance.

Many small uncharacteristic niggles spoil the older man his well-being. For some, the mood is in the duration, depth, drive, and performance and concentration. Others are struggling with sleep disturbances, hot flashes, increased night-time sweating, or heart palpitations. What relates to sexuality, Libido, sexual activity, erection strength and duration. In addition, the muscle shrinks, and the risk of osteoporosis increases. The older man’s fat mass, particularly in the abdominal area. Whether or not this also goes with changes in the metabolism, such as Diabetes, Hand-in-Hand, is not yet secured.

In the course of androgen deficiency a anemia can manifest itself-makers, with all the possible consequences of a reduced number of Oxygen. Is testosterone deficiency not outs by a clear clinical sign. Probably PADAM is not only the result of a Testosterondefiz its, but, rather, the disturbed Balance between different hormones, such as testosterone, growth hormones, Estrogens and DHEA (Dehydroepiand include). A targeted Hormone replacement you should consider, when a man next to the PADAM symptoms, a strong testosterone deficit below 3.5 ng/ml of blood. The indication is so given, if the complaints be combined with a hypogonadism.

Newer approaches to research. Currently, it is working, what is the significance of a testosterone therapy for age could have associated complaints, regardless of a significant androgen deficit. However, The study of Hormone replacement in men lags behind that of women by about 20 to 30 years. The so far existing studies overlook is only about five years. First Trends, however, show positive effects without any significant side effects. The researchers warn, however: The Substitution of the capping of PADAM complaints is currently experimental.

With regard to the treatment of their symptoms, women in menopause, the better cards. The gynecologist can forms from over fifty preparations, plus various dosage gradations in the different Application – transdermal (via a patch), orally (by mouth), vaginally, intramuscularly. For men with proven testosterone deficiency the pharmaceutical chemistry is only one substance, namely testosterone, in only two usable dosage forms, namely the injections, and patches. Whether injections or patches are suitable, will have to decide the doctor.

PADAM symptoms of Mr are

From about the sixth decade of life, muscle in many men mass and muscle strength. A 70-Year-old about 12 kg less fat-free body mass, the muscle accounts for the majority of carries, with a 25-Year-old. At the same time the fat to tissue. Testosterone can intervene and correct. Studies prove that increasing the amount of fat-free body mass, regardless of whether it is healthy test subjects, bodybuilders, men with strong testosterone deficiency in men, older men with a slight deficit. Similar positive it is the same with the muscle strength, because of increase of fat-free body mass goes Hand in Hand with the building of muscles.

Just in the last few years, attention is paid in the case of men, increasingly, on osteoporosis. And, in fact, About a fifth of all femoral neck fractures related to the strong gender. Not always the classical risk are to identify factors such as alcohol consumption, systemic diseases, or immobilization. Possible explanation: Due to a testosterone deficiency in old age the bones become mineralized, reduced. Two studies in male nursing home residents were able to see in almost 65 percent of the patients with femoral neck fractures, low testosterone, while only 22 percent of the controls without a fracture. These findings suggest testosterone deficiency as a cause of osteoporosis, the definitive proof of this yet.

However, it is well established that testosterone substitution stimulates erythropoiesis, the formation of blood,. Proponents of testosterone substitution to speak of the increased oxygen transport capacity, an improvement in the General physical performance. Is not proven this, however. Difficult also is to find out how testosterone administration affects the mood and mental well-being. In-depth data are scarce and come only from small groups of patients. The results are satisfactory.

Loss of libido and potency disorders

A significant aspect of quality of life, the sexual functions, which are increasingly used in the years. It is estimated that about half of the men makes to create over 60 years of erectile dysfunction and about 15 percent are impotent. While the loss of libido is probably due to a testosterone deficit, have often complained of potency problems almost always have multiple causes, and it is through a testosterone substitution is only rarely correct.

Therefore, the potency disorders as an isolated Symptom is not a reason for a testosterone therapy. Professionals in the Consideration of a head-scratcher as to whether the administration of testosterone could have a negative impact on the prostate. Both benign prostate enlargement as well as a still dormant and therefore undetectable prostate cancer could be activated by the hormone intake. Proved nothing so far, but the skills are abundant patchy.