If the food displaces the love

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If the food displaces the love

Five pounds less and I would fit in the dress, five pounds less and I would feel in a bathing suit, five pounds less and he would desire me again – the own weight is for women is usually a life long issue. With 40 plus many are chronically unhappy with your dress size. Behind the rings with the balance the deeper, underlying desires are but often. “Especially in a certain age, women are wondering whether they are still sexually attractive to your Partner and whether you may have a claim on sexual satisfaction”, according to physician Nutrition specialist Dr. Ute Gola from Berlin.

Women doubt their attractiveness

When in bed, nothing more to be running, for example, because he gets erectile dysfunction, and suddenly he’s there, the thought: Is it me? I’m too fat? “Erotic satisfaction is not a question of weight and not age,” Dr. Gola in the Interview. Just in the period of menopause, many women reflect on their own situation in life and your partnership. “Undercurrent of dissatisfaction in my experience, often women in a certain age, watching critically in the mirror. Old, we all need to be, but we want to feel healthy and well with our weight,“ says Dr. Ute Gola from your practice.

Power problems – Is it me?

In this Phase, in which the partner asks, are also confronted many men with the first perceived signs of aging, for example if it works with the potency of In Germany, every fifth man over 40 in the course of his life, erectile dysfunction. “Women see themselves quickly in the responsibility for problems in the relationship. When he pulls back, instead of talking openly with you, talking to you, and that it was up to her. It feels too thick and is no longer attractive,“ describes Gola the conflict. Behind erection problems, no emotional or mental reasons, but physical causes, however, usually, such as cardiovascular diseases or undiscovered Diabetes. Clarity brings not only going to the doctor.

“I experience it again and again that women want to lose weight, because you no longer believe, to please the Partner. Unfortunately, there are also men who transfer their own sense of dissatisfaction on their wives, according to the Motto ‘You’re thick’. Something else is, in reality, behind it, for example erection problems,” says physician Nutrition specialist and clarifies: “There is no optimal weight, in order to be sexually attractive. It is important that both partners are satisfied with it and in the Lot“.

Eat – the adult age?

In the case of food, Hunger and satiety, and the body perception plays a big role. “A lot of people take dissatisfaction as Hunger, or at least appetite,” says Gola. The handle bar of chocolate as a Consolation, we all know. But, out of the way, sometimes has to serve the food. “I use the term ‘feed each other’ in a relationship this also means that you can kill each other to Silence. If I don’t discuss only with each other eat and problems, the likelihood is great, that I need more food and increasing“, explains the expert. “Sometimes food is the eroticism of the age.”

Who determines that the sensual with each other is limited to the Enjoy tasty dishes, is often well advised, if he gets help from the Outside. “You should ask yourself whether the enjoyment of the food, or whether you want to experience more sexually. The weight is in the way, you can do something about it. And also problems such as erectile dysfunction can be treated. What is crucial is always that both partners want to,“ says Gola. A professional nutrition consultation is subsidised in many cases by the health insurance companies. “Who abspeckt a few pounds, feels younger, and has also move back to more fun. Of course this is also a great Booster for the love of life,“ summarizes Dr. Ute Gola, finally.