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Inflammation Of The Prostate: Therapy

Inflammation of the prostate: What treatments are there?

In the case of acute bacterial Prostatitis treatment with antibiotics is available in the centre. This will be injected – usually at the hospital – first, into the vein or muscle, then later as a tablet (for a total of about 4 weeks). In addition, bed rest is necessary, and it is a pain reliever and anticonvulsant be prescribed to dissolving substances. It comes to urinary retention, to drain so the inability of the bladder, must be temporarily a bladder catheter through the abdominal wall. An abscess needs to be divided surgically.

In contrast to the acute Form of the therapy of chronic Prostatitis is more difficult, and the discomfort often persistent. Pathogens are found, must be taken for several weeks (possibly up to one year), appropriate antibiotics, and in some cases, a medication to relax the bladder muscles and improve urinary flow (alpha-blockers).

Removal of the prostate as part of the treatment

Not everything that helps should be considered a surgical removal of the prostate gland. In the inflammatory abakteriellen Form is also started a trial with antibiotics (even if no pathogens are detectable), in addition to inflammation are given to-inflammatory agent. Some professionals also a prostate massage three times per week, or the heat treatment with a through the urethra imported microwave probe (TUMT = transurethral microwave induced thermo therapy) as a useful deemed.

Rye pollen extract (capsules available in pharmacies) has been proven in some studies to be as effective; may also medicinal plants such as pumpkin, saw Palmetto, stinging nettle, or bearberry relieve the discomfort, or even further inflammation to prevent.

In the case of the non-inflammatory Form especially muscle-relaxing and pain-inflammatory agents are displayed, a psychological consultation is recommended. If a cause for the chronic Prostatitis has been found such as a narrowing of the urethra, can also help a special operating procedure.

Prostatitis: What the Sufferer can do?

Some General measures can be used, a Prostatitis and to prevent and alleviate the discomfort:

  • Important is the regular urination is to flush the germs to the outside and to reduce the regular bowel emptying, reduce the risk of migration of the bacteria in the colon, the pressure on the prostate.
  • Sub-cooling should be avoided – therefore warm underwear to wear and to move as quickly as possible, to the wet bathing suit.
  • Heat promotes blood circulation: Recommended for regular warm sitz baths.
  • In all chronic forms of neither physical indulgence, sexual abstinence is necessary. On the contrary, The regular ejaculation flushes out germs to the outside, light Jogging promotes relaxation of the pelvic floor muscles.
  • The regular Drinking of the kidneys and Bubble tea acts as anti – inflammatory and antibacterial. Urinary tract infections should be early by the doctor, treated to a the Bud and to prevent further spread.
  • Muscle relaxation exercises and autogenic Training to relieve some of the Affected the discomfort.

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