Leek – a Versatile, aromatic, and healthy

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Leek – a Versatile, aromatic, and healthy


He is the “asparagus of the poor man” and a historical size: the Leek. Already the ancient Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans consumed the tasty plant. The Roman Emperor Nero appreciated to the Leek because of its mustard oils, which are intended to maintain the voice. His eating habits have brought him the name of Porrophagus, leek eater. From the Mediterranean sea, from the onion plant began its triumphal March to the North of Europe. Also, the Germans and the British appreciated the aromatic vegetable with the long, white shaft, and the juicy green leaves.

Leek is available throughout the year

The “illustrious” rulers used the vegetables even as a coat-of-arms ornament. The British part of the country Wales still has a Leek in his coat-of-arms. Even more amazing is that the vitamin – and mineral-rich vegetables will be offered throughout the year, so cheap. Supply and demand rules here is clearly the price.

The range is quite large: Leek is sown in the spring. Starting in June already, the summer leek is harvested. He has a long white shank as his winter colleagues. The leaves are bright green and have a soft, loose structure. From September, the autumn is harvested leeks, the dark green leaves and is slightly stronger in taste. Up to spring of the Leek can be on the field or in the warehouse.

Ingredients and effect of Leek

Leek, the leek contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. Especially Vitamin C and K as well as folic acid are included. In the case of the mineral content substances in potassium, calcium, Magnesium, iron, and manganese significantly. It is a bulbous plant that contains Leek in addition, many secondary plant substances, which are for the intense flavor and odor. Of particular significance are the sulphur compounds, which is also an anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial effect.

Leek is, therefore, not only as a food interesting, but him healing is traditionally the end of the effects attributed to it. Particularly successful leeks should be in the case of the purification: It stimulates the activity of the Kidneys, and counteracts the formation of kidney stones. The digestion is stimulated, and bile flow is accelerated. Moreover, Leek is considered to have a useful function in the case of bronchial diseases.

Versatile Vegetable

For the Amateur chef, the best feature is the versatility of the vegetable. Leek is used as a spice, but can be easily also main vegetables. Raw or cooked, baked or sautéed – Leeks tastes and always succeeds. On the value of the varied rod is most always then, if it was only briefly heated, and with a little bit of water came in contact. Also, for leek and the Fumes, then, is as a gentle Cooking method.

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