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Lemon Juice Diet

Due to the high proportion of Vitamin C, the lemon is popular just to strengthen the immune system, the immune system and as natural remedy against colds. Hollywood Stars love lemon juice but also for another reason. Through cellular cleansing effect of lemon juice is often used in Anti-Aging. Especially to lemon juice act as a quick aid against excess pounds and lose weight be helpful.

Lemon as an all-rounder

The lemon is regarded as a multi-fruit. The yellow, slightly sour-tasting fruit that grows on a lemon tree, whose origin is suspected to be in India. Lemons are awarded because of their Vitamin C content, especially beneficial properties for the health. Also in cosmetics, such as for hair care or as a remedy for pimples, the lemon will be used.

Pure lemon juice contains enzymes that can support the body’s own formation of Collagen. The Vitamin C in lemon juice is also as a scavenger of free Radicals is known, and is therefore referred to as an Antioxidant. Apart from these properties to lemon juice detox as a cure the body, the blood and the cells clean and, above all, for the quick Slimming result. Also capsules with lemon juice are purchase on the market for losing weight.

Schlankkur with lemon juice

Pure lemon juice in the quantities of drink and spring easy to remove? The diet with lemon juice should be able to run in just a few days to lose several Kilos. There are very different methods to can with lemon juice to remove it.

A variant of this is to dispense in accordance with the methods of the naturopath Stanley Burroughs, 1970, a few days completely to solid food and to replace this by Drinking lemon juice and additional water. This should have the effect that the fat burning is stimulated in the body, the body can be completely purified. In order to support the lose weight with lemon juice, it’s supposed to be a Secret-tip, lemon juice, Chili, and Cayenne pepper to add.

Risks in the case of a lemon juice diet

Experts from the medical and nutrition science to see this type of diet, however, as critical and refer to the fact that it is rather a radical way of losing weight, as a healthy and sustainable effective diet or weight reduction.

Especially the one-sidedness in this variant, the lemon juice diet could possibly bring negative consequences for health. Who takes for a longer period of time only lemon juice and water, the body will quickly have a lack of needed fats, proteins, different vitamins as well as dietary fiber. In addition, similarly, there is a risk that the intestinal flora can be damaged by the excessive amount of lemon juice. May be the lemon juice existing lemon can attack the acid in the stomach walls and cause stomach pain, and stomach cramps.

Weight loss: diet with lemon juice

In addition, the prospect of an undesirable yo-yo effect is the radical weight loss with lemon juice. A gentler possibility of a diet with lemon juice can be a combination of reduction, as well as a change of diet. Here, three main meals and two Snacks are associated with the Drinking of lemon juice.

In the case of solid meals, whole grain products, fruits, vegetables, lean meat and fish are allowed. The lemon juice is also flavored with Chili and Cayenne pepper in addition to maple syrup. Scientific a successful weight loss, however, is not substantiated by lemon juice medicinally in the past.

The advantages of using the juice of a lemon

Lemon juice in moderation, as well as a useful addition to a balanced food plan can lead to the following properties:

  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Essential Oil of lemon has mood brightening
  • The protection of cells
  • Acts as a disinfectant
  • Neutralizes unpleasant odors

To Remove the circuit are recommended in conclusion, a healthy change of diet as well as plenty of sports instead of capsules, and radical methods. Lemon juice can be used to support moderation and to strengthen the immune system.

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