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Sprouted lentilsSprouted Lentils

Why is using lentils so advisable? The point is that our digestive system is adapted genetically to this product as well as peas and cereal cultures. The process of such a complete adaptation takes not one century. Dishes and products made from lentils include almost everything that is needed for our body. Protein takes a third of a lentil pod. According to its nutritional qualities lentil protein doesn’t yield to meat protein. Besides, it’s absorbed by the body much more easily and does not have those fatty components, in meat protein is rich.

Protein composition of lentils is high in essential for our body amino acids (e.g. lecithin). Dishes cooked from lentils are considered suppliers of essential vitamins and minerals, which are fully assimilated. Lentils have no equal with iron content. This product has one very valuable property. It does not accumulate any harmful or toxic elements (nitrates, radionuclides, etc.). Thanks to it, lentils grown at any point of the globe, can be regarded as an environmentally friendly product.

Curative properties of lentil have been known since ancient times. On the basis of lentil grains European doctors created «Arabian tonic», which was believed to be a panacea. Eating dishes from lentils is beneficial for the heart and is necessary for the blood. If you add lentil salads, lentil soups and porridges to a daily diet of patients with diabetes mellitus, this product will normalize their blood sugar levels. Lentil puree is useful in diseases of the digestive system (colitis, ulcers, etc.).

Dishes from lentils will make your diet more diverse and useful. One should fell in love with this product, created by nature to let us be healthy and fit to a good old age. Lentil dishes are a delicate taste and benefits to our body. Enjoy your meal and be healthy.

Lentils are as old as our civilization

Lentils have been used by humankind for food since the deeps of time. Lentil soup and lentil stew were the main dishes of many ancient civilizations. Lentil dishes were highly respected the Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, and the Babylonian nobility and common people in ancient Greece. Lentil soup substituted bread and meat for the poor. The rich were served with dishes from lentils as exquisite delicacies. Nutritious and useful properties of lentils met the needs of all population. «The man, whose main food is the lentils, gets a healthy body and mind» said the ancient healers.

In medieval Russia, lentils were a basic food product. Lentil flour was used to bake bread. Lentil soup and lentil stew were the main dishes on Russian table. Until the mid of the nineteenth century Russia was the main producer and supplier of lentils in the world. But, the emergence of new food products reduced the role of lentil dishes in the diet of the Russians. In industrial scale lentil is grown only in some southern areas (for example, in Rostov region). Today lentil soup or other dishes from lentils have become exotic ones on our tables. It’s a real pity. According to its nutritional properties and healing qualities lentils have a great priority over all other vegetable products.

In contrast to Russia, lentils dishes are still valued in other countries. The Germans, for example, make their Christmas dish from lentils, which is usually served on Christmas eve. In China and India dishes of lentils are the basis of the national cuisine (along with rice dishes). Lentils are esteemed in South America and Australia. American Indians call it “dal”. “Dal” is the main ingredient of all national dishes of South American peoples.

Note: Lentils sprout well. Healing properties of sprouted lentils do not yield to wheat sprouts. It is better to take lentils in the skin (they are green or grey). Lentil sprouts taste like fresh green peas just brought from the garden.