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Lose weight with Low Carb diets


Losing weight decrease through less carbohydrate: One of the most effective methods is the Low Carb diet. Friends a lush meal come here, because instead of calories are counted in these diets are not only carbohydrates. Fats and proteins can those wanting to lose weight take in the indefinite quantity. However, Low-Carb diets are fat according to the German nutrition society (DGE) together and separately – and protein-rich to be as a permanent diet is recommended.

Low-Carbohydrate Diet

Nevertheless, there are a variety of these diet forms differed with regard to fat and protein intake, all of them, however, carbohydrates. Low-carbohydrate diet is the eating plan.

As the original Low-Carb variants of the Atkins and South Beach are diet. The idea behind the waiver of carbohydrates is the interruption of the energy supply. This comes mainly from carbohydrates. No carbs to be fed, it must attack the body fat reserves to produce the necessary energy. In this way, it comes to weight reduction.

Atkins Diet

The cardiologist Robert Atkins developed this diet in the 70-iger years in America. It represents the most radical Form of a fat – and protein-rich diet. In a four-stage sequence, a restricted intake of carbohydrates is regulated, while at the same time, the consumption of meat, fish, eggs and cheese is allowed in unimpeded extent. The importance of fruits, vegetables and fiber is considered substances in this diet too little.

In summary, the Atkins-diet is probably one of the least recommended non-decreasing variant of the Low Carb diets.

South Beach Diet

Here, too, a heart specialist from America was again at work. According to Dr. Arthur Agatston, the ideal figure achieved in three phases: First, only one to two weeks may be eaten only meat, poultry, fish and some vegetables. After that, some side dishes from the Mediterranean cuisine are allowed. Finally, may food in moderation, some of the favorite such as pancakes in the otherwise low-carb kitchen can be consumed.

Well to this diet, the preference for a proper quality of Grease in the Form of vegetable fats. However, this means that, for example, French fries are considered to be good as a baked potato. In addition, the supply of sufficient fruit, vegetables and fibre is low. The recipes are too complicated and come to the consumer by the hard-to-procure ingredients.

Glycemic Index Diet

In the course of time Low-Carb diets have been further developed to the so-called low GI diets. Here, the intake of carbohydrates, under certain conditions, is allowed. On the basis of their effect on blood sugar levels carbohydrates are divided here into “good” and “evil”. The so-called Glycemic Index indicates how quickly blood sugar levels after eating different carbohydrate-rich foods increases.

He soars to the height, there is a high secretion of the hormone Insulin, which transported the sugar from the blood. Food cravings can be the result. This calls for carbs with a low glycemic Index (low GI) such as whole grain products, legumes, and fruit.

In comparison to the other Low-Carb diets, variation in the content of fat with this Slimming-in food at the most moderate and the fiber content by eating lots of fruits and vegetables adequate. However, the Glycemic index diet is protein – and fat-rich and carbohydrate intake is too low, what makes you for a period diet unsuitable.

At the beginning of the diet, the recommended dosage is much too low in calories, and the shopping with the Glycemic index table is extremely complicated. Here, too, is scientifically untenable promises are made as to the effect of food supplements and Fat-Burnern.

From the group of the carbohydrates and any products made from white flour, potatoes and sugar are allowed, only Corn, whole grain products, and chocolate with plenty of cocoa as from may, and once in a while on the dining plan. In addition, there are plenty of fish, lean meat, legumes, and fruit and vegetables.

The LOGI and the Montignac method, as well as the Strunz diet is the most well-known forms of the Glycemic index diet.


LOGI stands for Low Glycemic Index (low glycemic Index). This method is not a diet in the strict sense, but is being promoted as a permanent way of eating. The founder, Dr. Nicolai Worm postulated that our stone age genes make them unfit for today’s carbohydrate-rich diet.

Fruits and vegetables are recommended in sufficient quantities, but there is a significant limitation of whole-grain products: In the new LOGI nutrition pyramid, of the medical faculty of Harvard University, published since 2001, these cereal products, pasta and rice as “not recommended” directly under food products made from white flour, potatoes and sweets at the top.

The recipes according to this method are complicated and require expensive ingredients, the calorie intake is a total of a fat content of almost 50% of the total energy intake is much too high.

Montignac Method

The Montignac-method, named after its inventor Montignac is recommended by its advocates as a permanent diet. Neither protein, fat nor carbs should be avoided in this diet principle. Nevertheless, it is recommended to consume only those foods that have a low Glycemic index.

In addition, attention should be paid on a balanced combination of carbohydrates with fatty foods, since fat lowers the Glycemic Index, as well as dietary fiber. Sugar is considered as the Gift par excellence, because it makes the blood sugar levels rise and thus, a high insulin level is causing. The excessive insulin secretion caused reduction in blood sugar levels signals the body with a lack of food, so that it reacts with fat deposition. The insulin level is low, the ingested food is burned without fat.

Strunz Diet

The Internist, in addition to a Diet sufficient exercise and is consistent with the current opinions of doctors and nutritionists.

His diet, which will bring a weight reduction of one Kilo per day, divided into three phases: After a week of “Vital-fat burning”, in which only proteins and vital substances are allowed, begins a two – to ten-week interval diet. A so-called “Forever Young day”, the regular, the pulse controlled every “Vital-fat-burning day” easy run workouts with vital nutrients combines rich nutrition and mental Training.

The third Phase is the permanent change in Diet is a modular system with 120 recipes. For the optimal implementation of its diet super-food Supplement is recommended as protein or mineral drinks.

Low-Carb diet worsens the blood lipid values

Low-carbohydrate diets as opposed to low-fat diets have been becoming more popular lately. A new study by Swiss and American researchers shows that Low-Carb is called the low-carbohydrate diet is not an optimal Alternative to the waiver of fat to the calorie limit.

Researchers at the University hospital of Basel, came at the comparison of several studies on the outcome of that carbohydrate is in the diet, the pounds will disappear fairly quickly, the Low-Carb diet increases the level of cholesterol in the blood. In the blood vessels can accumulate a specific cholesterol and lead to artery calcification. In addition, the very high protein intake of food means a greater strain on the kidneys because the body must break down the variety of metabolic end-products of protein through the kidneys. That’s why this type of diet is particularly for heart patients and people with gout or kidney damage unsuitable.