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Lose weight with whey

Whey looks great with your greenish-aqueous color very appealing. Sour tasting whey is basically just a waste product. Nevertheless, athletes and diet experts on whey Drinks swear. Whey is not just for losing weight as part of a diet or as a stand-alone Molkekur, but also as a nutrient-rich thirst-quencher for active people.

What whey is?

Similar to butter, milk whey is a by-product in the processing of milk. There are two different whey types: rennet Whey (sweet whey) is produced when the milk rennet is added to it to thicken and cheese. Acid whey is, however, in the case of quark production, when the milk is treated with lactic acid bacteria. This whey is the liquid that settles to the Thickening of the milk from the coagulated protein.

Pure whey has a greenish to yellowish color, watery and not very appetizing. In addition, it spoils extremely quickly, usually after two hours. Therefore, whey is usually offered as a pasteurized Drink or as a powder preparation. Both whey Drinks as well as powders are often fortified with additional vitamins and nutrients and are offered in various flavors.

Losing weight with whey by diet

Whey has to milk a decisive advantage for a diet: extremely low calorie and low fat. The fat content is about 0.2 percent, and 100 grams of sweet whey 25 kcal come just once. At the same time all the important nutrients of the milk remain in the whey included, which is why it is rich in B-vitamins, potassium, Calcium, iron and trace elements.

Whey contains relatively little protein, but very valuable, can be degraded by the human body and for muscle growth. By this whey protein is burned in a whey diet mainly fat and not the tissue of the body’s own protein in the muscle. Also, bodybuilders and athletes swear, therefore, to so-called Whey Shakes.

Whey for diet unsuitable

Those who want to lose weight with whey, but should begin no radical whey diet or Molkekur, but rather, only a main meal with a whey Drink replace. As in the whey, relatively few nutrients are, it is not suitable as a complete food replacement.

A whey Drink a day boosts, however, the digestive process, expels the feeling of Hunger, drains the body and is a low – calorie and low-fat substitute for hearty food. Thus, a whey-promises diet not fast, but a healthy and lasting weight loss without feeling Hungry. Losing weight with whey everyday life is absolutely not suitable, without a Count, and calories perform count. With different recipes and variation possibilities of a whey diet is also delicious and variety can be rich.

Whey Drinks and Shakes

In addition to the manufacture of whey Drinks from the refrigerated section of whey is usually offered as a powder, which is stirred with a little water. Natural food stores also offer part natural, pasteurized whey. With a bit of pureed fruit or vegetables are mixed, can be from the sour-tasting whey great, healthy Shakes to prepare.

To make the drink a little sweeter, can help the addition of honey, milk, butter milk or yogurt. For those who like it salty, pureed cucumber, carrot, Watercress or fresh herbs properly. Also with tea whey you can mix – green tea has a stimulating effect and makes the drink really healthy.

In the summer, a refreshing whey-juice-Cocktails. Just whey and orange, cherry or passion fruit juice in a ratio of 1:1 mix, a little lemon juice add and mix well. Whey Drinks should always be drunk directly after preparation, as the liquids separate quickly, and then unappetizing appearance.

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