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Lose weight without Sport: it works!


Lose weight without Sport is not easy – with the right tips and Tricks, but quite possible. Exercise burns energy and can thus get rid of lighter excess weight. However, even without welding Training blowing, you can make your pounds fall off. To succeed in losing weight without sports, it is vital that you are disciplined. You must not hold a strict diet, your diet but in the long term, meaningful change. Hunger you should, however, not the case. We give you the best tips on how to without sports can lose weight.

1) fruit and vegetables

If you want to lose weight without exercise, a healthy diet and to eat daily at least five servings of fruits and vegetables. You carve the best, always a small bowl with Apple, cucumber sticks, or small carrots ready to handle. Here, you can access it without a bad Conscience, if the hot hunger assails you. As a General rule, you should eat better vegetables than fruit, as vegetables contain less sugar and therefore less calories.

2) protein intake increase

To successfully lose weight, you should increase your protein intake on a daily basis about 1.5 grams per kilogram of body weight. Protein-rich food contains little fat and is also low in calories. Nevertheless, proteins make up for a long tired of, because they cause the body, more satiety hormones. You are, therefore, more likely to products like low-fat poultry, fresh fish, eggs, butter, milk, and yogurt.

3) drink a Lot

Just as important as the right diet is that you drink enough liquids. If you want to lose weight without Sport, it should ideally be about three liters per day. Rely mainly on water as well as unsweetened herbal teas, because these have no or hardly any calories. Through the liquid, the appetite is slowed down and the feeling of Hunger subdued, the Decrease falls easier!

Tip: Drink before each meal a glass of water, then the stomach is already filled something and the feeling of satiety sets in more quickly.

4) avoid Stress

If you want to lose weight without Sport, you should avoid Stress as much as possible. Because Stress cravings can be triggered. If you suffer from Stress, eat also, often unconsciously, on weekends, or ‘rewarded’ for the strains with an unhealthy Snack.

If you just Stress a lot, you should make in between a few relaxation exercises. Even a small walk can help to get the head free again. So, you can prevent food cravings and besides a few extra calories to burn!

5) More movement in everyday life

It must not always be the same Sport: more movement in everyday life can help the pounds come off faster. You take instead of the Elevator, the stairs and do a little ways to walk. Do not call your colleagues in three offices, for example, but you go in person. Also, the Post can take you to walk to the letter box. If you take public transportation to work, you can also on the Go – and to go way back the last bus stop on foot.

6) fat burners boost the metabolism to

The term ‘fat burner’ you should not take too literally. No food in the world brings the flab just melt. Certain foods may favor the Decrease, however, by stimulating the metabolism. A good fat burner is, for example, Capsaicin – the hot substance is, among other things, in pepper and chilli. Also digestion, the essential Oils contained in cinnamon, ginger, and juniper.

7) house cleaning

Even without sports, you can burn in everyday life very loosely, some of the calories by the way: For cleaning Windows, vacuuming and Ironing, to cranks the energy consumption strongly. With a half-hour window brush, for example, burn 80 calories with half an hour, 100 calories, and with a half-hour vacuuming even 110 calories iron. Extremely effective garden is also a work: Who planted a half-hour shrubs or flowers, and burn to 150 calories.

8) Laughter makes you slim

Not only in house cleaning, but also with other everyday activities, you can reduce weight easily without sports. So tumble, among other things, through Laughter and to Kiss the extra pounds. Who’s laughing for ten minutes a day, can burn up to 40 calories – roughly the size of a piece of chocolate. In addition to Laugh to Kiss is a real calorie-Killer: Up to 20 calories per Minute you can burn by an intense kiss.

9) beverage dispense

Anyone who wants to lose weight without Sport, you should make stimulants a wide berth: after all, who continues to be sweet and greasy Treats as well as alcohol, will have a hard time losing weight. You ban, however, not from today to tomorrow everything, otherwise frustration sets in quickly. You reduce your food consumption rather piece by piece, so that the body can slowly get used to it. Allow you also, and something Sweet, to avoid cravings. You can grab then, but only to a piece of chocolate and not a whole sheet.

10) in your sleep

‘Slim in your sleep’ sounds tempting – it’s not that simple, however. Because without hard work and discipline pounds do not tumble unfortunately. You can help the weight loss but, by eating at the right time and the right foods. Particularly important is the dinner: eat in the evening not too late, and you waive, to the best completely on carbohydrates. This way, you can ensure that your fat burning work well at night.

By the way: Who sleeps enough, has less problems with the figure. So make sure to sleep at night, if possible, between seven and eight hours.