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Maltodextrin – popular among sports enthusiasts


What is Maltodextrin? In the case of Maltodextrin is a carbohydrate mixture, which is extracted mainly from corn starch. In the carbohydrate mixture of monomers (simple sugars) and dimers (two-fold sugar), but also Oligomers (shorter chain polysaccharides) and Polimere (long-chain polysaccharides) are included. Depending on the proportion of the various sugar there are different forms of Maltodextrin, namely, Maltodextrin, 6, 12, or 19. Depending on the type of 100 grams of Maltodextrin contain about 400 calories.

Use of Maltodextrin

Maltodextrin is mainly used in food production. Here it comes in a variety of ways to use: it is used for example as a thickener for baby food and confectionery, meat and sausage as well as ready-made soups. In addition, Maltodextrin is also used as a Fat substitute, especially in Light products. By Fat replacers, the calorie and fat content of food significantly reduced.

Maltodextrin is also used as an energy source in the artificial diet. In the case of artificial nutrition, the food goes in, either by means of a probe directly on the gastro-intestinal tract (enteral nutrition) or through infusion into the bloodstream parenteral nutrition) (.

Finally, Maltodextrin is also used in the coffee industry as extenders. Stretched coffee is 100% coffee powder, but is stretched with cheaper fillers. Among such fillers, for example, caramel, but also Maltodextrin. So stretched coffee contains up to ten percent Maltodextrin.

Maltodextrin in sports

In addition to all these ways of using Maltodextrin is also in Endurance athletes is extremely popular. Due to its positive characteristics, there is often a component of isotonic drinks or Energy Gels.

Maltodextrin is used by Endurance athletes as it compared to other carbohydrate mixtures nutritionally especially valuable. So Maltodextrin is absorbed, for example, is slower than other carbohydrates. The slowed-down recording of the blood sugar rises less quickly than pure Dextrose. Since the blood sugar level rises more slowly, and is only paid out as much Insulin as is required.

When the absorption of Glucose in contrast, larger quantities of Insulin, which can lead to a Hypo. How strong is Maltodextrin can increase the blood sugar level, but is also always dependent on what Form is used by Maltodextrin.

While short-chain carbohydrates have a sweet taste, is Maltodextrin rather neutral in taste and is thus not felt to be at high physical exertion as too sweet. In addition, Maltodextrin binds to mixtures less water than other carbohydrates. Thus, Maltodextrin prevents excessive water influx into the small intestine and is therefore better tolerated. In addition, drinks with Maltodextrin will be learning – in contrast to other carbohydrate mixtures which bind more water – especially the dehydrated sports perceived as pleasant.

With Maltodextrin to increase

Among athletes, especially in strength sports is Maltodextrin also as a means to Increase, as a so-called ‘Weight gainers’. Thus, bodybuilders drink after a workout often have a Shake that contains protein also Maltodextrin. By Maltodextrin is distributed in the body Insulin, which is also valid as a transport hormone. The Insulin building materials for the muscles as creatine or amino acids can then be quickly transported into the muscle cells.

In addition to bodybuilders, even people who have very low weight, of Maltodextrin as a part of, but to be on the increase. In such cases, however, it should be better to rely on normal food with a high calorie content. In any case, Maltodextrin should be used as the sole measure to Take.

Maltodextrin: side effects and contra-indicators

Among the most common side effects of Maltodextrin, Belching and heartburn. Serious side effects are not yet known. However, one should bear in mind when taking Maltodextrin is always that it is a dietary Supplement. Therefore, Maltodextrin should be – whether you want to increase or sporty ambitions – only in limited quantities ingested. Depending on the origin of the products, it is also possible that the corn starch from maize.

If you react to Maltodextrin sensitive, such as Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea, you should stop taking immediately.

People who are suffering from Diabetes, should avoid the intake of Maltodextrin. Because Maltodextrin is broken down in the body to glucose and therefore the blood sugar level to rise.

What is Maltodextrin?

The term Maltodextrin is derived from the two words, Maltose (malt sugar) and Dextrose. A Maltose molecule molecules consists of two Glucose and is thus a disaccharide. Dextrose on the other hand is a special Form of Glucose, namely, D – Glucose-a simple sugar. Better known as Dextrose under the name of is glucose.

Maltodextrin is water-soluble, almost neutral in taste and only slightly sweet. The sweet degree is given by the so-called Dextrose Equivalent. It varies, depending on the composition of the Maltodextrin – between 3 and 20 units. For comparison, the thickness has a Sweetness level of a unit, pure Glucose of 100 units. The higher the Sweetness level is, the better the solubility of Maltodextrin is, by the way.

In the commercial Maltodextrin 6, maltodextrine 12 and maltodextrine 19 are sold. The individual products differ in the chain length of the sugar molecules. So Maltodextrin 6 has more longer chain carbohydrates as Maltodextrin 12 and 19. Due to the length of the chain, the Sweetness of Maltodextrin is influenced by: Maltodextrin 6 is less sweet than Maltodextrin 12 and 19.