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The smell of mandarins is firmly connected with the memory of snow and Winter, because the sweet fruits are primarily from October to January in our supermarkets. Mandarins are convincing not only because of their delicious taste, but also due to their health impact: Recent studies show that mandarins should can protect the body from Obesity and cardiovascular diseases.

Calories and ingredients

Tangerines provide a good Mix of different vitamins and minerals. They contain, among other things, Vitamin A and Vitamin C, but also Vitamin E and folic acid. They are also rich in potassium and calcium. Since 100 grams of tangerine contain only 50 calories, you can spread through the day safely more of the sweet fruits to eat.

Recipe: Mandarin Quark

Add 200 grams low-fat quark into a bowl and add a packet of vanilla sugar and three teaspoons of sugar. You can now beat 200 grams of cream until stiff and lift the cream slowly with the quark mass. You add to the circuit 300 grams, add Mandarin oranges, either fresh or canned–. Fill you bowls of cottage cheese in the Dessert and decorate it according to taste with lemon balm.