Maple syrup

Maple syrup

Maple syrup is one of the oldest and most natural products there is. Maple syrup is today tapped as hundreds of years ago in the spring from the canadian maple trees. The secret of the trees were copied from the first white settlers of the indigenous population. Today, the sweet liquid is a canadian export, there are many maple syrup recipes – although the classic American version with maple syrup is to Pancakes as before, the most common preparation of this syrup.

The discovery of maple syrup

According to the legend, an Indian observed once a squirrel as it climbed up the Branch of a maple tree up, make a small hole in the bark to the bite and began to drink. To see what tasted the squirrel as well, to cut the Indians a Branch and tasted the leaking fluid. From the sweet taste of the man was so excited that he immediately told his brothers of the tree, the shed crystalline sugar tears.

A little later the Indians had learned to tap maple trees and boil the juice a delicious syrup. This technique has changed until today.

Maple syrup: production and recovery

Only in the spring during the thaw, when the thickness is stored in the trees, transformed into sugar, may be tapped into the roots for a couple of weeks. Only a hole has to be in the cortex is drilled, the tap is plugged in. Through this faucet, the crystalline liquid then drips into a bucket or hose.

Now, you must be within the next 24 hours in a “Sugarhouse”, a sugar-house and processed. That is where the juice is evaporated, filtered, and finally bottled or Container filled. By the repeated cooking of the initially transparent liquid thickens to a dark, viscous syrup.

Maple tree, as a smart donor

This whole process of the production of maple syrup is running in complete harmony with nature. The tree is only so much juice as he can afford to lose – after all, he needs a majority of the strength for themselves.

At the same time a maple would take a farmer is never more than the tree can give, because only a healthy tree can also make a donation in the next year again, juice. A maple tree must be at least 40 years old before it can be tapped for the first Time.

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