Mastopathy: treatment and Prevention

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Mastopathy: treatment and Prevention

Classification and its importance

Depending on the extent of the changes in the breast tissue is divided to get to the mastopathy in grade I to grade III. With increasing conversion of the tissue increases the risk of initially benign changes in a malignant neoplasm. This classification is used in the first line to a certain statement about this risk meet.

Only about one out of ten women has a mastopathy grade III. It is, therefore, rather rare, but problematic in that women with this finding, a significantly increased risk of breast cancer. A further difficulty and anxiety of the Affected is that a malicious change due to the strong changes in the breast tissue can’t be detected in a timely manner. Therefore, the diagnosis of mastopathy grade III for a woman can be a great emotional burden.

Women with a simple mastopathy need to make no thoughts about breast cancer, here the confrontation with the own body image in the foreground, and the need for those Affected to consider these changes as “normal” is more like it.

Therapy and treatment

Some of the women live entirely unaffected with these benign changes, others are affected by the changes, at least temporarily, greatly, in their quality of life. Then the mastopathy can’t be treated as such, but the resulting complaints. The investigations have shown that no evil Happen behind the changes in the breast, there is the possibility to treat mastopathy with drugs. Here hormone preparations are used.

Also with good success herbal remedies (v. a. monk’s pepper or cream with Bingel herbs), homeopathic products (e.g. Phytolacca) or Schüßler-applied salts. A small consolation: After menopause, the discomfort to to hear as a result of the Hormonal changes as good as always.

Preparedness and Prevention

Women suffering from mastopathy, should regularly palpate the breast in order to be with the existing changes to familiar. The best time is in the month after the Occurrence of the menstrual period. Furthermore, it is recommended to regularly check-up at the gynecologist, which also includes a Palpation of the chest. And women, due to a strong mastopathy, can be found also in so-called breast centres competent contact person.

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