Men also get bladder infections

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Men also get bladder infections

Between the age of 40. and 50. The age of the men come slowly in the years: at Night you have to repeatedly go to the toilet, but the weakness of the urinary stream is often not more than a Drizzle. A residual urine sensation remains. The cause of urinary voiding disorders can be benign growths of the prostate. This is a narrow the urethra, which runs through the middle of the gland. Cause of a prostate enlargement or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), hormonal changes, the after the age of 40. Years of age have an individually different increase of the body. Residual urine in the bladder provides ideal growth conditions for bacteria, a bladder infection can be the result.

Cystitis – in older men are not uncommon

Inflammation of the urinary tract, which is the suffering of otherwise rather women, are due to the residual urine due to BPH, even in men is not rare. The most common risk factors for a urinary tract infection due to bacteria include hypothermia, poor flushing of the bladder – like BPH or lowered defenses. Constant and burning of urine, the first signs of a bacterial infection are urge.

In most doctor’s offices of the handle comes to antibiotics quite quickly – this is in the case of a serious illness. Simple urinary tract inflammation, however, can be self-treated. Who begins in time, can cure the inflammation by natural means.

Natural disinfectant of the urinary tract

Since time immemorial, the bears have grape leaves for bladder infections proven: your Main ingredient – Arbutin – disinfected namely the urinary tract. In scientific studies, the effectiveness of the bears could scroll grapes against various strains of bacteria confirmed.

The actual anti-clogging bacterial substance from the Arbutin-free, is an alkaline or alkaline urinary pH is helpful. For plant-based foods such as vegetables, salad, fruit, and nuts are to be preferred instead of meat products. A predominantly vegetarian diet is also the best prevention against a further enlargement of the prostate gland.

Residual urine from the bladder rinse

The best prevention: drink Very much, so that residual urine and bacteria out of the bladder to be flushed – at least 2.5 to 3 liters a day. For teas made from goldenrod herb and birch leaves to promote a flushing of the kidneys, bladder and urinary tract are particularly suitable. Bubbles and Nierentees contain, in addition to birch leaves, and Golden rod herb often orthosiphon leaves (Cat’s whiskers), which act in addition to anti-bacterial. Bubbles and Nierentees are also suitable as a supportive treatment to antibiotic therapy.

This protects the prostate and bladder:

  • Smoking and avoid Obesity
  • Malnutrition, in particular, high meat and alcohol consumption is damaging to the prostate
  • as well as high-calorie food (candy), animal fat
  • Fruits and vegetables strengthen the immune system
  • Not on the cold floor, benches, walls, or only with Iso pad
  • Sweaters and Jackets that cover the hips, prefer
  • Spa with bubbles and Nierentee
  • Against light infections of the urinary tract: film-coated Tablets from bearberry leaves