Men and migraine: slackers, lazy

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Men and migraine: slackers, lazy

“Migraine are headaches, even if you don’t have a” – with this Thesis Erich Kästner explained in his book “Pünktchen and Anton” malingerers all of the migraine patients. In women, the suffering is actually more likely to have migraines than men, are accepted as the part of agonizing pain more and more often, than real complaints. But men have it really hard. In professional life you are often seen as slackers. About ten million people are affected in Germany migraine. Although most women suffer from the one-sided, pulsating pain, more than a third of the patients are men. The symptoms of migraine are Affected, but also for the members of a tremendous burden. During a migraine attack is not to think of a normal daily routine often. For many men the headache is especially in the workplace is a big Problem. Colleagues know me know, you don’t need the Affected to wait for the ridicule. Migraine patients are considered to be mentally unstable, not reliable and career disabled.

In men, migraine is accepted even less

Many men hide the fact, therefore, their complaints as well and slide other diseases. Often they do not confess their disease, and only in rare cases will a treatment.

“This Problem is given in the case of men in General,” says Dr. Dietmar Krause from the Forum pain in the German Green cross, e. V., Marburg, Germany. Men often go too late or not at all to the doctor. “In migraine patients, this behavior can have consequences,” says Marburger pain expert. Frequent migraine attacks can be a risk factor for chronicity of complaints.

Individual Treatment

“For both the Acute treatment as well as for the prevention individual treatment can now be tailored,” explains Krause. For mild migraine attacks, nothing against taking over-the-counter pain killers speaks from the point of view of the German migraine and headache society (DMKG). In the case of frequent and prolonged attacks of Migraine drug prevention, however, is useful. This frequency can be reduced, Severity and duration of attacks.

“The most Important thing is not to fear the way to the doctor,” said pain expert Krause. With a personal therapy in the Luggage for a migraine can be-men of everyday life.