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While babies need milk, children and adults can draw, of course, many other food products. Nevertheless, you should have the benefits of the milk – usually cow’s milk – not to be missed.

Milk is an all-rounder. This is about the fact that babies do in the time of their rapid growth, this is the only food shows. Milk is a complete food that you can drink. The German society for nutrition recommends a half a litre of milk or milk products on the day.

Milk provides calcium, zinc and Magnesium

The water content of the milk to be about the many varieties of fruit and vegetables to compare. Per Serving it is, however, comparatively more vital nutrients – experts speak of a higher nutrient density. The most famous of the high content of calcium is in the milk. Half a litre to cover the calcium needs of a primary school child of about 70 percent that of adolescent and adult to 50 to 60 percent.

Calcium plays an important role for bone formation. Prior to the increased bone fragility in old age the Mineral is preserved, however, not in every case, because the disease can have several causes. However, the high calcium content and the calcium-phosphate ratio in each age favorable effect on bone health.

Other minerals such as zinc and Magnesium contained in the natural power drink plenty of. Of vitamins A and D and various B-vitamins found particularly. The protein also has a good composition and supplements for human consumption, and very good vegetable protein, such as, for example, in the case of cereal with milk.

Fat content of milk

Whole milk, 1,5% or the lean variation – in front of the milk shelf you are spoilt for choice. In principle milk fat is well tolerated, since many of the so-called medium-chain stuck fatty acids. In addition, many bioactive fatty acids are present, their amounts will be affected by the feed of the animals. Eco-cows, often eat more fresh Grass and deliver, according to surveys, about three times more conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) than conventional milk.

The lower-fat milk contains less calories, what is often important for the purchase decision. 65 calories per 100 milliliters of whole milk 35 calories in skim milk (up to 0.3 per cent fat) are here. Slim people can safely reach for whole milk; for those wanting to lose weight the low-fat variant is of course rather. (Here the fat-soluble vitamins A and D are reduced, however.)

Many children’s foods, “to provide an extra portion of milk”, however, are not recommended. Because whether nougat spread, chocolate bars or other sweets with milk-containing filling comes to the benefits of the milk here is always a high proportion of fat or sugar. Such food must not be deleted because of that although the whole of the dining plan, but should by no means be understood as a “healthy meal”.

Despite the beneficial health effects of milk, many people, which I don’t get. Nutritionists differ for 2 reasons: a milk Allergy with skin rashes and mucous membrane irritation if certain protein components of milk are not tolerated. An Allergy to cow’s milk often occurs in infancy, but may disappear in the toddler age. Who has a permanent Allergy to cow’s milk protein, may change to goat’s and sheep’s milk, which are, for example, in the organic trade.

Milk sugar intolerance

Another ingredient of the milk, not all can tolerate the milk sugar (lactose). Milk to absorb sugar in the intestine, have to split the man. The necessary enzyme, lactase, is no longer form, many adults in sufficient quantity, which can lead to bloating and diarrhea. Among Central Europeans, such as lactose intolerance is about 15 percent of the adult.

In Asian countries, milk is well tolerated, it is almost exclusively children – therefore rarely dairy products are to be found on menus from the far East. Lactose intolerance, however, can vary greatly. Some do well, the milk in the coffee. Also yogurt and aged cheeses, which contain little lactose, can be usually eaten in smaller quantities. Lactase preparations from the pharmacy can make life easier also.

Interactions with drugs

Even people without an Allergy and intolerance should avoid milk in some cases. Namely, if you are taking such as antibiotics, iron preparations, or Bisphosphonates for osteoporosis therapy. Here, the possibility that milk or milk products restrict the effectiveness of the products. Here, it is recommended to drink milk only in a distance of 2 hours after taking the medication. Appropriate instructions can also be found on the package inserts.