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Millet: A healthy beautiful creators


Already 8,000 years ago in China and Mesopotamia, flat breads made from millet were consumed. Millet, however, is not only the oldest, but also the mineral richest grain. By lush is included with the vitamins and nutrients the small grains will make you full, healthy and beautiful. However, millet in German kitchens is very rare to find.

Healthy Makers Millet

Probably the most important feature of millet is that it is one of the gluten-free grains. Thus, it is not particularly good for baking bread, is a valuable food for people with gluten allergies, gastro-intestinal problems and celiac disease.

Unlike many other cereals, millet is non-acid forming, but base-forming, which in turn leads to less mucus formation in the body. Especially in the case of colds and flu-like effects, millet porridge is a recommended, healthy dining.

Millet is, however, also in everyday life, a true beauty elixir. Through the included Kiselsäure and fluoride the teeth, bone and nails will be strengthened and the skin and hair is smoothed and brought to Shine.

Millet – valuable ingredients for a healthy body

The healthiest millet in its original Form, with shell. Full of millet, also known as brown millet, however, needs to cook for a very long time, until it is soft and often just as brown millet flour is therefore available. But also processed, hulled millet, the flakes mostly as sorghum, millet, barley, or millet porridge is offered, is full of valuable ingredients. This includes iron, which is important for the formation of blood and the supply of oxygen, Calcium, Magnesium, B – and E-vitamins, and Provitamin A.

Besides all the minerals and trace elements stuck in a grain of millet about:

  • 70 Percent Carbohydrates
  • 10 Percent Protein
  • 5 Percent Fat

Thus, 100 grams of millet, with 311 pounds of calories to beat beech in 100 grams of ungezuckertem millet porridge stuck, however, only 120 kcal.

Slim and healthy, thanks to millet

Not for nothing is the altgermanische Name – “Hirsi” stands for “saturation, nutritiousness”. The yellow grains are sources of strong and fill in as fast in the stomach. Thus, less calories are absorbed and the blood sugar fluctuations kept to a minimum. Millet can protect against obesity and Diabetes.

However, even though the cereal tastes great and fills you up, is cooking with millet since the introduction of the output of basic foodstuffs – Maize, potato and rice – rich in Europe is almost forgotten. While the grain in North Africa and Asia continues to be very popular, millet in Germany today, mainly as a bird feed.

Healthy recipes with millet cooking

Due to their numerous positive characteristics of millet has gained in recent time in the wholefoods in importance. By now, there are lots of delicious millet recipes – from the classic millet porridge, or with millet to millet salad, millet pudding, millet dumplings, millet Patties, and even pizza dough with millet.

In any case, the millet should be combined always with a fruit or vegetable, so that the body can use the many vitamins and minerals, is optimal.