Morning Exercises For Men

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Morning Exercises for Men
Morning Exercises For Men

If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, feel fresh and active, easily get down to work in the morning and stay slim, morning exercises are what you need. Any set of morning exercises increases your blood circulation, activates the metabolic function of your body so that you begin feeling maximally ready for a new day.

A good mood, cheerful spirit, high performance and good health are the results of sufficient sleep, healthy nutrition and physical activity. There are many sets of morning exercises. Here the most common are presented.

Morning exercises for men are somehow different from those for women. Men should pay more attention to the exercises for an upper part of their body. Morning exercises for men also imply a balance between strength training and stretching whereas women should direct their attention to stretching exercises without weightlifting exercises in the morning. Dumbbells and weights as a part of the morning exercise program for men won’t do any harm.

If it is very hard to get up in the morning, you can try a set of exercises designed for toning and workout. They are performed in the lying position and will help you easily wake up.

  1. Do some breathing exercises: take a calm breath and then breathe out slowly and calmly.
  2. Perform some motions to affect smaller muscle groups: carpal and ankle joint rotations.
  3. Then put your hands behind your head, stretch your legs maximally forward. While breathing out bend your knees, bring them nearer to your chest keeping your lower legs in the horizontal position, direct your hands to your lower legs rounding your back and slightly raising your cervical spine, push your forehead into your knees and wait till you completely breathe out. Return to the initial position.
  4. Join your palms together at your chest level expanding your elbows to the sides. While exhaling press your palm into another one intensively until you feel the muscle tension of your chest. A few repetitions will be quite enough.
  5. Pull your arms out and up, stretch yourself.

This is one of the kinds of bed morning exercises that can be combined and supplemented. Even some of these exercises alone will possibly increase your tone in the morning and help you get fresh and active.

Here is an exercise from a basic set that should be performed every morning in the open air, if possible (or with open windows, for instance):

  • put your legs apart at shoulder width, rise on your toes, raise your hands up through the sides and lower them down breathing in and out (2-5 times);
  • put your legs apart at shoulder width, keep your arms parallel to the floor, rotate your upper body to the right and to the left (2-5 times for each side);
  • keep your legs at shoulder width, bend forward and back (2-5 times for each side);
  • while sitting on the floor straighten your legs, touch your toes with your fingers (2-5 times);
  • while sitting on the floor put your straight legs widely apart, reach out forward, for one leg and another one (1 minute).

And here is an example of an exercise set for men.

Morning exercises for men involve such sports equipment as dumbbells. Therefore, all the exercises mentioned below are performed using dumbbells:

  1. For arm muscles. Initial position (I.P.) – legs apart, arms down. Bend arms towards shoulders bringing blade-shoulders together (while breathing in). I.P. – breathing out. Blade-shoulders should be brought together as intensively as possible. The exercise should be performed 8-10 times.
  2. For deltoid muscles. I.P. is the same. Lift up your straight arms by turns. Your breathing should be regular. (8-10 times).
  3. Lift up your straight arms by turns and quickly draw them back (10 times).
  4. For arm muscles. I.P. is the same. Lift your straight arms to the sides; perform a rotating motion in the shoulder while breathing in. Turn your palms up and down. Then straighten your back vigorously while raising your hands. Return to the I.P. while exhaling (6-8 times).
  5. For neck muscles. I.P. – legs apart, hands at your waist, head a bit lowered. Put on your head the loop with straps to which dumbbells are attached. Lift your head up and lower it down calmly. Your trunk is not involved. (10 times).

It is very important to make morning exercises a regular event. Your overall health will then improve drastically. Morning exercises should be done before breakfast in the open air, if possible. You can replace your morning exercises by running. A light contrast shower is recommended after exercises. You self-control is important when you do your morning exercises. Remember that that is your morning warming-up and you don’t have to exhaust your body with long-lasting hard exercises. You should always change sets of your morning exercises, add new exercises to the program or swap them in the process of their performing. Morning exercises are perfect after you have been sitting all day long. They allow you to relieve your body tension and stress.