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Mushroom time – the professional collector lives healthier

Favourable weather shoot the mushrooms provided now in field and forest from the ground. They belong neither to the plants nor to animals. Mushrooms surrounds since time immemorial, something Mysterious. Some promote health, others are known to be the opposite, and again, other than drug abuse. “Herb women”, monks and shamans knew these secrets, and in Chinese medicine, the mushrooms still have their place.

Extremely low in calories

In addition to its incomparable taste dining offer mushrooms, tangible advantages: they are extremely low in calories because they contain almost no fat. In addition to about 90 percent water, they consist of little protein and carbohydrates, as well as between 2 (mushroom) and 16 percent (truffle) dietary fibre: The cell walls of fungi are not made of Cellulose like those of plants, but of Chitin. This substance is also the basic substance of insect tanks. He makes mushroom dishes in General, difficult to digest.

Vitamins and minerals

Some mushrooms have a relatively high content of vitamins from the B group and folic acid as well as potassium and iron. A disadvantage is their ability to heavy metals such as mercury and Cadmium as well as radioactive cesium enrich. Since the reactor accident in Chernobyl, the radioactive contamination of most of the fungi is decreased again below the limit values. In order to keep the heavy metal load is low, you should not collect them by the roadside. Mushrooms and chanterelles, to buy on the local market and breeding (mainly from Lithuania and Poland), can be safely eaten. Foreign products are regularly and continuously assessed for potential contamination.

Eyes to collect the mushrooms

If you want to collect wild mushrooms, you should inform yourself carefully: There is no simple rule of thumb, in which edible from poisonous mushrooms to distinguish. Therefore, only mushrooms are allowed to be collected, which recognizes clearly and without doubt. In some municipalities and cities there are for cases of doubt to a Mushroom. Helpful a good book of recent date. Because in the older books of the highly toxic Bald Krempling, as well as the equally toxic early in the year, lorchel are referred to as edible! Mushroom poisonings are mostly associated with abdominal pain and Nausea. This is crucial when the problems occur: it is already shortly after the consumption of discomfort, you are probably rather harmless.

The mushroom meal is, however, more than five or six hours, it can be a poisoning. In the case of tuberous leaves, mushrooms, sometimes even after twelve hours of discomfort. It is important, if vomiting occurs, lift the vomit. The remains of the mushroom court, or by Brushing the mushrooms should be left, this can also help in the diagnosis of poisoning.

Fungal toxins can be found in the urine prove. The appropriate sample should, however, be maintained for at least six hours after the mushroom meal, in order to obtain clarity about whether it is a poisoning by knoll agarics.

The Amanita phalloides – a particularly “Worse”

Knoll leaves mushrooms have several special characteristics that differentiate them from the mushroom. And with this, you are mistaken. So the mushrooms have colored always, knoll leaves fungi, however, always pure white fins. The Täublingen, which have a similar green hat color, the Phalloides. Because russulas have no Ring on the stem, and the lower part of the fungus is tuber shaped. The tuber at the stem base, the the dangerous poisonous mushrooms in your name, is a key differentiator. The green Amanita phalloides, the tuber is hidden, however, mostly in the ground. Mushroom collectors should be set free, therefore, for the safety of the stem base.

Store and Prepare

Collected mushrooms are best expressed in airy baskets. In plastic bags they sweat and spoil very quickly. Mushrooms have foods, their place in Haute Cuisine, as well as in the home. They are classic accompaniments to game dishes, stir-fry, and Meat, baked and in salads, soups, and Risotto. Some fungi are also suitable to be eaten raw, which mushrooms in the Wild but is not advisable, because to them, the microscope can be small eggs of the Fox tapeworm.

With a kitchen as a rule, from grandmother’s time can be cleaned up: mushrooms through warm-up is non-toxic! It is important, however, the fungus remains cool down quickly, to store them briefly in the fridge and to heat directly to at least 70 degrees. So it is not harmful to the protein decomposition.