Mushrooming – but do it right: As mushroom lovers will get their costs

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Mushrooming – but do it right: As mushroom lovers will get their costs

Moist and moderately warm – the best conditions for mushrooms. Porcini, chanterelles, chestnut boletes, or Redcap taste the best from nature. So mushroom pickers have currently high season and flocks to collect in the forest and field the sought-after delicacies. You may also find the fungus of the year 2005 – the star of spikes and a leopard pattern embossed weather star. However, in fungi the first step in any case. The verbraucherzentrale Bayern points each mushroom collectors to collect only mushrooms that he knows exactly. “A poisoning, to exclude, must be omitted in case of doubt, not necessarily on the fungi, or to be an expert to be consulted,” – said in a press release to the consumer.

Mushrooms from the forest

Mushrooming requires, in addition to the Recognize and Distinguish the many different types, some expertise:

  • So mushrooms should always be cut off or carefully removed from the earth rotated.
  • The Transport baskets are the best. Plastic bags are unsuitable because of air, the fungus decomposes protein quickly and poison can be formed.
  • Pregnant women and small children are discouraged from the consumption of wild mushrooms, because the pollutant load and the wild mushrooms existing radiation exposure for these individuals can be groups of concern.

Alternative: Culture Of Edible Mushrooms

But nobody has to do without the mushroom delight. Finally, in addition to the seasonal range of wild fungi from the wild, in the meantime, a wide range of culture edible mushrooms. Advantage: they are year-round at a consistent quality available. The main cultivated edible mushrooms in Germany are mushrooms, Shiitake and oyster mushrooms in your kitchen, you versatile.

Tips for preparation

But whether Wild or cultivated mushrooms, in the preparation of a few basic rules must be observed.

  • So, mushrooms are processed as quickly as possible, and not too long should be stored. They are best cleaned dry, at best, only briefly rinsed under running water. Otherwise, they will lose their flavor.
  • Mushrooms can be eaten raw, fried, boiled, and stewed to be steamed. Also, dried or in vinegar or Oil, they taste delicious.
  • By the way: Contrary to earlier views, warmed mushroom dishes had a toxic, you do not know today, that this is the case. Remnants of mushroom dishes can be reheated. However, a prerequisite is that they are cooled after preparation rapidly, and warm-up to at least 70 °C to be heated.

Who would like to learn more about mushrooms, their production, storage and preparation, obtained on the website what-we-eat for detailed information and recipe notes. The Stiftung Warentest informed in an online special is also on the specialities. (aid)