Mutism in children

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Mutism in children

In familiar surroundings, it plays with its siblings and parents, laughing and raging. A Person is added, however, suddenly, the behavior changes abruptly: all of a Sudden not a word more, the child on the lips, it is silent, looks the other way, “latch”. You know the feeling of their offspring? Perhaps your child is suffering from mutism, a communication disorder, in Germany, according to estimates of experts, 6,000 to 10,000 people suffer from it. Especially often mutism occurs in childhood.

Incidence of mutism

A study from the year 2001, according to the number of cases of selective mutism is 7 children out of 1,000. The phenomenon is about twice as common as autism, mutism is often mistaken.

The term derives from the Latin “mutus” for “mute” and describes the persistent, fear-induced Silence of a man that wants to be reinforced in the course of time and finally, it is difficult still for sale can be controlled. A Defect of the speech organs or hearing, as the cause is not.

Mutism in children

If children fall silent in certain situations or towards certain people completely did not do so in Spite of, unerzoge beauty or momentary shyness, but signs of mutism could be syndrome.

Of the parents of children with mutism are terms often mistaken as shy or listless: In the familiar environment of the family, the siblings, and close friends of the persons Concerned talk in the normal and solved, but as soon as there is a suspicion that someone’s on the phone or a third party sees that the mouth is moving, they will forfeit the Mutist in Silence.

Causes of mutism

You have to distinguish the “total mutism” – Concerned not to speak at all – and the much more frequent “selective mutism” (elective mutism), if Concerned silence only to certain people or in certain situations.

The diagnosis is not easy, and often mutism is not recognized as an to be treated, syndrome, misunderstood, or low-paid. The healing prospects are – if the communication fault is detected early – well.

Selective mutism is not a disease in the true sense, but one of the possible symptoms of “social anxiety”. Some of the main causes of selective mutism are:

  • congenital (genetic) shyness or repression of the child
  • intra-family problems
  • Language development disorders or language abnormalities of the child (it is silent because it is ashamed of its (imperfect) voice/language)
  • Anxiety disorders, in particular, “social phobia” (want to hide, not in the center of want, fear of unknown people or situations)

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