New year’s eve: On the safety of the children

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New year’s eve: On the safety of the children

While in the during new year’s holidays night, happy is celebrated, begins the New year for nationwide, more than 200 children with the most severe injuries in the emergency room of the hospital. Because of the careless use of firecrackers and fireworks rockets often leads to serious burns, eye injuries and hearing damage. The most common violation is the burning of the hands, because the children of the Smashers will keep a long time in the Hand. Firecrackers, for example, may not be in pants pockets worn because they may ignite by friction itself, and so severe burns to the genitals, as well as in the lumbar area can cause.

Eight-to 15-Year-old are particularly at risk

A special risk group are children from 8 to 15 years. Try, often before the new year’s eve flares and firecrackers. “It doesn’t help to prohibit the children of the Pop,” says Martina Abel of the Federal consortium More safety for children e. V. “But it is very important to talk with young people about the dangers of handling fireworks and to practice safe Shooting. Parents should be on the drink until midnight, no alcohol, in order to keep an Overview of what is Happening,” says Abel.

Tips for the proper handling of fireworks

  • Small children are never alone in the vicinity of fireworks and always at a safe distance when you Shoot.
  • Watching the fireworks with children only suitable for children of fire should be works, such as, for example, small firecrackers under the supervision used.
  • Basically, the parents should purchase only the pyrotechnic article with regulatory approval (imprint BAM-P I+II). The risk class II is not suitable for children and young people. These firecrackers are only allowed to adults on the Free kindle.
  • The rockets need stable be placed and must never be re-ignites. Before that, it should be ensured that above the Abschussorts no tree and no balcony.
  • Never use the missiles to human goals.
  • Especially small children are in danger, if the fireworks caught in the hoods.

In any case, children are allowed to Tinker at the fireworks “around”. “New year’s eve and new year’s day, parents should make sure that the children will not pick up any duds to craft this again to light, or new blast of it,” says Adelheid Gottwald of the Initiative for burn injured children Paulinchen e. V., member in the BAG More safety for children.

During the pounding the Windows and roof lights should remain closed. After the fireworks, the parents have to worry about on new year’s day, the remains of the firecrackers and duds are disposed of safely.

What to do in case of an accident:

It should come during the new year’s eve pounding to an accident, act quickly: 112 is the number for the rescue service. Burns immediately cool under running cold water (20 degrees) for at least 10 minutes. Caution is advised in the case of smaller children, since they cool down quickly. If you suspect a hearing or eye injury, it should immediately be a specialist or a hospital outpatient clinic visited.