No longer a taboo topic: bugs in the house

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No longer a taboo topic: bugs in the house


In some of the kitchen Cabinet, behind baseboards, in basements and under mattresses abound, crawl, and eat them: dust mites, cockroaches, rats and mice, beetles, moths, ants and bugs – you and many others are uninvited house guests to get rid of as quickly as possible, before they cause greater damage. Because some of these pests transmit diseases. Not always but you have to use concentrated chemical: There are a number of simple tools and Tricks that work quickly and almost always reliable.

Vermin in the apartment

Sometimes you see them at night, very volatile, and if you look closely they are gone again – because most shy away from the light of day the cockroaches from the kitchen, cockroaches. Silverfish and bed bugs, rats and mice get also rarely to the face.

Moths and beetles in food, contrary to fly, however, a occasionally from the kitchen closet – but then, they have expanded already enormous and it can be assumed that several generations occupy the apartment in the joints, crevices, cabinets, carpets, and clothing. It’s disgusting and unpleasant, but has not necessarily have anything to do with a lack of Hygiene. Some of the vacationers brought from distant countries in the travel Luggage unnoticed, a cockroach, and, not infrequently, tiny little bugs hiding larvae in the flour, grain, or nuts, and start their mischief in secret and unnoticed for a long time.


As soon as it gets warmer, the flies and ants to come in. Particularly annoying is the Stube is flying: The “Musca domestica” is 8 mm long, grey-colored, your chest decorate four dark longitudinal stripes. The females lay 2000 eggs, mostly in manure, faeces, compost heaps and Rubbish dumps, so far as the organic substances decompose.

The Fly loves human and animal excreta such as feces or festering wounds. Of food you will be attracted magically and behind disease makes the pathogen – transmitting the causative agent of typhoid fever, Cholera, dysentery, and polio. Best of all, it is, therefore, to close the window with fly-screen and glue traps or glue tape catcher to hang up.


You are still the harmless, the in-house guests most: The Wegameise and lawn ant in the Northern Latitudes often. They have a brown body and prefer to build their nests in sandy and Sunny Places in gardens or along roadsides, often under stones and boards. The Wegameise nests, preferably in gardens, under stones, the bark of a Tree, in the lawn or in the cracks of the Walls. Both species of ants live of sugary substances and meat. In homes and stock, they are attracted to areas of fruit and honey and fresh meat.

The quickly formed formic roads lead directly to the nests. In old buildings, ants can infest in addition to wood. As bait, the website of the exterminator recommends to you on a plate with a sweet liquid such as honey water or raspberry water. A mixture of Borax and icing sugar to destroy the ant brood.

Another means of baking powder is: a. 4-m-long track with a half a pack is enough already. The animals puffed up, they burst. No less brutal is to distribute ants, by lemon juice, lavender oil, lavender flowers, marjoram, cinnamon or tomato leaves on the line of ants.


Cockroaches (the “common cockroach”) are the Messengers from prehistoric times: over 300 million years ago they roamed the earth survived ice ages, earthquakes, droughts, and many poisons can’t harm much. In our Latitudes, the yellow-brown leaf Ella germanica, is about 13 mm in size, has wings, flies. The females carry around packets with 20 to 40 eggs four weeks, you discard then in all sorts of Places. This Eipakete because of their Chitin shell very resistant. The larvae hatch shortly after the Eiabwurf. They molt several times, after two to three months, you multiply. Amazing your skills are: you can climb up walls and up to 10 cm wide to jump.

There are about 3500 species of Cockroaches. In the meantime, should occur in southern Europe, even in the American cockroach “Periplaneta americanadie”, which can be more than measures five inches and fly well. The fact that they eat everything, preferably in the food, your favorite area are the kitchens, especially commercial kitchens – it has saved over millions of years. They feed on organic Material of all kinds such as textile, leather and paper, are particularly fond of but wet, soft and rotten food. Cockroaches can survive around 40 days without food. But until you see them, it takes a long time and several generations are guaranteed to be available when you get a random Cockroach to the face.

Cockroaches, so the doctors newspaper, writes many can transmit bacteria, viruses and fungi. “Contact with them can lead to diarrhea, colon katharr, Hepatitis A, anthrax, Salmonella or tuberculosis. By molting leftovers, you can also trigger allergies. In rural areas, cockroaches are feared especially because they can trigger in the stables of the foot – and-mouth disease.”


There are many moths and beetles, which feed particularly fond of food, including the grain moth, the flour moth or the dried fruit moth. The larvae of the flour moth, bracing and pollute flour products, baked goods, and dried fruits. It is discovered usually only when the imagination has formed – it also detects many other moth species.

An open bottle of oil between foods to expel moths. You can also used glue traps with sex attractants (pheromones) for the control of dried fruit, storage and flour moths. These fragrances males can lure over long distances to the females, or just on the glue. This is especially true in the time of flight of the moth – may to September – to make sure that the window fly-through gauze are closed, since the males are lured by the Falling into the house.

Clothes moths do not like cedar oil, they despised lavender, sage, thyme, and camphor. To help a bag with dried orange peels and dried melilot. They also like to blackness, no pressure. A tip, for example, for a stored winter clothes: to wrap clothing items first in fine paper and then in newspaper. Already infested clothing is wrapped in plastic and puts them in a day or two in the freezer.


Often, the grain beetles in the house, in Europe, the most widespread cereal pest. As the rice beetle also he was introduced and propagated in the heat very quickly. The brown, sometimes black grain beetle cannot fly, but also crawl enormous damage. The light shy animals that nest on the loved one Inside of a grain pile. Stock of cereals is on the afflicted loved one from him. As the rice beetle, he propagated were by laying eggs in the grains and dough. The larvae eat grains inside completely.

Even smaller and completely flexible in terms of food intake, the 3 mm small bread beetle, the far-sighted do not often realize is – he eats in addition to back also soup cubes, chocolate, pet food, or dried fish. Also salt dough pastries, and chili seasoning, paper, or cardboard is not safe from them. All the foods that have been infested by the pests, must be disposed of immediately. Everything that was not in sealed vessels, should be investigated. The cabinets and chambers cleaned thoroughly, for example by Suck and blow dries you can hot – this is especially true for the cracks and crevices. The hot air kills the voracious larvae.

It is important, no loose food in the cabinets to store: lockable screw to jars for cereals, rice and pasta have proven to be the best. Too much humidity and heat always attracts pests, so you should always also look for damp Spots behind cabinets.

Rats and mice distribute

That rats and mice transmit diseases to each, the most common are salmonellosis, and Cholera-and-white. Mice will destroy and contaminate food and feed stocks in animal stables, they chew through paper, cardboard boxes, loose plaster, textiles, plastics, insulation, floors, doors, and cable and cause considerable damage to property.

Rats eat everything, but are very picky. Thanks to its highly developed smell and sense of taste respond to the Unknown with suspicion. So you can be unwell and the death of their kind with a poison bait, the bait you mow. Around the world tens of billions of rats destroyed annually, about one-fifth of the entire food and feed by grazing and pollution. Via their droppings and urine transmit the causative agents of salmonellosis, foot – and-mouth disease, swine fever, typhoid, Cholera and many other diseases on the Livestock and the people.

Prevention is the best protection: rats and mice usually come through the basement window, drains and other additions to the house; they must be locked with bars and Flaps, feed and food, or waste such as the compost bin should be well sealed. Food, you may dispose of never on the toilet that attracts the rats through the channels and you come through the pipes into the house. Mice it sells with a turpentine-soaked ball, the you lay in the mice holes.

The smell of chamomile, camphor or peppermint is supposed to chase mice. Mice don’t like it when it is dried, very finely bumped oleander leaves, with dry Sand mixes, and this deep in their holes sprinkled in. Mouse holes it closes with a Cork that has been dipped in turpentine or Cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper on the shelves it sells distributed.

As a bait for rat and mouse traps peanut most butter are the most effective. Pest repeller is also recommended in the case of a large rat infestation in the cellar, every spring the basement to paint with yellow lime and the lime color of iron vitriol (iron(II)sulfate) to be attached. And finally: A cat in the house is still the best protection!

Who can help with bugs in the house?

Competent contact person on the subject of pest control in the local health offices, the German pest control Association (DSV), the Federation of Regional pest repeller e. V., or the Federal Institute for consumer health protection and veterinary medicine. By the way, sensitive people and Allergy sufferers should avoid direct contact with the insects means that there are about as Sprays or as an evaporator in the trade. This can manifest itself in skin irritation, tingling or irritation of the throat.

Against flying insects in the bedroom for allergies affected individuals mosquito nets over the bed for mosquito defence in question. Bait cans or glue are harmless normally, but you should get in any case, in the trade Council.