Noise protection for children: effects of noise

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Noise protection for children: effects of noise

The hearing is to be Heard in addition to the eyes our most important sense organ and the basis for interpersonal communication. For the development of the sense of hearing is a complex interconnection of the brain is necessary. This process is completed with the fourth to fifth year of life as far as possible. Especially in the toddler age, it is important, therefore, that the environment offers good conditions for optimum Hearing. Children react during their development is very sensitive to external influences, your hearing can be irritated by a variety of influences from the environment.

Charges for hearing

The biggest Handicap in the hearing development and for the preservation of a good hearing is a high level of noise pollution. With noise can’t develop the Mature end of the hearing, and also the growing child undisturbed. In adulthood, the damage to the inner ear by noise (noise-induced hearing loss), the most widely recognized occupational disease.

Studies show that increasingly, young people develop non-curable damage to the inner ear. The reason: noise exposure, for example by means of MP3 Player, there are already far in front of the work process and the noise phases of recovery in the leisure are not complied with. In the age of the child acquired hearing impairment are crucial for the personal development, personal and professional: with Hördefiziten some professional wishes come into question. It is therefore important to detect faults due to noise, especially in the age of the child in a timely manner and to eliminate.

Negative influences and their consequences

The constant road noise in residential areas can cause stress to the nervous system. The possible consequences of a duration of noise exposure, among other things, concentration problems, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, heart attack, sleep disorders and depression – this applies to children and adolescents as well as adults. Also inflammatory diseases of the middle ear can damage hearing permanently. Caused you to be almonds by the frequently occurring infections in combination with increased vengeance.

Especially in the kindergarten, the training camp of the immune system, occur in the middle ear inflammation often. More than 30 million Germans suffer from allergic diseases, even in the age of the child, with a rising trend. This can cause children to an accumulation of Secretion in the middle ear, but is often detected too late or not at all. In addition, there are many substances that damage hearing, such as drugs or pollutants from the environment. Especially dangerous: quantities are for adults still in the tolerance range, can cause the sensitive child’s hearing loss.

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