Nutrition during and after diarrhea

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Nutrition during and after diarrhea

In the case of diarrhea, coke and salt help rods. That was grandma’s home remedies. Since then, it has been done with the knowledge of the appropriate diet for diarrhea a lot. However, after a diet in case of diarrhea is recommended, which includes both sugar and salts. The balances the due to diarrhea, resulting in loss of fluid and minerals. Learn more information about the right diet, if she has a case of diarrhoea in the grip of or had.

Diarrhea and diet

Due to various reasons. Among other things, certain foods and an unhealthy diet can cause a diarrheal disease. Sugar, sweetener and Fructose contained in lemonade, some fruits and honey can lead to excessive consumption to diarrhea. Likewise, intolerance of food, often Express themselves with diarrhea.

On the other hand, there are foods that are beneficial for the digestive system and lead to excessive consumption of diarrhea can. These include fiber, such as cereals, fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts, especially dried figs and apricots.

The diet for acute diarrhea and the right thing to eat after a case of disease are therefore very important for the body and health. Is the case currently, it is advisable for the first few days of a type of diet. Because a diet is recommended consisting of lighter whole foods, and stomach-friendly food. If after three days the persists still, you should consult a doctor.

Food during and after diarrhea

The most Important thing in the diet during diarrhea, the intake of a sufficient amount of liquid. Beverages are recommended with a high content of potassium, salt and sugar, because the body can only bind the absorbed liquid and save.

Well-suited with diarrhea of mineral water with a little carbonic acid, blackcurrant juice, carrot juice and in small quantities, the best Cola. Similarly, chamomile, fennel and peppermint tea intake a stomach and intestines liquid. A diluted chicken broth can support the diet in case of diarrhea positive. It contains many of the minerals and electrolytes needed by the body after a case of disease.

The symptoms will subside by if something may be added to the diet that is gentle on the stomach-friendly food. A Mus from Apples or bananas have a similarly gentle on the digestion, as a mild, carrot soup, gruel and mashed potatoes.

Values diet recommended for diarrhea

The following foods are recommended for diarrhea:

  • Food with low fat content and low in fiber
  • Easy darning foods such as bananas, toast or rice
  • Fresh carrots can bind liquid in the intestines

What you should avoid in the diet for diarrhea:

  • Very food hot and very cold
  • Raw food and fresh fruit
  • Flatulent vegetables, such as onions and cabbage
  • Whole-Grain Products, Bran, Nuts
  • Spicy and greasy foods
  • Milk-Containing Foods
  • Coffee and alcohol

Diarrhea in babies, infants and children

How do you help the Little at best, if you are suffering from diarrhea? Even if in the case of babies and small children incidental diarrhea is normal, should be timely measures are taken to help the Small. A special diet and the specific diet for diarrhea will help even in the case of babies, infants and children.

The end of the meal should mainly consist of porridge. To do this mash banana and Apple, rice porridge with yoghurt, mashed potato, oats and Rice gruel. A clear soup with fresh carrots is a recommended diet for diarrhea. Babies, small children and children, in addition to the case also to the Nausea and vomiting can dry white bread, crispbread or biscuits to help suffering.

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