Nutrition for sleep disorders

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Nutrition for sleep disorders

The activity of the organism is substantially due to the consumption of food. So there are foods that promote sleep and other, let us rather stay awake. Some of the food not lower the blood pressure and heart rate, stimulate the General metabolism and thus favor the glide in the bedroom. Conversely, the ingested food can put the body into a higher Activity level and thus falling Asleep more difficult.

In addition to the type of food, their quantity is important, of course. A too-full belly for the night’s rest as badly, such as a growling stomach. Between your last meal and bed rest for at least two hours should be avoided in the evening, flatulent food. The following tips will help you with this, the positive effects of food resources to exploit, and to avoid the negative.

The positive influence of the diet


Classic Sleep: the warm honey milk. The calcium in milk has a calming effect on the body. It favors the relaxation of the muscles and also counteracts a nervous tension. In addition, the milk contains protein, which is in addition reassuring.

The ingredients of the honey should also have a soporific effect. However, this should only be used in small amounts. Add your honey and milk but in some almonds and cinnamon – promotes the production of Melatonin, the sleep hormone.

Alcohol in moderation:

Alcohol in small amounts makes most people tired. Higher quantities of Alcohol have the opposite effect.

  • Beer: in addition to the alcohol also contained in beer, hops has a calming effect. The drink, however, should not be taken too cold, because the body must produce energy to warm it up to body temperature. More than 3 dl, you should not drink.
  • Wine: red wine, in addition to the alcohol, additional calming effects of. The numerous ingredients (tannins, phenols, dyes, etc.) act as a support against the tension States, the problems are often the cause of sleep. However, you should not approve more than 2 dl. By the way: white wine (and sparkling wine) acts in contrast to red wine-stimulating, sleep-inducing.


A drink with the right combination of herbs can have amazing effect. The effect of the individual plant have been known for centuries, and now scientifically proven. They act either directly, soporific or calming, mood -, and nerve-stabilizing.

The following plants are also effective: lemon balm, Valerian, hops, lavender, passion flower, St. John’s wort and Kava. Caution: no Black or green tea drink – these contain such as coffee and Cola stimulating caffeine.


Probably the effect of this fruit is a neurotransmitter in your a positive influence of neurotransmitters. The banana contained Tryptophan increases the body’s level of serotonin. This substance has a mood-enhancing and tension-expectorant – falling Asleep easier, the quality of sleep will be promoted. Also Cachew – and sunflower seeds contain a lot of Tryptophan.

Food ingredients:

Just lately diet methods are popular, the food in the sense of a separation – in the morning carbohydrate-rich meals and in the evening, protein-rich food recommend. As the Thesis stands behind this is that protein boosts, in contrast to carbohydrates – the nocturnal production of insulin, which in turn favors the storage of fat.

Whether this method actually leads to a quieter sleep, is controversial. Other experts are of the opinion that foods promote complex carbohydrates (like wholemeal bread or potatoes) the release of the hormone Serotonin and thus peaceful sleep.


The ingestion of certain foods before Sleep can also have a psychological background: to eat or Drink, “a Ritual is initiated,” which is linked to the subconscious with Sleep. However, you can usher in other rituals the end of the day, for example, a short evening walk, or read some of the pages.

The negative influence of diet

Caffeinated Drinks, Nicotine:

These stimulants increase blood pressure and heart rate, and increase the activity. You are, therefore, not in the evening, and, if necessary, in the afternoon coffee, Cola, black tea and cigarettes.

High Doses Of Alcohol:

Large quantities of alcoholic beverages lead to more of a narcosis-like state as a healthy sleep (“like a stone sleeping”). The consequence of this is that this condition subsides when the alcohol level and then you have to go back to sleep “properly”. Deep sleep and dream phases get mixed up, the sleep is less restful. No wonder that you feel after an alcoholic evening in the morning as whacked.

Fat – and sugar-rich foods:

The digestion of large amounts of fat is associated for the body with considerable effort. The consequence of this is that the circuit must work. A high blood sugar level affects the body also as a Signal to boost the metabolism. The energy supplied must be processed in some Form – it is either stored, burned, or in motion to be implemented.

Wine and champagne white:

Both acts, in spite of the alcohol is stimulating. In addition, acid in the two beverages are also plentiful.

Citrus fruits:

Oranges or tangerines should not be consumed directly before bedtime. The fruit acid (in the Form of Vitamin C = ascorbic acid) stimulates the circulation. The body opposes the supply of acid and the lowering of the pHs buffering. This compensation requires the activation of different mechanisms. The same is true for other acid-containing foods such as pickles.


  • Sumptuous meals from work before bedtime detrimental to sleep process. In addition to Insulin, many hormones are released, which the body “from the rest”.
  • But: An empty stomach is just as debilitating. The feeling of Hunger, and the movements of the stomach will constantly remind that you should eat. Moreover, such a condition is not just the mood.