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Nuts – tasty and nutritious


In the cold Season, nuts have a high season. If slowly, the selection of fresh local fruit and vegetables is small, the nutty Snack a nutritious snack. What is the country of contrast, the term “nut” is in the Botanical sense, often a very different fruit. So Macadamia include fruits, nuts, and almonds of the Stone, while the peanut as a bean or pea formed as a papilionaceous a sleeve as a fruit.

Strawberry is a nut?

Also, it is relatively unknown that the strawberry is not a berry, but botanically speaking, a nut fruit. This is thanks to the little nuts on her. A further genuine of our native nut, the hazelnut, the fruit wall forms a woody shell that must be cracked before the enjoyment of the core only once. However, since other fruits have hard shells, sums up to this – regardless of fruit type to peel fruit. For this purpose, the walnut, almond, peanut, macadamia nut, coconut, Chestnuts, Pekanuss, pistachio, cashew nut and Brazil nut next to the hazelnut.

Healthy Nutrient Suppliers

Nuts are true calorie bombs. This is mainly due to the healthy polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are contained in them. However, the vitamins. Here, in particular, the Vitamin E and the B vitamins. Folic acid, Lecithin, and many minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, iron and Magnesium in nuts also. In addition, nuts are also fiber – and protein-rich. All of these nutrients make nuts a valuable contribution to a balanced diet. However, the daily consumption of a handful of nuts is enough, because otherwise you risk Overweight.

A moderate but regular consumption of nuts has a very positive effect on the cholesterol level and is, therefore, disease is a good Prevention against heart and circulatory.

Health risks by means of nuts

In contrast to the commercially available sweet almond and the bitter almonds are not suitable for fresh consumption. They are cultivated for the production of bitter almond oil on special plantations. As the Name suggests, they are not very tasty. This is due to the they contain Amygdalin, from the digestion of the toxic hydrocyanic acid. For small children a small amount of can almonds be fresh Bitter fatal. Nuts can also trigger allergies. In particular, the peanut Allergy need to be careful, because the smallest amounts are enough to have a severe itching or even shortness of breath.

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