Obesity Causes

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Obesity Causes

In principle, it comes to Obesity, if the food energy is higher than the required or consumed as energy. The individual causes are diverse, often several causes together to play a role:

  • Improper diet as one of the causes: excess of fat (especially saturated fat), many short-chain carbohydrates, for example, in sugar-containing soft drinks, alcohol, Fast Food, snacks
  • Cause lack of exercise: no sports, no regular exercise, sedentary activities, car instead of bike
  • Genes
  • Psychological causes (Stress, “stress eating”, food as a love substitute)
  • Metabolic diseases such as hypothyroidism and Diabetes, hormonal Changes (pregnancy, menopause)
  • Drugs as causes (corticosteroids, antidepressants, diabetes pills, beta-blockers, birth control pills)
  • Maternal factors during pregnancy affecting the Unborn as causes (chemicals, such as Bisphenol A, medication, diabetes)

Causes: obesity and genes

Genetic factors play a role in the causes of Obesity: The tendency to obesity and faster weight gain or weight loss (good or bad feed recyclers) is created in the genes or during pregnancy acquired. But: Congenital factors are rarely the sole reason for obesity. The innate tendency (Disposition) to join the mostly unhealthy living conditions that promote Obesity as well as causes apply.

Obesity and habits

So it’s no wonder that obesity and obesity permagna are mainly in the industrialised countries is on the rise – finally, the local lifestyle is characterized by an overabundance of food and low physical work – which, in turn, are typical causes for obesity.

Often the diet is not only Abundance, but also of an unhealthy composition of the diet. So often substances are industrially produced, with many additive and flavour enhancers eaten fortified foods. The diet with short-chain, easily digestible carbohydrates leads to the fact that for the work of Digestion consumes less energy, and some fats – such as those contained in Fast – Food stored faster than others. The generated Overweight, what is the first step to obesity (obesity).

In addition, the diet is often irregular, the meals are too big and they will be eaten quickly. The feeling of satiety is not noticed at all or ignored. Be infants with food, which is enriched with sugar, to taste experiences to be trimmed, which lead to an unhealthy diet and subsequently have children with Overweight or obesity.

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