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Obesity Prevention

The greater the severity of obesity and the longer it is, the more difficult the therapy is. In addition, consequences such as high blood pressure (hypertension), and atherosclerosis in weight are not make acceptance of all undo. Therefore, it is important to Overweight from arising or to slightly Overweight to obese.

The most important factor in the Prevention of obesity a healthy lifestyle is a balanced diet with a little healthy fat, lots of fiber and vitamins, as well as little industrial sugar. Just as important as nutrition, regular exercise, not only temporarily, but for constant. The best endurance sports are suitable species such as, for example, Swimming.

Obesity: children at an early stage to protect

Unfortunately, numerous studies on the topic of Overweight and obesity have also shown that preventive measures in adult fruit relatively little. More effect they have in children, especially if the parents support the change of Life.

The first years of life are often formative, even life relates to habits such as diet and exercise. Ultimately, prevention against Overweight and obesity must begin in Childhood. It is important, therefore, that children’s doctors are enlightening and that kindergartens and schools will be involved in the issues of nutrition and exercise.

Obesity: excess weight despite diet

Of course, it is Best to reach the normal weight and keep. Not to diets that promise fast weight loss are suitable. Even if they work in the short term, damage you in the long term, rather than that you can use in the fight against Overweight and obesity. You may also interfere with the natural appetite-regulation.

Another unwanted side effect during short-term weight loss: As is the case with a yo-yo, the weight goes down after taking off just as quickly back up as before. Weight reduction, lose weight, makes sense only if at the same time a permanent Change in the habits of life. A change of diet according to the recommendations of the DGE (German nutrition society) as well as the Change of the movement behavior. The only way a negative or balanced energy balance in which more energy is supplied than consumed.

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