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Only for us: fathers and children

What can you do as fathers, if by the profession, little time remains for the children? Quite simply: Act! Father-and-child programs offer the opportunity. Anyone who works, has the feeling of the family. A Problem with not only working mothers deal with. Also under German fathers, only 37 percent believe that they care sufficiently for their children. This may be due to the fact that the classic division of labour dominated by The man is the main earner, the woman takes over the family work. This results in a conflict for fathers. 67 percent of them would be involved more in the care of their children, but 42 percent of them think that the career leave you little time to enjoy them. Per day is only about 75 minutes.

Father-And-Child Courses

Especially when time is short, is crucial, how it is used. In the so-called father-and-child courses, fathers can spend outside of everyday life, intense moments with the young. These activities are now sites of family, education, Church congregations, and fathers of Germany unite far offered.

The demand for the courses increases, and the selection has grown in the last few years. Volker Baisch, Executive Director of fathers e. V., produced in collaboration with the Hamburg-based family education center, a program for fathers and children. Himself a father of two daughters, knows the degree: Diplom-sozialwirt: “fun and joy should be in the foreground. Men think most highly of the Benefits of the activities. But you should leave here, maybe except for Eight, and with the children of pleasure.”

Together discover

Excursions in the forest, journeys of discovery on the farm, the tree house weekends, during the high-wire task of climbing masters, a circus to Join up to the craft evenings and the Breakfast on Saturday: no Matter whether sporty or fancy, Papas would like to offer Exciting. “Fathers go with their children prefer to be outside, to experience something, rather than indoors in a conversation exchange,“ says Baisch. Shared Hobbies and common activities to promote mutual trust and strengthen the feeling. Through the games in the courses for father and child to know more about each other and get to talking.

Afterwards, there is still a lot to report of the success experiences for which they were as a Team responsible. So the man brought more and more with the child. You can approach the relationship in theory, by visiting lectures specifically for fathers. “We offer this program to companies such as Airbus, HSH Nordbank or Commerzbank,” says Baisch.

More and more companies would realize how important a well-functioning family for their workers. In the lectures, which take place in the evening, are taught scientific knowledge, but also Practical for the education of young children to adolescents. Mothers are often pre-formed, informed and advise to do to their men in some situations a different way of dealing with your child as it is the gut feeling of the father.

The education of the father and the mother should Supplement. The greater the active share of the father in the care of the child is, the more the young benefits. Children of active fathers are more empathetic, have a lower sex-role fixation, a higher stress resistance and social skills. The more the father cares, the greater parents also appreciate the development progress of your child.


But also the partnership and the family life it is good, if the man has more often alone with the child. He can start by means of little rituals: the work of call if the child comes from the Kindergarten. Or to be earlier at home, to go for an ice-cream to eat. “If father and child, see little, should be the contact high,“ advises the expert. Dad should focus on his child. That is, it ask according to his experiences, because usually only one-word answers are the result.

Dads should let the child participate in their life, by telling of the work. So you talk to the people who know children, what dad makes when he’s home, and develop understanding of when less time remains. Permanently closing time should not be shortened by the profession. That dad needs to turn Off a break, accept children. However, no permanent lack of attention.