Overweight children have increased dental caries

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Overweight children have increased dental caries

The most recent Figures are alarming. 10 to 12 percent of German children and adolescents are overweight, of which 6 percent are addicted to even as morbid obesity. Scientists believe that 85 percent of those Affected are also struggling in adulthood with Obesity. The extra pounds in the long term health consequences such as motor coordination disorders, Diabetes, or cardiovascular disease. Researchers from Mainz have shown a connection of the oral health and Body Mass Index in elementary school students: children who are of primary school age, very overweight, are more likely to have caries than children with normal weight.

The Study

The scientists of the Johannes Gutenberg-University of Mainz, investigated in a total of 1942 elementary school students between the ages of six and ten years of oral health and the incidence of caries. This data is compared with the Body Mass Index, a measure for the assessment of the body of the children’s weight.

The significant result: students with a low BMI suffered significantly less likely to have caries than children with an elevated BMI. Underweight children had the highest proportion of the natural, healthy teeth (49.6%), while only 36.4 percent of the obese children had a caries free Dentition. Normal weight children had in 46.9 percent of cases, obese children to 39.1 percent of the cases, a caries-free Dentition.

The causes of how to fix early

So if you want to have in adulthood and healthy teeth, you need to pay attention early on to be weight. Reasons for the increasing obesity are the side effects of the digital age: even the smallest children spend more time in front of the Computer or the television than out in the fresh air and movement. A healthy diet is advised in the Background.

To fat, particularly inner-city children, eat too much, too sweet. Many get no regulated meals on the table. You provide yourself with Junk food and sweets. As a result, in addition to the pounds on the hips also tooth decay in the mouth.

Healthy nutrition education thing is

A rethink on the part of the parents, and the conscious use of healthy food is therefore necessary, in order to preserve children’s mouths against tooth decay. In the shopping basket ballast should rich fabric, natural, whole-food diet take value of the most of the space, in addition, vegetables and fruit. Mineral water should be preferred to sweetened juices.

To take the less between meals, the children, the better for your oral health. Radical bans on sweets often have the opposite effect, the more successful was with the child out of the ‘rules’ that restrict the consumption of sugar.