Sexuality in menopause

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Sexuality in menopause For Most, it begins slowly: the love nights of early nights are in the middle age and woke up with screaming children and times with too little sleep after too much work. Who's looking from there to the front, it looks hair loss, hormonal disorders and decline in passion before his mind's eye. Not a nice idea - and also not necessary. However, sexuality in the menopause is for men and women is often still a taboo subject. Since in the sixties, the menopause of the women were considered to be a rather pathological to Happen, the search began for an appropriate therapy. Find, the researchers were should be compensated in the case of hormone replacement therapy, with the help of the natural estrogen deficiency. The goal…
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Back fitness with the Pezziball

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Back fitness with the Pezziball The Pezziball – as a seat or Fitball, known is an ideal workout for the back. Due to its special characteristics, it adapts perfectly to the body and can train the spine into a physiological Position. The Pezziball is device an optimal fitness, which is very versatile. Especially in the case of children and young people of the Pezzi Ball is a popular tool, the gymnastic Exercises gives a rather playful character. The Ball is a pure Exercise with very good properties, in order to train the bones, joints and even the spine. The advantages: The Ball stretches and relaxes the back muscles, trains the Balance and posture and trains the agility and sense of balance. Exercises with Pezzi-Ball - tips, the campaign for Healthy…
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Yoga Exercises for beginners

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Yoga Exercises for beginners Yoga means relaxation and Sport, inner peace and sweaty Fitness. It doesn't fit? You can think again! Yoga Exercises to tighten and strengthen not only the body but also include meditative elements that lead to Serenity and balance. There is a need for Yoga is neither a particular place nor special equipment for the respective Exercises. With a simple Mat and comfortable clothing you can do all the Yoga Exercises at home. We will show you six Basic positions, the success of even beginners in Yoga. Of the sun salutation on Cobra, warrior and dog to the triangle and the tree, we cover the basic Yoga Exercises. As an Extra we betray each Yoga Practice, what is the effect of this on the body and the…
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Healthy Carnival

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Healthy Carnival In the foolish days of all the head and often also in their own diet in many cities. The increased consumption of alcohol is particularly pronounced in the carnival. But not only alcohol can damage in carnival the body, special, especially to eat with above-average fat content, such as Kreppel, doughnuts, sausages, and fries. But even in the great days, with a few tips and Trick to fit through the carnival. How to eat in the foolish time, healthy and a hangover the day after, in order to prevent more on the topic of healthy eating in the carnival. General information on the topic Contact Allergy to makeup by Carnival The revelers are on the loose! Fantasy full Makeup or colorful curls splendor give the carnival a Carnival…
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Spring cleaning – Sure on the head

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Spring cleaning - Sure on the head Per year around 500,000 German citizens to have an accident, and with household heads. Bruises, sprained toes dipped, bone fractures or a concussion are often the painful consequences felt by the Affected, even after weeks. However, only about 5 % of all falls from ladders are due to defects in the device, mostly wrong behavior is the cause. Particularly treacherous time pressure and hectic hang up "Quickly on to the curtains, before the children come home from school and lunch must be on the table". Add to this the physical and mental factors, for example lack of concentration or carelessness. The German curatorship for safety in home and leisure e. V. (DSH) therefore recommends that, for all of the house work enough to…
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Ectopic pregnancy – causes and symptoms

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Ectopic pregnancy - causes and symptoms How is it an ectopic pregnancy? Numerous pre-existing conditions and other factors increase the risk of GC. The inflammation of the ovaries and fallopian tubes (Adnexitis), for example, by sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia, hairs may cause damage to the delicate flicker (which comes in the fallopian tube the Egg will "drive“) or for the bonding of the fallopian tubes. As a result, the Egg in the folds of the "catch can“ or remains – by a narrowing – in. Sometimes the fallopian tubes are too long, have a congenital malformation, or your muscles do not work properly, so that the fertilised Egg also has difficulty to reach in time the uterus. Also, previous miscarriage, abortion, or surgery on the uterus or in…
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If it itches Tintin and he’s losing his hair

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If it itches Tintin and he's losing his hair The condition of the fur and the skin of the dog is a mirror of his health. Most of the dogs change their coat twice a year – in spring and in autumn. How and when a dog loses his summer or winter coat is the breed, temperature and the length of daylight is dependent. Because in the apartment, temperature and brightness in the year fairly evenly, it can lead to a permanent hair change, has no special meaning. Malnutrition, parasitic infestation, hormonal disorders, or Stress? A dog under severe hair loss – suffering, perhaps, with hair loose, a so-called alopecia, which are not caused by Scratching, Rubbing or Licking and it shows a matte, dull or oily, oily coat, itchy,…
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Children need clear rules in dealing with the TV

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Children need clear rules in dealing with the TV Due to the increasing number of children with Obesity, poor concentration, Hyper activity and attention disorders is the question of the influence of the parents is becoming more and more in the foreground. It's about how parents an age-appropriate and psycho-social development of their children. Clear rules and times In addition to regular, shared meals and regular sleep times, daily physical activity belongs to the healthy development of a child. Because of excessive television and computer use has a negative influence on the behavior of children, they need from their parents a clear set of rules in dealing with TV and PC. There is scientific evidence that early and frequent television and computer consumption and negative impact on the mental abilities…
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The 7 most popular diets

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The 7 most popular diets You want to lose weight? With the right diet that is usually not so difficult. Important for success is, above all, that you get on well with the chosen diet. So a diet such as the Dukan diet, mostly carbs are omitted, for example, for pasta and rice lovers certainly not the Right thing to do. Fortunately, today there are a variety of different methods to lose weight. So everyone can choose an optimal diet. Note, however always ensure that you need to in spite of diet eat a balanced diet and not starve. We have selected the Following are the 7 most popular diets for you. The Dukan diet largely dispensed with carbohydrates and instead focuses on a protein rich diet: in addition to…
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Spiral: contraception without hormones

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Spiral: contraception without hormones The spiral, also intrauterine device, is in addition to pill and condom is one of the world's most commonly used contraceptives. The 2.5 to 3.5 cm spiral is inserted into the uterus of the woman. While the first models of the intrauterine device had the Form of a spiral and, thus, the name-giving role, today's copper spiral, mostly t-shaped, is made of plastic and has a copper wire wrapped shank. Sometimes gold is incorporated in the platelet, the spiral is better on the ultrasound detect it. The prevention of the spiral is considered to be very safe and can remain in good tolerability of five years in the body. Spiral: effect and function Exactly how the spiral works, it is not until the Detail is known,…
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What to do in case of bleeding?

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What to do in case of bleeding? Minor wounds such as skin abrasions or small cuts and injuries are common among children, and the bleeding after a few minutes. You can dry in the air or be cleaned, disinfected and possibly covered with a plaster. In the case of large wounds with heavy blood loss, caution is called for, because children have a volume a total of lower blood. It is more common to severe General symptoms, including shock. Bleeding by pressure to a standstill You know it yourself from the Blood to the doctor: The direct pressure on the wound, leads after some time to halt the bleeding. This is true in General, even in large wounds. It is therefore with a sterile or clean cloth on the wound…
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Mastopathy – a harmless change in the breast

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Mastopathy - a harmless change in the breast Pain and swelling of the breast, strong pressure sensitivity, and small nodules are the typical signs of a mastopathy, the most common benign changes in the breast glandular tissue. Approximately every second woman between 35 and 55 years of age is affected by more or less strong, benign changes in the breast tissue. Here are the changes to have no disease value – not every woman with a mastopathy has complaints. Hormones out of balance The exact cause of a mastopathy. But we do know that Estrogen plays an important role. Probably a disturbed relationship to the body's own sex is a progestin hormone and an Estrogen based, making Estrogen outweighs the progestin in the end. This happens when too much Estrogen…
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Wild garlic

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Wild garlic Wild garlic is used as an aromatic culinary herb in the past few years, a growing popularity. The fresh herb is for quark with Herbs, in soups and sauces or in a salad. Due to this popularity, it attracts more and more people into the forest to gather the hearty leek plant. What is wild garlic? The relative of garlic, onion and chives with the star-shaped white flowers was for the Romans, Germanic tribes and Celts as a spice and medicinal plant. Wild garlic has a number of names – in technical terms, Allium ursinum, at the mouth of the forest, garlic, wild garlic, Gypsy roots and Hundsknofel. Why is he named after the bear (Ursinum)? Probably because brown bears eat him after the winter sleep, in order…
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Family growth often leads to jealousy

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Family growth often leads to jealousy Most children wish for a sibling. But if the Baby is there, must share the Greater the attention of the parents all of a sudden. Especially first-born feel, then reset. "Children are jealous when a sister or a brother comes to the world, is quite normal," says Karin Schreiner-Kürten, a psychologist at the AOK-Bundesverband. "A good preparation and targeted donation from the parents to help the Elderly then, with the new Situation." If a sibling is there, need Older a lot of attention With the birth of a Geschwisterchens a lot of changes in a child's life: It should be noted that not everything revolves around it. The more important it is for parents to announce their first-born offspring in a timely manner. As…
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Pubic lice

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Pubic lice Pubic lice cling especially to pubic and axillary hair and feed on human blood. Itching and tiny bruises point to the pests. You barely move and are hidden quite well. The vernacular often takes no sheet before the mouth, when it comes to the description of unsavory things. Felt, or pubic lice, a series of handling, therefore, linguistic nicknames: Love bug, dead rats and mast sailors to name just a few. Properties of the crab louse The nickname for pubic lice, however, describe quite well some of the features: The crab louse (Phthirus pubis) is transmitted during close physical contact, especially sexual intercourse, feels particularly comfortable in the hair of the genital region, six wart-like projections similar to the beetle-legs, and one of the tribe of arthropods. Of…
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Pill to take or drop

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Pill to take or drop Pill take A women want to move – for example, because the summer holiday is in front of the door of your menstrual. By taking the pill, it is possible, the time of the menstrual period to bring forward or postpone. Generally, it is for the body better, the Menstruation delay. Depending on what pill you should consult your doctor for exact instructions. The easiest way to Lay the menstrual period is a preparation with a Combination. If you want to move the menstrual period to start after the end of the first pill blister directly a new. Take the pill now, so long as you have the monthly bleeding, want to hesitate. Then insert the usual seven-day break and continue to take the pill…
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Ramadan and nutrition

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Ramadan and nutrition Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar, in this time it will be fasting as a religious obligation for all Muslims to be considered. However, Ramadan does not mean only to refrain from the time of dawn until sunset to eat and drink. Also the intake of medicines is not provided in accordance with the Koran. To avoid potentially negative consequences for health in Ramadan, it is important to consider some aspects in favor of one's own body. Ramadan - a time of abstinence The Ramadan is lived as a time of abstinence of the faithful Muslims, a preoccupation with Prayers and the reading of the Koran. The obligation to abstain from eating, Drinking, and other enjoyment, such as sex or Smoking during Ramadan is…
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Oranges – vitamin bombs for the defence forces

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Oranges – vitamin bombs for the defence forces Oranges taste sweet, are juicy and are full of vitamins. Not only that, but oranges are also versatile. Whether pure, as juice or jam, in Desserts or Smoothies – oranges are suitable for baking and occasionally cooking as well as as a small Snack. We reveal what makes oranges so healthy and why the juicy vitamin bombs are so good for our defence forces. Ingredients: Why oranges are healthy Oranges are rich in vitamins and minerals. Contain 100 grams of your fruit flesh around 50 milligrams of Vitamin C – more than half of the recommended daily allowance. The Vitamin strengthens the immune system and protects us against infections. In addition, Vitamin C improves the absorption of iron, which is needed for…
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Heart attack in women

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Heart attack in women The heart attack was originally considered typical of men and Manager of disease, but this has changed in the last few years. According to Figures from the Federal Statistical office, more than half of the heart attack the deceased were female in 2002. A study, which examined the coronary risk for women, however, revealed that this was due to the professional activity. On the contrary, better-educated and working women were less at risk. Why this imbalance? Women are at risk after the menopause, particularly For one, women usually get it later than men, after Menopause, a heart attack. On the other, they do not have other symptoms than men, so that women also have the heart attack as such to detect, and therefore, according to the…
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Everything is eco – and the fish?

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Everything is eco - and the fish? All the talk about animal welfare and think primarily of warm-blooded animals such as cattle, pigs and chickens. Many worry about whether you purchased fruit and vegetables might be genetically modified. But there is a cold-blooded fish? There are actually fish, how it is held, what is fed, where can I buy it, and there are guidelines? Fish in Bio-quality Although fish is a healthy food, there are differences in quality, depending on the individual breeder. Just as in the fattening and poultry breeding, fishing operations often "mass instead of class"; small basin for too many fish. Also, the use of chemicals and antibiotics is of concern. As a response, agreed growers ' associations, such as Bioland and Naturland, the guidelines for ecological…
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Nuts – tasty and nutritious

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Nuts - tasty and nutritious In the cold Season, nuts have a high season. If slowly, the selection of fresh local fruit and vegetables is small, the nutty Snack a nutritious snack. What is the country of contrast, the term "nut" is in the Botanical sense, often a very different fruit. So Macadamia include fruits, nuts, and almonds of the Stone, while the peanut as a bean or pea formed as a papilionaceous a sleeve as a fruit. Strawberry is a nut? Also, it is relatively unknown that the strawberry is not a berry, but botanically speaking, a nut fruit. This is thanks to the little nuts on her. A further genuine of our native nut, the hazelnut, the fruit wall forms a woody shell that must be cracked before…
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Boreout – boredom in the workplace

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Boreout – boredom in the workplace According to the employment survey of 2007, the Federal Institute for occupational safety and of the Federal Institute for vocational education and training almost one in seven people in Germany will feel, in view of his qualifications under the demands. Underload, boredom and lack of interest characterize the state of dissatisfaction in the workplace, called Boreout. "From time to time I have to do for about an hour or two. The Rest of the time I surf in the Internet, searching for bargains in Online Shops, plan the next holiday. There is nothing to do. What I do is totally irrelevant. My phone does not ring sometimes for days...". This writes a desperate Participant in the Forum of "Boreout“. Definition: What is Boreout? Boreout…
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Fabric, exchange rate: manual and diet Plan

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Fabric, exchange rate: manual and diet Plan The chemical exchange rate is lose weight a diet to enable, within a period of 21 days up to 12 pounds. The Plan sounds simple: During the diet phase only 500 calories a day are allowed. In addition, the pregnancy hormone taken HCG in the Form of Globules or drops, in order to stimulate the metabolism. Add to this the so-called vital substances, so supplements to provide the body with all the Necessary. So losing weight should be without sports. We introduce the phases of the diet and give a brief instruction for the removal of the 21-day Material exchange rate. Diet plan in the Substance-exchange rate The Material exchange rates do not follow a uniform Plan: Different books and vendors have developed…
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Millet: A healthy beautiful creators

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Millet: A healthy beautiful creators Already 8,000 years ago in China and Mesopotamia, flat breads made from millet were consumed. Millet, however, is not only the oldest, but also the mineral richest grain. By lush is included with the vitamins and nutrients the small grains will make you full, healthy and beautiful. However, millet in German kitchens is very rare to find. Healthy Makers Millet Probably the most important feature of millet is that it is one of the gluten-free grains. Thus, it is not particularly good for baking bread, is a valuable food for people with gluten allergies, gastro-intestinal problems and celiac disease. Unlike many other cereals, millet is non-acid forming, but base-forming, which in turn leads to less mucus formation in the body. Especially in the case of…
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Sex education – education in the school

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Sex education - education in the school Sex education in school The question catalogue of the Small is complex: changes in puberty, arousal, the period of the first ejaculation, and "the first Time" will be discussed. Also, contraception, pregnancy, or malformations in the teaching program. Parents can support the development in this Phase, by shopping first for hygiene or suggestions from youth magazines to get the best source to learn what moves a Teenager. The Younger still "very innocent," said the biology teacher. "Typical questions are: Does everyone in the puberty? I need a towel, if the vagina moist? Hurts Sex?" And: "a floating egg when the pill prevents ovulation?" Although Teens tend to have already made the first sexual experiences, many people do not know about the date of…
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To be slim at any cost – eating disorders are inevitable

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To be slim at any cost – eating disorders are inevitable It is missing at all Fruit, salad and plenty of water make up the daily diet of the slimming fanatics. Not infrequently, the body has to get by with only 1,000 kcal. Especially young people have need in the growth of a very high energy. At the age of 15 to 19 years, girls need about 2,500 kcal and boys around 3,100 kcal. But it lacks not only energy, but also important nutrients such as protein, vitamins and minerals are not absorbed sufficiently. Long-term starvation diets is not going unnoticed on the body. The muscles atrophy, bone density diminishes, it can lead to anaemia, hair loss and skin changes. The reins tighten On the way to weight a restrained…
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Amenorrhea – if the rule fails

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Amenorrhea - if the rule fails The menstrual bleeding is a sign of a periodically running process that is controlled by many hormones. Disturbances in the regulation of the microstructure can lead to differences in the strength, duration, and regularity of period. Sometimes it will remain quite. Read here what are the causes behind a lack of period are stuck and what you can do about it. Primary and secondary amenorrhea The female menstrual cycle occurs at regular intervals, on average, between 13. 45. Years old and lasts for 25-35 days. It is used to make an Egg for reproduction. It comes after ovulation, not fertilization, is scraped off the top layer of the endometrium and approximately 3-7 days in a continuous period bleeding starts. The first day of bleeding…
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Genetically Modified Food – Genetic Assistant

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Genetically Modified Food - Genetic Assistant Microorganisms as a genetic assistant In many food technological processes, little helpers are involved, the so-called micro-organisms such as bacteria, yeasts or fungi. You are mixing with, for example, in beer brewing, the production of Yoghurt and in cheese maturation. As you may be required to a large extent, many of these micro-organisms from the Genwerkstatt. They are modified using genetic engineering methods, so that they are cost-effective, certain substances produce. These are then used as additives and auxiliary substances used in the food industry. Rennet for cheese production For the manufacture of cheese, rennet is needed. Lab is in the calf stomach containing the enzyme Chymosin, which brings the milk protein to Coagulate. By the addition of the Labfermentes the thick Deposit of…
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Vegetarian life = live a healthier life?

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Vegetarian life = live a healthier life? "Cibi innocentes, innocent foods, are foods produced without the shedding of blood." This is the Church father Jerome of Bethlehem (331-420) said a long time ago - one setting, the share of the most vegetarians. Respect for life is one of the main reasons to eat no meat and no fish. We will explore the question of how healthy a meat-free diet is, and how to get important nutrients such as protein and iron without meat. Forms of vegetarianism There are approximately 7.8 million people (as of January 2015) feed in Germany, vegetarian. The cattle disease BSE, the partly catastrophic conditions under which animals are slaughtered are kept, mast guides in the feed, antibiotics and other drug residues in meat - these are…
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Sauces and Oils

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Sauces and Oils Whether it's light or dark, creamy or creamy, a delicious Sauce, vegetables, meat, and potatoes on spices up. A Sauce can be very versatile because they can be prepared from many different ingredients. Depending on the ingredients, a Sauce can be rich or low in calories. What is the good taste that counts! Also Oil in the Sauce, its use and is particularly suitable for noodles and salad. The Oil of the Olive is one of the most used Oils the European kitchen, this Oil is said to have many positive properties for the body and health. Also popular is the argan oil, it is one of the most precious Oils in the world. What can it do? Facts worth knowing about Oil & Sauce, and recipes,…
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