Honey enjoyment for every season

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Honey enjoyment for every season The culinary Potential of honey is much underestimated. Thanks to the diversity of the types of honey from all over the world the use of the unique nature of the product are virtually unlimited: From the delicious light spring dish up to the winter holiday menu. Honey is always been appreciated as a sought-after food as well as beauty elixir or gentle medicine. Still, the natural product comes honey so pure and unadulterated into the glass, as it is to the tireless work of the interior created – including the valuable ingredients. International delights liquid Gold Our health do something Good and at the same time with all of the senses – with a variety of Honeys from near and far the is game today.…
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Cinnamon – which is Why he can damage

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Cinnamon - which is Why he can damage Cinnamon in pregnancy For a long time already it is known that cinnamon can cause in sensitive individuals allergies. Interestingly, the consumption of cinnamon may also result in persons who are allergic to herb pollen (e.g., mugwort) allergic reactions (so-called cross-allergies). In pregnancy should cinnamon be enjoyed with caution - the Oil can cause contractions. Cinnamon: harmful effect on health Since a few years, you know that cinnamon naturally included - Phenylpropanoide (v. a. coumarin, but also safrole) can be harmful to health. A certain percentage of the population seems to be particularly sensitive and reacts with liver damage (why not) know so far. In addition, it has been shown in an animal experiment an increased risk for cancer; the extent to…
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Spinach – what’s in the leafy vegetables

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Spinach – what's in the leafy vegetables Thanks to an error on the part of spinach was for a long time as ten times the iron-rich, as he is in reality. But even if the spinach does not appear now on the list of iron containing foods in the front ranks, the vegetables. Numerous healthy ingredients and fewer calories to make the leafy vegetables is not only a popular ingredient in many recipes, but also the ideal food during a diet. What makes spinach so healthy and what you should consider in the preparation, you can find here. For what is spinach good for? Spinach is not only popular in the kitchen. Also as a medicinal plant the vegetables can be attributed to a number of positive effects on health:…
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Honeydew Melon: A Healthy Vitamin Bomb

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Honeydew Melon: A Healthy Vitamin Bomb Whether honey melon, water melon, Cantaloupe melon or Galia - is the selection of different melon types in the supermarket. The melon is easily recognized by its bright yellow color and is especially suited to hot summer days, perfect for a refreshing Snack: Due to their high water content, this Melon variety has only a few calories (kcal), but nevertheless, a fruity Aroma and a sweet taste. Although their fruit sugar content can be up to ten percent, are honeydew melons healthy, because you have a lot of vitamins and minerals. Honeydew melons are rich in Vitamin A The high water content of about 85 to 90 per cent provides the succulent taste of honeydew melon. He makes them, especially in the summer, a…
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Cheese Whether on bread, as appetizers with the wine or Baked, cheese is very popular with the Germans. The cheese consumption has increased steadily in the last decade. In 2014, every German consumed an average 24,19 kilograms of cheese. Cheese is a very valuable part of the daily diet because it contains protein, fat, carbohydrates and Calcium, many vitamins. Whether you like your cheese in the Aroma, subtle and mild, or it maybe really hearty prefer, does not matter. Here are the senses of taste and smell are solely decisive. All Cheese? Cheese, a distinction is made according to various criteria. Milchart: In our Region, cheese made primarily from cow's milk. Increasingly popular specialties from sheep, goat and Buffalo milk. So Mozzarella is becoming more and more popular. Originally, it…
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Bread drink: The healthy, combine to create

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Bread drink: The healthy, combine to create For many years, Gärgetränke from bread in Russia are known. The probiotic, combine to create bread drink has health-promoting properties, for example, in the case of constipation, bowel complaints and common cold, reported a diploma in nutritional science expert Karima Young of the society for nutritional medicine and dietetics e. V. Probiotics: Bread Drink Bread drink counts as one of the probiotic foods. These contain specific micro-organisms (probiotics), which are able to reach the intestine alive. To do this, you need to stomach and bile acid-tolerant as well as resistant to digestion be enzymes. As probiotics including strains of the genera Lactobacillus (lactic acid bacteria) and bifidobacteria. The probiotic drink bread drink containing the lactic acid bacterium Lactobacillus reuteri. Health-Promoting Effects In one…
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Mushroom time – the professional collector lives healthier

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Mushroom time - the professional collector lives healthier Favourable weather shoot the mushrooms provided now in field and forest from the ground. They belong neither to the plants nor to animals. Mushrooms surrounds since time immemorial, something Mysterious. Some promote health, others are known to be the opposite, and again, other than drug abuse. "Herb women", monks and shamans knew these secrets, and in Chinese medicine, the mushrooms still have their place. Extremely low in calories In addition to its incomparable taste dining offer mushrooms, tangible advantages: they are extremely low in calories because they contain almost no fat. In addition to about 90 percent water, they consist of little protein and carbohydrates, as well as between 2 (mushroom) and 16 percent (truffle) dietary fibre: The cell walls of fungi…
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Licorice The snail coiled cords, coated rods, or lozenges-shaped hard licorice, no Matter what the Form - characteristic for licorice the black color, for which the juice of the licorice Bush is responsible for (but it has helped today artificially). That licorice also has medical effects, is less well known. For the production of liquorice with the juice from the root of the licorice shrub is used, which originates from Asia and the Mediterranean. The Plant belongs to the family of the butterfly flowers family (Fabaceae). The woody Perennial is about 1 to 1.5 meters tall and owes its name to the sweet taste of your roots. The bark of the root contains Glycyrrhizin, a glycoside that gives the licorice taste and a 50-fold stronger sweetening power than cane sugar.…
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Christmas spices

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Christmas spices Christmas time is cookie time. But, while children falls mostly with large eyes on gingerbread, cinnamon stars and Spekulatius, parents ' concerns often. Finally, all about are the Christmas spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. Who is not to overdo it with the Treats and the ingredients of the biscuits are informed, has nothing to fear. To the contrary, is known to have enjoyed lots of Christmas spices even have health-promoting effects. An Overview of cinnamon, clove, cardamom & Co spices shed light on the good and bad sides of the most popular Christmas. Cinnamon With cinnamon stars, gingerbread, and cinnamon spice is an integral part sections. With its intense smell is the epitome of a Christmas spice is cinnamon almost. Here, the aromatic substance coumarin, the cinnamon, the…
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Wine grapes – vitamin-rich berries

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Wine grapes – vitamin-rich berries Every year in late summer, the local grape harvest. Wine berries are called, such as wine grapes, then processed into wine, juice or jelly. At the end of the summer, the sun are Packed-kissed fruits are full of nutrients. The sweet only vitamins and mineral substances but also carbohydrates such as sugar but very few calories, does not contain berries. Healthy ingredients of grapes Raisins, i.e. dried grapes that have a particularly high sugar concentration. Not least for this reason, wine grapes have sometimes a bad reputation as a Fattening. Why, however, they are in truth, very healthy, will be apparent when you look at the ingredients in Detail. Per 100 grams of fresh grapes contain the following vitamins and minerals: Potassium: 192 Milligrams Calcium:…
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Germans are jodbewusst

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Germans are jodbewusst The German health with a view to the supply of iodine to be particularly aware of: About 84 percent of the households use for the prevention of iodine deficiency thyroid-related diseases are already iodized salt. The preferred handle to iodized salt, the percentage of iodized salt or iodized salt with fluoride on the entire budget package salt sales. He passed last year, for the first time, the 80 per cent mark, as a survey among the salt producers. Iodized salt has prevailed That iodized salt is accepted by consumers on a broad level, also show the results of a recent global Nielsen study. This should be determined, what are the foods with specific health benefits consumers consciously select and buy on a regular basis. Also in iodized…
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Kiwis Kiwis are not only healthy, but also to eat and just Take in the winter months, often even a Kiwi with me to work and treat yourself to a healthy dessert. Kiwis are best to eat when you are cutting the raw fruit into two halves and then spoon. Calories and ingredients Kiwis contain almost twice as much Vitamin C as oranges – on average, it will bring 100 grams to about 70 milligrams. Thus, the daily requirement of an adult can be met by the consumption of a large Kiwi. In addition, kiwi fruit also contain even greater amounts of folic acid as well as potassium, Calcium and Magnesium. In spite of the many valuable ingredients of the kiwi fruit are very low in calories: 100 grams of…
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Diets – change in the nutritional behaviour

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Diets - change in the nutritional behaviour The nutrition behavior change The described effects and the long-term is seen lack of success of repeated Crash diets, of course, the question of how to get rid of the extra pounds because now permanently. The goal of a weight reduction should not be, as much as possible in a short period of time to take off but slow and steady. A Minus on the scale of max. ½ To 1 kg per week is sufficient. By a slow but continuous problematic weight be avoided to Slim down fluctuations. The first step in the right direction is to make its own food behaviour. The majority of German citizens aware of all the facts about a healthy diet. You can tell them exactly what…
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Semolina and semolina porridge

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Semolina and semolina porridge Many people connect with semolina nothing but unpleasant memories of your Childhood, when you were in bed with a cold and forced, slimy semolina porridge spoons. This meal is done, however wrong – he is not only a very versatile food, but also healthy. Semolina is basically nothing more than a tiny piece of grain, produced during the Milling. Depending on which grain is used, it may be in soft wheat semolina, with the typical semolina, but semolina dumplings, semolina dumplings, and various Desserts are prepared, durum wheat semolina, which is suitable for Bulgur or Pasta and corn meal, used for the preparation of Polenta. The semolina is divided after how strong he was ground into three classes: Coarse semolina, medium semolina and fine semolina. Meal:…
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Rhubarb Rhubarb is popular because of its fruity-sour taste and of a variety of food is available. Especially compote, cake or refined rhubarb in a special way. In addition, he has relatively few calories, but contains on the other hand, as the toxic force of oxalic acid. What is the effect rhubarb has on the health and what should be considered in its preparation. Rhubarb: Important Ingredients Rhubarb has many vitamins and minerals that are important for the human organism. These include: Vitamin C Vitamin K Magnesium Potassium Iron Phosphorus Iodine Malic and citric acid Pectin Tannins Glycosides essential Oils Rhubarb in Figures – nutritional values A quantity of 100 grams of rhubarb contains usually about 14 to 21 kilo calories and only 0.2 grams of fat and 0.9 grams…
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Soups for losing weight

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Soups for losing weight Soups delight not only in Germany but in the whole of Europe, growing in popularity. In the lunch break today in the fast food restaurant, where you can choose between the various soup types. A visit to the fast food restaurant worth checking, however, not only for the health conscious, but for all, the just keep on a diet. Because some of the soups are ideal for weight loss. For this reason, today more and more frequently, soup diets will be performed. Such soup diets curls with high weight losses, but also have some disadvantages. Soup diet: vegetable soups are well suited As the Name "soup diet" suggests, is the diet during the diet, mainly from various soup types. For losing weight, especially vegetable soups are…
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The art of enjoying food

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The art of enjoying food Food and Drink belong to the basic needs of every human being. We usually eat several times a day our favorite foods and dishes. With the nutrients we feed our body and mind. But food is much more than the mere intake of nutrients. Eating means quality of life for us, gives us pleasure and joy, and has to do with all aspects of enjoyment. Before dealing in greater depth with the art of the enjoyable meal, take a little time and you answer critically the following questions: How many meals you take per day? How much time do you allow per meal? To prepare the meals yourself? You mainly use fresh products, or you rely more on finished products? You can cook sometimes together…
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Leaf tea or tea bags?

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Leaf tea or tea bags? Leaf tea or tea bags? Tea is available as leaf tea and small leaf tea. Leaf teas contain whole tea leaves, playing with 1-2% only a minor role. The by far largest part of leaf of tea – the so-called Broken – tea from make small. The infusion is more intense than in leaf teas. The smallest of the leaf grades, and Fannings and Dust, may be used for the infusion bag. They create a strong, aromatic infusion. Sheet degrees not only provide information about the size of the tea leaves, but about their quality. Basically, the quality of the tea bags is not different from the quality loose tea. For infusion bag finer leaf grades such as Fannings and Dust used, as the finer…
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Mushrooms – healer from the forest

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Mushrooms - healer from the forest "Eat mushrooms and live longer!", a need-to-know recommends: Professor Jan Lelley, Professor of Mycology at the University of Bonn. He introduces a whole series of fungi that develop in addition to an enrichment of the feed slip is also amazing healing properties for different diseases. Meanwhile, many open-minded Doctors on the option of "fungus medicine". Prof. Lelley has even coined the term "Mykotherapie" analogous to the "phytotherapy" herbal medicine. In the case of fungi with the most potent medicinal effects are quite tough and therefore inedible varieties, which must be pounded to powder, to be taken. However, others, such as the mushroom, the oyster mushroom, or Shiitake are among the most sought-after edible mushrooms. Mushrooms: drugs, the taste Quite apart from the healing power…
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Barbecue – bread and finger food

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Barbecue - bread and finger food Unusual and quite easy to handle on the Grill all sorts of finger food-creations such as Mini pizzas, tomato and Mozzarella Bruschetta, and Tex-Mex-Burger or Mexican Tortilla. Not only as a garnish, but also as an Appetizer and Snack, you help to bridge the waiting time on the sausages sent. For beginners Bruschetta is recommended in many variants. For the uncomplicated flash recipe you need only a few ingredients, such as, for example, a couple of slices of white bread, ripe cocktail tomatoes, small, chopped Basil, olive oil, garlic cloves, salt and a little Mozzarella. The bread slices are toasted on each side with Oil and coated on the Grill. The fresh toasted bread, then toes with the peeled garlic vigorously rubbed, and again,…
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Nutrition in celiac disease (Sprue)

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Nutrition in celiac disease (Sprue) Celiac disease is a chronic disease of the small intestine. By an intolerance to Gluten, a grain contained in the adhesive protein, shrink the small intestine protrusions. Thus, fats, sugars, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and even water can not be absorbed properly in the body. So far the only treatment is the complete, lifelong renunciation of gluten-containing food. The only way to recover the intestinal mucosa and their function. Even at the smallest amounts of Gluten damage and disease, however, occur again. Gluten is found mainly in the cereals wheat, spelt, rye, barley, unripe spelt, and oats. Concerned must refrain from all food and drugs containing these grains in any Form. For this purpose, conventional Baking mainly, and pasta, such as bread, rolls, cakes, pasta and…
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Fabric exchange rate: lose weight with Globules

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Fabric exchange rate: lose weight with Globules The Material exchange rate promises easy to lose weight within 21 days without feeling Hungry and yo-Yo effect. The Material exchange rate relies on calorie reduction and the intake of vital nutrients products. In addition, the pregnancy hormone HCG, which should help in contrast to the HCG diet, in the Form of Globules, or homeopathic drops with weight loss. We present the 21-day Material exchange rate and inform you about possible side effects. What is the chemical exchange rate is? The chemical exchange rate is increasing world-wide popularity. You should detoxify the body and the metabolism is "re-programmed" so that the figure remains even after the end of the diet. A short-term diet is combined changeover with the use of products for the…
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Algae: Colorful health out of the water

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Algae: Colorful health out of the water Brown algae, red algae, green algae, blue algae, blue - green algae many algae in dazzling colors to grow around the globe in Neptune's garden. And although this vegetable garden is located under the sea level, a man here, too, the colorful harvest. If you like Sushi or other Asian dishes, has kept a seaweed sheet on the spoon or something authentic, between the sticks. Algae as a dietary Supplement? The ingredients of some of the algae, known as microalgae, are also available in tablets or powders as food supplements. However, the colorful "sea foliage" should be used with Care: Because of their exceptionally high Jodgehaltes some on the plate end of the algae have a bad influence on the thyroid gland. Also,…
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Cardiovascular diseases – questions 6 to 10

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Cardiovascular diseases - questions 6 to 10 6. What is the role of a high blood sugar for health? Too much Inner belly fat increases the likelihood of developing "sugar" (Diabetes Mellitus type 2). Of the blood sugar tells you if a diabetes or the first signs of a diabetes. Diabetes is based on an impairment in the carbohydrate metabolism, which leads to insensitivity to Insulin (insulin resistance) and increased blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia). The by the intake of food abundant in the blood sugar can no longer be delivered to the body cells where it is to be consumed. In the long run a high blood sugar damages the vessels and is, therefore, a danger for the heart, but also for the kidneys, eyes and many other organs. Blood…
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Glutamate – daily seduced

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Glutamate – daily seduced Glutamate gives many foods a special touch. As a flavor enhancer glutamate is controversial. Glutamate: pleasure or danger? The stomach growls loud, but the desire to cook is limited. Fortunately, there are ready-made soups in the cupboard. Quickly a bag of Asian noodles torn up, drenched with boiling water, stir and ready. Hmm, tastes really intense and kind of own – simply umami. Umami is the Japanese word for delicious and spicy Aroma. The sound of full flavor, typical for the Asian cuisine, in this country, glutamate. Glutamate in addition to sweet, sour, bitter and salty and the fifth taste. What is glutamate? Glutamate, one of the body's own protein building block, that can also be found in foods such as tomatoes, meat, and soy. The…
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The EU organic seal

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The EU organic seal Who respects in the EU when shopping in organic food, you must often fight through a jungle of labels and names related to organic or organic products, without knowing what exactly is hidden behind it. In order to create clarity for consumers and consistency on the European food market for organic products, the EU introduced in July 2010 its own Eco-label. The white-star-shaped leaf on a green Background, in the future label food which has been produced according to EC-Eco-regulation. Eventually, it is hoped, will disappear with a variety of Eco label and the EU seal apply. But that is not for the time being. Because the labels of farming associations, and retail chains are not only successful brands, but often also to organic. Eco and…
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Lose weight with Low Carb diets

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Lose weight with Low Carb diets Losing weight decrease through less carbohydrate: One of the most effective methods is the Low Carb diet. Friends a lush meal come here, because instead of calories are counted in these diets are not only carbohydrates. Fats and proteins can those wanting to lose weight take in the indefinite quantity. However, Low-Carb diets are fat according to the German nutrition society (DGE) together and separately - and protein-rich to be as a permanent diet is recommended. Low-Carbohydrate Diet Nevertheless, there are a variety of these diet forms differed with regard to fat and protein intake, all of them, however, carbohydrates. Low-carbohydrate diet is the eating plan. As the original Low-Carb variants of the Atkins and South Beach are diet. The idea behind the waiver…
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Nutrition tips for kids recipe: pizza waffles

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Nutrition tips for kids recipe: pizza waffles Recipe: Pizza Waffles Ingredients for 4 people: For the dough: 250 g flour 1 TSP pizza seasoning, 1 TSP salt 250 ml butter milk 2 eggs (M) 80 ml Fine rapeseed oil, a little canola oil for the waffle iron For the topping: 8 TBSP tomato ketchup 2 TBSP tomato paste 100 g mushrooms 1 TSP. Fine rapeseed oil 50 g of Sausage 100 g of Edam cheese in slices parsley for Garnish preparation Flour, pizza seasoning, and salt in a bowl. Mix with butter, milk, eggs, and canola oil to a smooth dough. Waffle auspinseln with a little canola oil and heat. A ladle of dough (or 3-4 tablespoons) and the waffle is crispy brown. Three more waffles to bake until the…
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Knee pain in children

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Knee pain in children Knee pain is relatively common in children. Mostly harmless a growth pain behind the discomfort, especially at night noticeable. During physical exertion, the pain does not occur often. However, knee problems are also other causes: severe pain that occur for example after a fall during sports, can indicate a knee injury. Also come in children and adolescents, diseases such as Osgood-Schlatter disease or Larsen-Johansson disease in question. Growing pains as a cause Almost 20 percent of all children suffering and growing pains. Are primarily affected children and young people between 4 and 6 as well as 10 and 16 years of age. The knee pain is mostly at night and especially at the front of the knee is noticeable. Often they radiate in the upper or…
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Fever in children: What’s behind it? What can parents do?

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Fever in children: What's behind it? What can parents do? The child acts grumpy, tired, and dull, could have been the precursor of a febrile infection. Some of the children Express abdominal pain and Nausea, sometimes associated with vomiting. In the case of other head and pain in the limbs in the foreground. The next time you fall cough and runny nose on, or the child is simply unhappy, freezes and has no appetite. Is then measured the temperature, it is often a fever. Children are more likely to be affected by a fever as an adult Children suffer significantly more likely to have a fever than adults. Usually it is an epiphenomenon, a Symptom of a disease, and a protective reaction of the body against the infection. Often you…
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