Maltodextrin – popular among sports enthusiasts

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Maltodextrin – popular among sports enthusiasts What is Maltodextrin? In the case of Maltodextrin is a carbohydrate mixture, which is extracted mainly from corn starch. In the carbohydrate mixture of monomers (simple sugars) and dimers (two-fold sugar), but also Oligomers (shorter chain polysaccharides) and Polimere (long-chain polysaccharides) are included. Depending on the proportion of the various sugar there are different forms of Maltodextrin, namely, Maltodextrin, 6, 12, or 19. Depending on the type of 100 grams of Maltodextrin contain about 400 calories. Use of Maltodextrin Maltodextrin is mainly used in food production. Here it comes in a variety of ways to use: it is used for example as a thickener for baby food and confectionery, meat and sausage as well as ready-made soups. In addition, Maltodextrin is also used as…
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Trichomoniasis The infection with the scourge of animal cells "Trichomonas vaginalis" is a common sexually transmitted disease called Trichomoniasis. At the end of the last century, an estimated worldwide each year, and recorded 174 million new cases of Trichomoniasis, of which 11 million are in Western Europe. Even if the Trichomoniasis is one of the more harmless venereal diseases, and only about half of infected women and even fewer men is causing symptoms, it is taken seriously. In the case of Trichomoniasis-affected Pregnant women, the risk for preterm birth and low birth increases the child's weight. In addition, the Transmission of the Aids seems to be a Virus in both directions is encouraged. Of microbes and human The Transmission of Trichomoniasis occurs by direct mucous membrane contact, so intercourse. In…
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Children from colds to protect

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Children from colds to protect Cough or common cold virus can take root in children is particularly good, and multiply. Your immune system is not yet Mature. Up to six colds per year is considered normal. If parents prevent, in time, can be reduced the risk of disease for respiratory infections. However, this is sometimes exhausting, and not all of the measures you can implement in daily life. It is worthwhile to work on it. The Hand in front of mouth and nose When you cough the virus and bacteria from the breath be thrown because of the Infected literally. Most of the time you land at the nearest Person, and it is attached to. A simple, but effective protection against pathogens is already given when children and of course…
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Sea Buckthorn, A Vitamin-Rich All-Rounder

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Sea Buckthorn, A Vitamin-Rich All-Rounder As an alternative to hot lemon you can give it a try the next time a runny nose or a cough with sea buckthorn. The little yellow buckthorn berries are namely true vitamin bombs and contain up to ten times as much Vitamin C as lemons. Already three spoons of sea buckthorn juice should cover the complete daily requirement of an adult of Vitamin C. Also externally, the buckthorn can cause berry wonders: sea buckthorn oil helps to wundgelegener, inflamed skin, protects against harmful UV rays and is even used in chronic skin diseases such as eczema. Buckthorn: source and processing The bright yellow sea buckthorn berries grow on thorny bushes – preferably in the case of inclement climate, as well as loose calcareous sandy…
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Vitamin B2 – important for metabolism

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Vitamin B2 – important for metabolism Vitamin B2 – also Riboflavin or Lactoflavin called – plays in the body has an important role in the conversion of food into energy. The water-soluble Vitamin is included in foods of animal origin such as meat or fish, but also in plant products such as yellow bell peppers, or peas. While in developing countries, Vitamin B2 deficiency is more common, occurs in Germany only rarely. Typical symptoms which indicate such a defect, are torn corner of the mouth, inflammation of the gums, as well as a General feeling of fatigue. Effect of Riboflavin in the body Riboflavin is a yellow plant pigment that can be absorbed by humans and animals through the small intestine. Therefore, Vitamin B2 is not only in plant but…
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Acidification How is Acidosis? What are the causes of an overly acidic stomach? More acidic metabolic waste is produced in the body as a neutralized and excreted, so it comes to a long-term chronic Acidification of the organism. The acid-base balance leads to imbalance, and the organism can only work sub-optimally. The body relies on mechanisms, this imbalance. For example, the body stores excess acids first in the connective tissue to loosen and only then to challenge, and to excrete, if the blood has enough basic Compounds. Main Reason: Incorrect Diet In the case of a prolonged lack of alkaline mineral and a at the same time more existing acid load Repository salts of these in-between camps. This can result in pain, Motion and function of limitations of individual cells…
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Food control: “Official sample” on perishable

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Food control: "Official sample" on perishable Whether at the Snack bar, in the Restaurant, at the bakery or in the supermarket food inspection needs to be and protects every consumer. The control without prior notice your come on the basis of complaints and also routinely, at least once in the year and although. When should you turn as a consumer, the official control and what want to know, the authorities of them? The Surprise is big, as Hanna S. from Braunschweig unpacking your pork tenderloin: in addition to a disgusting smell, an atypical film of lubricant covers the meat - this should be printed on the packaging for at least five days. Hanna S. has purchased the meat in the supermarket, where she had been annoyed over moldy goods. Although…
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Vitamin C for strength of connective tissue

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Vitamin C for strength of connective tissue The bathing season has started and many are still struggling with the winter bacon. But just as important as a good bikini figure, a solid connective tissue. Vitamin C provides an important contribution to this. Hunger alone is not the right remedy, in order to be fit for the beach. The tumbling flab don't also need to be well fed, so that the skin works on the muscles flabby. Therefore, a diet should be accompanied by sports. This increases the basal metabolic rate and the calorie consumption of the body, the muscles are strengthened and make the skin a better support. Vitamin C - for a solid body skeleton Just as important as diet and exercise, the support of the connective and supporting…
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Car gymnastics

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Car gymnastics Exercise 1 You step out of the car and get a couple of deep breaths. Then stretch your arms straight up into the sky and stretching is stretched, vertebrae by vertebrae of your spine until you. After a few seconds, let the arms sink down and relax.   Exercise 2 Gentle Stretching makes the muscles supple and improve your agility. You lift for this Exercise, the right Arm over the head and stretch your right side. Then the other side to stretch.   Exercise 3 In the following Exercise, the basic position is quite loose. The legs are gegrätscht, the left Hand is at the hip. Then the weight of the body on the right-foot shift, and the Arm from the right shoulder out far to the front…
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Fresh fish does not smell like fish

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Fresh fish does not smell like fish Fish are not only tasty, they provide the body on top of important nutrients, such as protein (high quality!), Vitamins (lots of Vitamin A and D abundant B-vitamins) and minerals (especially Iodine). In addition, the fatty acids in fish are good for the heart, brain and immune system, because it is the good Omega-3 fatty acids. What is so good to be healthy, must also be treated well. Hygiene tips around the fish you get here. Fresh fish does not smell like fish, but of seawater. The eyes are clear and bulging, and the gills bright red. The skin is shiny with a clear layer of slime and the scales are stuck. The fish meat is firm and light pressure, no hollow back.…
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Andrologist – What will the andrologist do?

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Andrologist – What will the andrologist do? What will the andrologist do? The andrologist examines the hormonal status of the man. Testosterone deficiency leads to severe disturbances in the blood formation, bone metabolism, mood, Libido, and erection ability. In this case, the Patient receives replacement therapy, either with a Gel, patch or injection molding. According to information from the DGA four to six million men between the ages of 30 to 70 years, in Germany alone, of erectile dysfunction affected. The sooner the Problem is tackled, the higher the chances of a cure. Many men go out late to a specialist Unfortunately, many men from shame avoid the loss of their manhood going to a specialist. About one and a half years to be Concerned to wait on average before…
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60-30-10: ideal size for the lunch break

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60-30-10: ideal size for the lunch break Leaden fatigue in the workplace? A simple rule helps to avoid the performance of deep. The lunch hour is peak performance? Bad Timing. Because creativity and concentration achieved in most of us between ten and eleven at its peak. Thereafter, the power curve drops, and the body needs a break. According to the DAK-health barometer, one out of every Ten dispensed on the deserved rest – lack of time. 60-30-10: ideal size for workers can shut off in a targeted manner and quickly recharge your batteries. 60 percent: With Power Food by start A little more than half of the lunch break should be scheduled for a meal. But please, no hearty food! "Heavy food the digestive organs in full swing work. Our…
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Savoy cabbage – a super vegetable with many vitamins

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Savoy cabbage – a super vegetable with many vitamins Savoy cabbage is a versatile Cabbage, which can also prepare a beginner in cooking. Just like other varieties of Cabbage Savoy cabbage is not a Supplement a lot of healthy and vitamin-rich. The vegetable is also valued because of its diverse applicability as a main component of vegetarian dishes. The cabbage was once considered food of poor people, and today discovered the particular importance of its health benefits. In addition, he as a regional tender vegetables will now be fully in the Trend of the time. Click here to read why the aromatic super vegetables is so healthy. The healthy winter vegetables Kale is one of the vegetables that are available throughout the year. Of particular importance, the cabbage gets as…
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Series: residue from production to the plate

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Series: residue from production to the plate In agricultural production, various tools are used for quality assurance and yield improvement. For this purpose, fertilizing, plant protection and veterinary medicinal products. In case of improper application, residues in food can result.   Among the residues refers to residues of substances while the primary production of plant or animal food use, to achieve certain effects. You will protect, among other things, used for the harvest from spoilage, yields, or to improve and to provide hygienic and flawless products. Legal provisions stipulate that their use shall be limited to a minimum. These substances are not degraded during the life time of the plants or animals or to consumption of the food fully, they remain as residues in the food. For these residues are…
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Food Additives: Labelling

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Food Additives: Labelling In principle, additives and flavourings, which are produced directly from genetically modified organisms to be labelled. Lecithin (E 322), for example, is used as an emulsifier in ice cream or chocolate in the stabilization of fat-in-water mixtures, it is often made from soy beans. Soy is, in turn, changed often genetically engineered to make the Plant against pathogens resistant to them. The EU imports from the USA, Argentina and Brazil, annually 35 to 40 millions of tons of soy and soy raw materials. All of the foods and ingredients that are completely or partially manufactured from genetically modified Corn or soy, you need to show on your label. In the list of ingredients of chocolate bars or ready-made soups will be in the future might read: "produced…
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Office exercises: 9 Exercises for more movement in the office

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Office exercises: 9 Exercises for more movement in the office Who sits in the office all day at a Desk and on the computer screen looks, often suffers from muscle tension, neck and back pain. Even a few minutes can help the office gym per day, such complaints prevent. In addition, Gymnastics promotes on-the-job performance and concentration, and supports you, for example, to overcome the low point after the lunch break. Would you like to try it for yourself? Here you will find nine simple Exercises for the office, with which you can keep physically and mentally fit, and the effects of long hours sitting at the computer workstation can prevent. Our short fitness program is suitable for every day and requires neither a gym ball, other tools. The fitness…
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Mutism: treatment and follow

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Mutism: treatment and follow The whole of the linguistic, cognitive, social and emotional development is affected by the mutistic behavior. This has consequences for the development of personality, the I and the self-consciousness. The Affected person has trouble in school, training or work and is shunned by other people. Therapy mutism The mutism is a need for multi-factorial therapy that takes into account several aspects. Experts in this field, there are hardly any. The therapy is usually linguistic, psycho - and family therapist and/or psychiatric. In mutistic young people and adults, an additional pharmacological treatment with antidepressants may be indicated. Experts say that the chances of success are greater the earlier it is treated. Otherwise, the disorder can manifest image stronger over the years and into adulthood. Parents who notice…
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The boundaries – self-defense for children and women

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The boundaries – self-defense for children and women Two out of five women have experienced in her life sexual or physical violence. Every fourth woman is beaten by her Partner, miss. But: against military use, have shown, American and German studies. Up to 80 percent of the attacks can be successfully blocked. So it is not surprising that more and more women and children attend courses for self-defense or self-assertion. Large range of self defense courses You are looking for self defense courses, receives an unimaginable range of combat sports, such as: Karate Courses Judo Classes Wendo Taekwondo Kickboxing Free fight Kung Fu Each of these combat sports can contribute something that someone who trains regularly, also feels to attacks safer. A particularly effective Form of self-defence, however, with wing…
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Stevia: a Sweet sugar-free

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Stevia: a Sweet sugar-free It sounds seductive. Stevia, honey leaf, sweet herb, sweet leaf or Süßblatt called, can replace sugar, is not harmful to the teeth, has no calories, and should be able to achieve, additionally, a positive effect on health. In Germany, Stevia is, however, only since the 2. December 2011 not approved as a food, since the safety of the sweetener was backed up. As a sweetener, or sugar substitute used Stevia, Stevia Rebaudiana, has its origin in Paraguay in South America. Already for a long time, Stevia is used because of its extremely natural Honey as a sweetener and sugar substitute. The population in Brazil and Paraguay used Stevia not only as a sugar substitute, but also as a medicine. Stevia can lead to a lowering of…
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Veins exercises – Exercises in a Sitting position (with aid funds)

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Veins exercises - Exercises in a Sitting position (with aid funds) Exercises in a Sitting position Exercise 14 Sit with a straight back on a chair and roll with the whole sole of the foot a Ball or something Similar back-and-forth or right and left.   Exercise 15 For this Exercise, node a Thera-Band and place it around your middle feet. Your starting position should correspond to the one in Exercise 14. Your legs are about hip width apart, but with and by the Band, a certain degree of tension feel. Lift the legs about 15 cm from the floor and push your legs strong. To Keep this voltage, legs drop, and after a short relaxation, repeat the Exercise.   Exercise 16 Your Seating position is the same as in…
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Genetically engineered food – in the supermarket?

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Genetically engineered food - in the supermarket? It comes to the topic of genetic engineering in foods, most consumers are very skeptical. We can find genetically modified food in the supermarket? How to recognize genetically modified food? These are critical questions many consumers. Years ago the "Anti-mush-tomato has triggered" the first discussion of genetically engineered food. Since then, our fruit and vegetables are eyed critically. However, until today there are in the fruit and vegetable shelf is not a Plant that is suitable for direct consumption, in genetically modified Form. Known a wide diffusion of some genetically modified crops such as soy and Corn. We find this also in our food? And how do we recognize them?   Clear labelling is necessary Genetically modified food must be labelled in accordance…
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Fast – and-effect, and side effects

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Fast - and-effect, and side effects Effect of fasting at all? Many of the positive effects of therapeutic fasting are scientifically proven hardly or only insufficiently. The weight reduction is at least in the foreground, but only positive side is appearance. Contraindicated fasting, e.g., in cachexia, Anorexia nervosa, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, increased uric acid. A therapeutic fasting is not a substitute for a medically necessary therapy. Dr. Helmut top knight: "fasting alone for weight loss, especially in low-and moderate Overweight is not recommended. However, it may be in the case of medical indication part of a therapy. Diet programs and behavior therapeutic approaches must accompany the fasting, however, in the long term, a lower body weight can be maintained." Adverse effects in therapeutic fasting The fasting is usually carried…
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If the food displaces the love

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If the food displaces the love Five pounds less and I would fit in the dress, five pounds less and I would feel in a bathing suit, five pounds less and he would desire me again – the own weight is for women is usually a life long issue. With 40 plus many are chronically unhappy with your dress size. Behind the rings with the balance the deeper, underlying desires are but often. "Especially in a certain age, women are wondering whether they are still sexually attractive to your Partner and whether you may have a claim on sexual satisfaction", according to physician Nutrition specialist Dr. Ute Gola from Berlin. Women doubt their attractiveness When in bed, nothing more to be running, for example, because he gets erectile dysfunction, and…
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Vitamin B1 – Important for the nervous system

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Vitamin B1 - Important for the nervous system Vitamin B1 is a water-soluble Vitamin, which plays in the body especially for the function of the nervous system a crucial role. Too little Vitamin B1 is taken, a Vitamin B1 deficiency, which can have in the body serious problems. A Vitamin B1 deficiency can prevent, is recommended the consumption of foods such as grain products, pork, certain types of fish as well as legumes. Effect of Vitamin B1 Vitamin B1 in the body have a decisive influence on the Central and the peripheral nervous system. Here, it is mainly used for the transmission of Excitation between nerve and muscles of importance: Vitamin B1 the neurotransmitters GABA and Serotonin affects, and acts as an Antagonist of acetylcholine. Also on the metabolism of…
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Sauerkraut – an ideal winter vegetables

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Sauerkraut - an ideal winter vegetables Earlier, the white cabbage, and in the traditional way-made Sauerkraut, especially in the winter months, the people with the necessary vitamins and minerals supplied. Because Sauerkraut was not only as an excellent supplier of Vitamin B, C and K but also for its potassium, calcium, iron and lots of fiber popular. The Greeks and Romans appreciated the soothing herb, with its distinctive Aroma. In Germany cultivated first monks in the middle ages, the cultivation of white cabbage, you referred to as a Crut. The industrial manufacturing today is modern, yet the product has remained the same. Healthy and low-calorie vegetables Lactic acid bacteria not only prevent putrefactive processes in the Sauerkraut, but it is effective in humans, in many ways, good for your health.…
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A subsequent pregnancy?

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A subsequent pregnancy? Pregnant again after a miscarriage In most cases, no medical reason to believe that a further pregnancy ends with a miscarriage. Although the risk of a further miscarriage increases in women who have had two miscarriages, however, the reasons for the Mal-births, each other. Basically, there are no rules for how quickly a woman should be after a miscarriage pregnant again. It depends on the woman and her Art, to process the event. Some will want to be as fast as possible pregnant again, others months or years before you feel comfortable with such a step. Advice after a miscarriage Independent medical advice the advice of Pro Familia (including genetic counseling), Caritas, and Donum Vitae. The counseling centers also offer psychological counselling after miscarriage, termination and during…
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Diet for liver disease

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Diet for liver disease A targeted diet for liver disease is designed to protect the liver. In the case of health problems with the liver, particularly fat-rich foods should be avoided. Also hot spices and certain vegetables, such as cabbage should not eat the liver of the sick, without straining the liver unnecessarily. Completely taboo in liver disorders should be alcohol. The taste of the liver In the case of a liver disease, it is advantageous to feed with a lean cottage cheese, steamed vegetables and potatoes, simple carbohydrates and lean meat. The food should gently be prepared and not Cream (as created by grilling or Frying). Also coffee is not suitable for liver patients. It can be helpful, the nutrition with artichokes or artichoke juice to enrich. Also, milk…
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Creatine for muscle building

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Creatine for muscle building Many recreational athletes from taking creatine a more effective workout and faster muscle building. Scientifically safe these effects are not proved yet. Creatine is generally well tolerated, however side effects may occur such as diarrhea or bloating. Thus, the intake is not associated with more serious dangers, should always be purchased only high-quality creatine. Otherwise, contaminants threaten with harmful substances. What creatine is? Creatine is sold as a dietary Supplement in the Form of a white, odor - and tasteless powder. Originally, it is creatine, but a body's own acid found mainly in the muscle cells. In the body it is produced in the liver, kidneys, and pancreas. Basic building blocks of the three amino acids arginine, glycine and methionine. Creatine for muscle building Many athletes…
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Exercises with the Pezziball

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Exercises with the Pezziball Due to prolonged Sitting in the office and little movement, more and more people who suffer from pain today in my back, neck, or shoulders. Through regular Training with the Pezziball such complaints can be prevented. In addition, the Training with the Pezziball is also suitable for those who seek a comprehensive strengthening of your body. The Pezziball is a versatile training tool. It is especially suitable for strengthening the back muscles. Because of its malleable shape can adapt to the Pezziball perfectly to the back. In addition, can be trained with the Pezziball, for example, but also the abdominal muscles, the gluteal muscles, as well as the Arm and leg muscles. You lay in the prone position on the Pezziball and support yourself with your…
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Aspartame – sweet poison?

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Aspartame – sweet poison? It's in sugar-free chewing gum, low-calorie yogurt and many other diet products. Aspartame is a chemical sweetener, which promises low-sugar diet, its side effects, however, are controversial. While critics of the aspartame-cancer blame-causing ingredients, experts give all-clear – in spite of to note side effects. Aspartame discovery and approval Already in 1965, aspartame was discovered by accident by chemist James L. Schlatter. In search of a remedy for ulcers, he came across the sweetener. This is created with the help of a chemical procedure and is made up of protein building blocks. This contains aspartame as well as sugar, four calories per gram. However, the sweetness of aspartame is about 200 times as high as that of conventional sugar, which is why much lower doses of…
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