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Pizza: a Healthy or unhealthy?


Pizza is generally regarded as rather unhealthy – after all, a lot of pizzas to deliver large quantities of fat and lots of calories. However, depending on the dough and topping Pizza, in fact, is not so unhealthy. An Italian study found that us should be able to regular consumption, even before a heart attack protect. The healthiest Pizza is, of course, if you want to prepare the Italian specialty itself. We’ll tell you which covering is healthy and will give you a delicious recipe to try at home.

Pizza: rich in calories

How much calories are in a Pizza, decide dough and toppings. A typical Italian Pizza with thin dough, lots of vegetables and little cheese brings it, for example, to about 550 calories. A Pizza Quattro Formaggi strike it quickly with 850 calories. If you want to save calories, hold back at the Show, especially in the case of cheese and Salami.

In addition, the following applies: the thicker the dough is, the more calories are in the Pizza. So the difference between a thin Italian and a thick American Pizza can make even 300 calories. Especially high is the caloric content is, if the edge is in addition filled with cheese.

Regular consumption protects against heart attack

A Milan-based study shows that regular consumption of Pizza is in spite of the many calories not bad for our health. The study found that people who eat twice per week, Pizza, and suffer only half as often from a heart attack as people who eat only occasionally Pizza.

Whether Pizza is healthy or not, depends primarily on the surface. If you stick to bulk sausage and cheese is the meal for sure anything other than healthy. As they Demonstrate, instead, prefer to be on plenty of vegetables.

However, not only the toppings, but the dough plays an important role. When you Prepare to use high quality ingredients and roll the dough as thin as possible. To prepare the dough is best with olive oil: olive oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which have a favourable impact on the blood fat values.

Pizza show healthy

The Pizza is as healthy as possible, it is recommended to Prove the following ingredients:

  • Tomatoes: tomatoes are a must on any Pizza – whether it be sliced or as a sauce. Because the red fruits not only contain few calories, but are rich in Vitamin C and lycopene. The dye acts as an antioxidant in the body and can protect against cardiovascular diseases and cancer.
  • Spicy herbs: Not only tomatoes, but also herbs such as Basil, marjoram, Oregano, rosemary and thyme included many antioxidants. Distribute the herbs so quiet generously on your Pizza. This way, you can save a little bit of salt – too much is in the dough often.
  • Onions and garlic: onions and garlic contain many sulfur compounds that counteract the clumping of blood platelets. Thus, they contribute to a heart attack to prevent.
  • Peppers: peppers are extremely low in calories, but contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. Grab the best red peppers in them, a lot of Vitamin C. is particularly
  • Olives: olives have more calories than red peppers, but are still healthy Because they are rich in unsaturated fatty acids and phytochemicals that can protect us against cardiovascular diseases and cancer.
  • Mushrooms: mushrooms are large Parts of the water and can be consumed, therefore, without a guilty Conscience. They are also healthy, since they supply our body with valuable calcium and Magnesium.

While you may access in the case of vegetables, peace of mind, you should in the case of Salami or ham, however, be sparingly. If it’s supposed to be sausages, suitable lean ham better than oily Salami. Cut the ham is best cut into thin strips, so the Pizza can also be used with small amounts of good show.

Also cheese should you use the Evidence only in moderation, because it contains large amounts of animal fat. However, it is also rich in calcium, strengthens our bones and teeth.

Frozen pizza rather unhealthy

While frozen vegetables is considered to be relatively healthy, ready-made meals such as frozen pizzas more caution. Because many ready meals are substances in the laboratory by use of color-, flavor – and preservative as well as flavour enhancers and binders to be produced. However, there are large differences between individual products.

Look at frozen pizzas, so they are always on a high level of quality of the product. You throw directly in the Shop, a look at the list of ingredients and see to it that you get a Pizza without a lot of taste enhancers and aromatic substances. If you make the Pizza at home, spice it up with some fresh vegetables, a frozen pizza so unhealthy.

Healthy Pizza: recipe to make your own

Pizza making is not only fun, but is also healthy. Because then you can decide for yourself, what are the ingredients in the dough and on the Pizza. Here you will find a delicious recipe you can make Pizza easily by yourself.

Mix for the dough 400 grams of flour, a packet of yeast, two teaspoons of salt, 200 milliliters of lukewarm water and five tablespoons of olive oil. You use instead of a light wheat flour, at least partly, dark whole-grain flour. The contains more vitamins, minerals and fiber and also makes you full longer.

Let the dough then 30 minutes in a warm place to go and roll him then. Spread sauce on the dough with the tomatoes and they take the Pizza then, on a whim.

Ideally, you combine the Pizza with a fresh salad or a tasty fruit salad for dessert. This way, you can enhance the meal overall, and must have a guilty Conscience, if but a little more cheese on the Pizza landed.

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