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Preparation of food in the microwave – tips

Tips for Cooking in the microwave

  • The courts should at least be heated to 70 °C, harmful microorganisms (to kill, for example, Salmonella).
  • Do not salt food after cooking, salt deprives the food of moisture, whereby the surface dries out.
  • To the cooking process, no addition of fat is necessary, only for the liquid-poor food, some water must be added.
  • For longer cooking times, it is recommended to turn the Gargefäß once around 180 degrees and turn the dish and stir.
  • For Heating and Cooking microwave suitable utensils must be used. for example, vessels made of glass, porcelain, earthenware, ceramics (glaze) and microwaveable plastic containers.
  • Through the food Cover during the heating or cooking process, prevents drying out of the food.

Health-related evaluation of micro-waves

Health concerns with microwave devices relate primarily to possible changes due to the waves present in the food. But it is also a direct harmful effect of leaking micro waves on the human organism, it is feared.

Nutrient losses due to the fast wave? Microwaves can cause due to their low energy, there is no direct cell-altering effects. However, the Heat destroyed in the microwave, when cooking on the stove, and some ingredients (for example, heat-sensitive vitamins). Due to the short preparation time the losses are, however, lower than that of the cook. As for Cooking in the microwave there is no or only little water is added, is in addition to the loss due to the Crossing of certain nutrients (e.g., minerals and trace elements) in the Garflüssigkeit low.

Health hazards of micro waves? Some consumers fear a danger from escaping electromagnetic radiation, so-called “leakage radiation”. The outside of the device detectable microwave radiation is extremely low, provided that the protective devices on the device work correctly (for example, tight-closing door, automatic shutdown in case of door opening).


The microwave device is an important Supplement to conventional cooking appliances. In particular, for Single and small households is a cost-effective and time-saving preparation of food. Health concerns about the microwave technique could not be confirmed.

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