How to prevent knee problems? Great Tips.

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ngth training, regular exercise and weight reduction, if Overweight. The weakened joints to be stabilized. The strengthening of the muscles, which is done through targeted strength training, or regular exercise, gives the knee more stability and strength. So you can cushion the stresses and strains better.

Knee-friendly behaviour in everyday life

In everyday life there are also some tips that you can observe and with which your knee muscles without much effort.1. You are working with, if possible, once in a while at the standing Desk. Are much more active than Sitting, and trained their leg muscles.

Make you also in the workplace, and stretching exercises. They stretch in all the things your leg muscles to prevent the muscles, ligaments and Tendons shorten with frequent Sitting.

  1. You use reinforces the stairs. This trains the legs, makes you fit and also slim.
  2. You go for a walk. Exercise is generally important for muscle building, especially at the knee joint.
  3. Avoid sudden and abrupt movements. Get up slowly and pay attention attitudes to the body. Also avoid kneeling, and Crouching.
  4. Tips to prevent knee pain during sports

Work involving a lot of kneeling or crouching will remain, can pull the knee joint affected. But walking or Running on hard and uneven ground is a bad joint for the knee. This has often been the so-called runners knee. Typical symptoms are stinging pain on the outer side of the knee. Especially long – distance and marathon runners are affected. Read more about knee pain treatment.

Not counting the typical rotor faults, e.g., adequate warm-up prior to the start of running, inadequate Stretching, quick and strong increase in the intensity of training, to hard ground, and possibly the wrong shoes.

Use of force, such as, for example, able to Cope with that additional weight be added, moreover, constantly increasing the pressure on the knee joint. The tissue is bleeding as well. In addition, muscles and ligaments are strained, which can lead to wear and tear and knee pain.

Function of the knee

The knee joint is the largest joint in the human body and connects the thigh bone and Shin bone together. It allows us to stand, to run and to go. But Sitting, Crouching, or kneeling would be without the knee joint impossible. No matter what movement the person is performing, the knee is involved in active, passive and can handle a lot, but unfortunately not everything. Because in comparison to other joints, the knee is sensations because of its anatomical structure a lot more vulnerable to injuries and pain.

Vulnerability of the knee

The vulnerability of the knee joint is due to the fact that it is constantly involved in movement and sometimes, too strong or unfavorable will be charged. On the other, the bony joint interlocking parts of the knee are not harmonious, to ensure a safe movement. Rather, the knee is held only by ligaments and muscles, and controlled.

This has the consequence that the knee is at a low muscles, Obesity, and certain deformities, such as X – or O-leg will be unnecessarily stressed. Knee pain, therefore, through incorrect or excessive strain, however, not only athletes or runners are affected, but also persons who perform no sports activities. While athletes strain on the knee excessively, people who do little for their movement and, consequently, too little knee muscles, whose job it is to stabilize the knee joint. It is therefore necessary to find the healthy balance. See symptoms of arthritis.