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Prevention methods – Mechanical and chemical prevention


Mechanical Contraception

In these methods, one uses the tools of the vagina by the woman’s physician or self, either in or on the Penis, placed and thus once or over a longer period of time prevent the sperm to find their way to the ova. These tools include a condom or spiral, for example.

Condom (Condom).

A male condom is a protection that is pulled over the rigid member and prevents the ejaculate from entering the vagina. Used correctly, it is located in the middle of the security area (Pearl-Index 2-12).

The condom for women (“Femidom®”), is another side-open tube, which is secured by means of a ring against a clean slide is inserted into the Vagina (Pearl-Index 5-25). It is only via the Internet or international pharmacies.

Condoms have the advantage that they protect is the only prevention tool against HIV and other infectious diseases.

Pessary, Cervical Cap, Lea Contraceptivum®

Pessaries (diaphragm) are made of a latex membrane, with a flexible wire ring, to be introduced before the sexual intercourse in the vagina and close the cervix. Combined with a chemical means of contraception (e.g., spermicide) is the Pearl-Index of 1-4, else it is 20. Pessaries need to be adapted by the gynecologist.

Similar in appearance and effect the cervical cap; it covers only a smaller part of the mother mouth area. The handling is more difficult, the Pearl-Index is 6. Since 1996, the Lea Contraceptivum®, a further development of the cervical cap, which is easier in handling and also in combination with a spermicide – safe (the Pearl Index 2-3).

Contraceptive sponge

He is small, round, made of polyurethane foam and impregnated with a sperm-killing substance. He is easy to handle and is similar to a Tampon inserted into the vagina. There he can stay up to 24 hours even with repeated intercourse. Its Pearl Index is 5-10.

Spiral, Copper Chain

The copper coil (intrauterine device = IUD) is a t – or horseshoe-shaped plastic structure, whose middle is wrapped part of copper wire. The released copper ions are important for the prevention effect. The sperm can no longer just settle, pass heavy, and eggs – if they are fertilized.

A further development of the hormonal coil, which is since 1990 on the market and instead of copper progestins releases. Another, newer Alternative is the copper chain acts in a similar way, the copper spiral, but is safer and has fewer side effects. Both are used by a gynecologist into the uterus and can stay there for 3-5 years. The security is with a Pearl Index of 0.05-0.3.

Chemical Prevention

In these methods, using chemical additives, which are imported at least 10 minutes before the sexual intercourse in the vagina. Convert the body heat into a viscous mucus or foam form for the sperm to be a barrier. In addition, they contain substances that the mobility of d inhibit sperm, or kill them.

You are a suppository as a suppository, Foam, ointments, Gels, creams, or foam sprays available. The Pearl Index is between 3 and 20; it is recommended that you combine it with other contraceptives, such as condoms or Pessaries. The disadvantage is that chemical contraceptives cause irritation to the mucous membranes and lead to easier infections can.

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