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Procrastination (Procrastination)

Big mother taught us from an early age: “What you can do today, tomorrow!” Easier said than done – about one in five suffers according to experts, under procrastination (“defer”, Defer). What is often dismissed as laziness, can develop the disease: the chronic procrastination is characterized by counter-productive, unnecessary and retardant behavior.

Procrastination is often the case of students

Since the mid-80s, scientists have been researching the “procrastination” and came to the result that students suffer from the phenomenon of procrastination, because you rules after school, with a predetermined timetable your daily schedule to the University (often in addition to the work), suddenly, self -, and long-term projects need to organize. Here are the students from the less organized the Humanities are particularly affected. Eliyahu M. Goldratt referred to procrastination as students syndrome. Men often suffer from procrastination as women.

Therapy or Overcoming the pig-dog?

Severe procrastination can occur in combination with Anxiety, perfection, aspirations, Depression, boredom or fear of failure. It is a vicious circle: The procrastination-suffering is the opposite of the ever-growing mountain of empty-handed work, helpless. Although he knows the consequences if he doesn’t do the tasks, however, come under greater pressure and is ultimately frustrated. Sometimes a behavior can lead to therapy of this Dilemma. However, to the extent that it has not come! Man is a creature of habit, and the habit of procrastinating, we break, we build up other behaviors. We will show you how you can the vicious circle of procrastination.

1. Rule against procrastination

If you get a task or have an idea you want to realize, get right on it. The Chance that you realize a project is reduced after the first three days to just one percent.

2. Rule against procrastination

You start with the most unpleasant task. Habitual will be delayed the longest. You have mastered it, however, the same as the first task for the day, not appear the following even Work as so bad.

3. Rule against procrastination

You make a mammoth task and several smaller tasks. Otherwise the work seems overwhelming and unsolvable. They focus not only on the seemingly endless path, but keep the goal in mind.

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