Programme of activities for Obese

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Programme of activities for Obese

The Basis for increasingly more activity in Obesity: more General movement in everyday life. Shorter activities without Have throughout the day add up to a calorie effective stress. For example, you can incorporate a daily walk or increase the stairs instead of the escalator or Elevator to drive.

Strength training

Increase in muscle mass and strength. More muscles means a more efficient fat burning. Finding the maximum load that can be moved without shortness of breath and joint pain. All of the major muscle groups include; a set of 12-15 reps to fatigue of the claimed group of muscles. Training frequency at the beginning of 1 to 2, 2 to 3 Times per week.

Endurance training

Joints are preferable forms of Stress in overweight people (Walking, Walking, Bicycle, water aerobics, Aqua Jogging, and the like). Always with a deep intensity, start and duration to increase continuously. Distance (e.g. 3 km Walking) duration (e.g. one hour). Goal: one hour a day in the “fat burning range” (is always aerobic!). For the determination and control of this intensity range lactate are auxiliary measurements (target range 2.0-2.5 mmol/l) richer than the use of heart rate-rules of thumb (e.g., 50-65% of the theoretical maximum heart rate). Short intensive load peaks are possible to avoid at the beginning of the training but rather.

Control and adjustment of the training program

With the increase of the performance, the load intensity can be slowly increased, the base remains low, intense, and longer lasting. Implement in everyday life: suddenly, Cycling and climbing stairs without shortness of breath possible, and the consumption of calories increases.

As a fluid replacement water is, in particular, (Mineral). The intake of carbohydrate-containing drinks reduces the efficiency of the fat burning. There is always adequate-that is, the feeling of thirst, drink. After the strain, the diet should be rich in carbohydrates with a low glycemic Index (vegetables and fruits). These are rich in dietary fibers, saturate more rapidly and have a lower calories.

In addition, you should determine the body composition on a regular basis: muscle is heavier than fat. A decrease in weight loss can be due to an increase in fat-free body mass. Knowledge prevents Frustration. The best Training does not replace the consistent adherence to the basic nutrition and the prevention of wrong eating habits. The more stable but a training program is adhered to, the more likely it is a single “slip-up” consequences are possible.