Puberty – boys are on the threshold to Adulthood

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Puberty – boys are on the threshold to Adulthood

With puberty, only the Beard begins in the young to grow: Even more important than the physical, the mental change that leads eventually to separation from the parents house. “Questions like ‘who am I?’ and ‘what am I in life?’ back to the forefront,” says Joseph Zimmerman, a psychologist and Director of the Catholic education and family counselling centre in Cologne, Germany. He advises: “parents should on the one hand, represent their points of view and continue to the limits. On the other hand, should you be interested in the lives of the children and offers a place in it to keep it. When boys are asked to be particularly the fathers.”

In German girls the puberty starts when you are a little older than ten years, at boys approximately the age of twelve. It takes between three and five years. Often puberty is referred to, wrongly, as a period of crisis, writes Zimmermann. This ignores the fact that the time between Childhood and adulthood brings many new and positive developments. From young men looking for their own Ways and responsibility for their Actions.

“Difficult puberty is because the previous children’s world collapses without the young people are already arrived in the new adult world,” explains the psychologist.

Physical Changes

Accordingly, this Phase is associated with many teenagers with uncertainty. This is reinforced by the hormonally-induced physical changes: in addition to tremendous spurts of Growth, the external and internal sex characteristics develop.

In addition, the boys come in the breaking of the voice. While the girls get in puberty, her first menstrual period, have cast the boy for the first Time, a seed. Both sexes begin to be interested in sexuality. Your sebaceous glands produce a lot of fat, causing pimples to flourish and tarnish in addition to self-confidence.

Not visible but just as important-related changes in the brains of Adolescents are hormonally. “These are the boys and girls enable them to abstract Thinking,” explains Zimmermann. In the result, the young people spend more time worrying about life and about what you expect of them.

“For the first time, the young people ask questions about the meaning of life,” says the psychologist. In search of answers, the Teenager of their identity and of their peculiarities to be aware of. At the same time, they arise as critical of the behaviour of their parents and their environment – which often conflicts. Be strengthened by mood swings that are triggered by the hormonal changes. In consequence of adolescent to respond by the end of the young are often sensitive to their environment. “You are either irritable, aggressive or tend to retreat,” said Zimmermann.

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