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Arnold Biceps
Arnold’s Biceps

If you want to have the same biceps as Arnold has, this article is for you.

How to pump up big biceps?

Unlike many other muscles in a body that need sufficient work at different angles, the biceps muscle is located practically at the flat level. Thus, while performing the exercise one does not need to watch for an increase in operating weight. At this moment, it is sufficient to follow the right training technique. Many workout routines, such as exercises for the upper back, include a special training for biceps muscles. It is recommended to either combine these groups of muscles, or train them with a break of at least 48 hours. If you don’t make breaks, you will only overtrain yourself.

The best exercises for biceps

Barbell press is the best anatomical exercise for biceps. Moreover, this training routine is similar to the natural movement of the joint. There are following variations of the exercises for biceps: barbell curls (straight and reverse), lifting of the dumbbell, and dumbbell prone incline curls. If you want to make the biceps look bigger, it is advised to work on the inside shoulder muscle, which will “push up” the biceps muscle. This muscle starts to work when you turn the palm with the dumbbell while performing the exercise.

How to properly pump up the biceps?

While performing the exercise for biceps, remember that only the biceps muscles must do the entire job. The significant part of the training routine is not to lift the weight, by straining with your body. Forearms are the main parts of the body that have to move while performing the exercise. Furthermore, you must watch the position of the elbows: if you put them forward, then the back gets curved. If you put the elbows to the sides, it will increase the overall load on the joints. The elbows must be fixed at one point while performing the exercises.

Safety precautions during the biceps workout

Do not lift the weight with the straight wrists, otherwise you can damage them. Before taking the barbell slightly tilt the wrist down. This action will significantly reduce the load and make the exercise less dangerous. When performing all the exercises, use the weight that lets you focus on the work of the muscles you need to pump up. Moreover, try to concentrate your attention on making the move maximally proper. It is not recommended to pursue big weights, because an improper technique always leads to painful injuries.

Biceps workouts for beginners

When performing the exercises, take into the consideration that biceps can be easily overtrained. Try to focus your attention not on the weight and the exact number of repetitions that you’ve made, but the right training technique. It is recommended to train the biceps once a week. Try to select 3-4 exercises. Each workout routine for biceps is to be performed in 3 sets and 7-10 slow repetitions. Moreover, do not forget that if you want to quickly pump up the muscles, then you should start with a complex basic program for muscle growth. Pumping up big biceps is not as difficult as many think. The main thing in pumping up the biceps is a proper training technique, adequate weight, slow speed of doing the exercises, and full control over the working muscle.

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