Healthy grilling

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Healthy grilling Hardly an invitation to eat in the summer can be tempting to formulate than with the note "We're having a barbecue". To what since the discovery of fire to the culinary delights of humanity, pleasure without remorse is, however, only if you follow some important rules, above all, not let fat drip onto the coals. Concern Smoke Let's start with the bad news: The Steak is on the Grill, hot, fat drips onto the glowing charcoal. It hisses, the smoke rises and reaches the surface of the meat. Chemicals, and dangerous, such as benzopyrene, are included in the smoke. 5.8 to 8 micro grams per Kilo of meat. So, the Bonn-based consumer service aid, warns corresponds to the Smoke of 600 cigarettes. Carcinogenic substances avoid Many a self-proclaimed…
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What can you do against jealousy

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What can you do against jealousy Surely every man was once jealous of. For some occasional jealousy is part of a partnership even. With control call, and scenes of Jealousy, you will however, quickly his relationship on the game. We show what you can do to get his jealousy in the handle. What is jealousy? Jealousy is a mixture of several feelings. In the foreground is a nagging fear of losing Affection or attention of an important reference person to someone else. It does not usually matter, there is the jealousy of a realistic reason or not. In addition to the fear of loss goes hand in hand with jealousy, often with anger, sadness, distrust, feelings of inferiority, and sometimes Aggression. Acute triggers for jealousy In relationships is not a…
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Spring cleaning – Sure on the head

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Spring cleaning - Sure on the head Per year around 500,000 German citizens to have an accident, and with household heads. Bruises, sprained toes dipped, bone fractures or a concussion are often the painful consequences felt by the Affected, even after weeks. However, only about 5 % of all falls from ladders are due to defects in the device, mostly wrong behavior is the cause. Particularly treacherous time pressure and hectic hang up "Quickly on to the curtains, before the children come home from school and lunch must be on the table". Add to this the physical and mental factors, for example lack of concentration or carelessness. The German curatorship for safety in home and leisure e. V. (DSH) therefore recommends that, for all of the house work enough to…
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If it itches Tintin and he’s losing his hair

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If it itches Tintin and he's losing his hair The condition of the fur and the skin of the dog is a mirror of his health. Most of the dogs change their coat twice a year – in spring and in autumn. How and when a dog loses his summer or winter coat is the breed, temperature and the length of daylight is dependent. Because in the apartment, temperature and brightness in the year fairly evenly, it can lead to a permanent hair change, has no special meaning. Malnutrition, parasitic infestation, hormonal disorders, or Stress? A dog under severe hair loss – suffering, perhaps, with hair loose, a so-called alopecia, which are not caused by Scratching, Rubbing or Licking and it shows a matte, dull or oily, oily coat, itchy,…
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Puberty – boys are on the threshold to Adulthood

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Puberty - boys are on the threshold to Adulthood With puberty, only the Beard begins in the young to grow: Even more important than the physical, the mental change that leads eventually to separation from the parents house. "Questions like 'who am I?' and 'what am I in life?' back to the forefront," says Joseph Zimmerman, a psychologist and Director of the Catholic education and family counselling centre in Cologne, Germany. He advises: "parents should on the one hand, represent their points of view and continue to the limits. On the other hand, should you be interested in the lives of the children and offers a place in it to keep it. When boys are asked to be particularly the fathers." In German girls the puberty starts when you are…
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Noise protection for children: avoid hearing damage

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Noise protection for children: avoid hearing damage Hearing loss – General prevention Since 2009, are already carried out in babies in the first weeks of life, routine hearing tests – so most of the congenital hearing problems can be detected early. To do something against acquired hearing impairment, kindergartens, schools and also Doctors will inform on the Background of the variety of harmful influences are increasingly on the health of hearing. Harmful sources of noise should be limited by legal regulations to a tolerable Level, for example by a sound level limits in Nightclubs and concerts as well as MP3-players & co. The EU standard for children's toys should be covered: sets for children's toys with max. 125 dB in the free field and at a distance of 50 centimeters,…
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Aronia – The Chokeberry

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Aronia - The Chokeberry The Aronia melanocurpa is in this country little is known. Maybe you berry is a few people under the name of Apple (or bald chokeberry) are common. The estimates in Eastern Europe in the last decades as an effective medicinal plant. Visually rather inconspicuous, could be the Aronia berry almost to be confused with the blueberry – the berries of the chokeberry Plant have a healthier effect. Aronia: effect and origin Originally from the Eastern North America native, the Aronia Plant in the 19th century. A century after Russia. Since the middle of the 20th century. Century it was used in the former Soviet Union, also for healing purposes. So the Apple is not berry's only particularly good against high blood pressure, also medication against capillary…
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Mastopathy – a harmless change in the breast

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Mastopathy - a harmless change in the breast Pain and swelling of the breast, strong pressure sensitivity, and small nodules are the typical signs of a mastopathy, the most common benign changes in the breast glandular tissue. Approximately every second woman between 35 and 55 years of age is affected by more or less strong, benign changes in the breast tissue. Here are the changes to have no disease value – not every woman with a mastopathy has complaints. Hormones out of balance The exact cause of a mastopathy. But we do know that Estrogen plays an important role. Probably a disturbed relationship to the body's own sex is a progestin hormone and an Estrogen based, making Estrogen outweighs the progestin in the end. This happens when too much Estrogen…
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Concentration exercises in the workplace

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Concentration exercises in the workplace Whether in the office, in school or at home - in the everyday life of modern people, it comes almost everywhere in similar situations: The list of pending and tasks to be processed is getting longer and longer, while the concentration and performance seems the same extent lose weight. It is easier to concentrate on the growing sense of helplessness and impotence in the face of the tasks than on individual tasks. But what it is not helps, the job done by itself! You can learn to deal with the Stress, without sacrificing your enjoyment of life, your performance and your concentration. Concentration exercises A harmonious environment, fresh air, balanced diet and enough sleep are good prerequisites for this. But often that is not enough.…
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Bullying in the workplace

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Bullying in the workplace You get in the last time appointments very late or only by chance. Your boss criticized recently not only under four eyes, but also at the Team Meeting. You remain always on the unpopular task of sitting. Coincidences or signs of bullying? We will give you answers to questions around the topic of "bullying in the profession," and to explain the background. Conflict or bullying? The pressure in the workplace today is as big as ever before: the uncertainty of the future, fear of unemployment; the constant competition, solid performance and time pressure, the need to constantly new processes, tasks, hierarchies, and locations. To change the bid amount, flexible always the center of life and to establish new social networks. No wonder, then, that such a…
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Fruit & vegetable store correctly

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Fruit & vegetable store correctly Fruits and vegetables are for a balanced and healthy diet is essential. Both provide us with important nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and fiber. Due to an incorrect storage of fruits and vegetables can spoil quickly, however. In addition, vitamins are particularly sensitive to temperature and sensitive to light. Fruit or vegetables are stored incorrectly, will lose most of the vitamins contained. We will show you how you store your fruits and vegetables are best, so that it remains fresh for a long time, and full of healthy ingredients. Keep fruits and vegetables properly Various fruit and vegetable places, not all to the same way store. Depending on the origin and ingredients of the food especially at the right temperature and humidity have an important…
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Hygiene tips around the Egg

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Hygiene tips around the Egg How old is the Egg? Eggs must always be in the fridge? Which Egg should I take for raw food? What is the new, EU-wide uniform producer code on the Egg? Especially when dealing with eggs in the household, it is necessary some rules. Because eggs can contain Salmonella or tainted, and in the worst case, a Salmonella infection can cause. Tips for proper handling of eggs in the household. Warning Salmonella! Chicken eggs may be tainted with Salmonella. In the eggs of an enzyme system ensures that they will not be able to reproduce. After about 10 days of this protection system also loses the effect. This goes faster the higher the storage temperature and the lower the humidity is. Store eggs in the…
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Only for us: fathers and children

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Only for us: fathers and children What can you do as fathers, if by the profession, little time remains for the children? Quite simply: Act! Father-and-child programs offer the opportunity. Anyone who works, has the feeling of the family. A Problem with not only working mothers deal with. Also under German fathers, only 37 percent believe that they care sufficiently for their children. This may be due to the fact that the classic division of labour dominated by The man is the main earner, the woman takes over the family work. This results in a conflict for fathers. 67 percent of them would be involved more in the care of their children, but 42 percent of them think that the career leave you little time to enjoy them. Per day…
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Ramadan and nutrition

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Ramadan and nutrition Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar, in this time it will be fasting as a religious obligation for all Muslims to be considered. However, Ramadan does not mean only to refrain from the time of dawn until sunset to eat and drink. Also the intake of medicines is not provided in accordance with the Koran. To avoid potentially negative consequences for health in Ramadan, it is important to consider some aspects in favor of one's own body. Ramadan - a time of abstinence The Ramadan is lived as a time of abstinence of the faithful Muslims, a preoccupation with Prayers and the reading of the Koran. The obligation to abstain from eating, Drinking, and other enjoyment, such as sex or Smoking during Ramadan is…
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Cysts and uterine fibroids

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Cysts and uterine fibroids Among the many expertise of the physicians to Express the term "Tumor" most commonly give rise to misunderstandings and unfounded, unnecessary Fears. A typical example is: The lady doctor/the lady doctor in the study cysts found on the ovaries the woman's ovaries. He is listed on the case sheet or in the hospital admission diagnosis "Adnextumor" and says only that something is swollen-like bead on the "Adnexen" (= Annex of the uterus), ovaries, or fallopian tubes, has formed. Cysts and fibroids are usually harmless The word "Tumor" most people think of "cancer". Ovarian benign Entity, which have to do with cancer, nothing to cysts are almost always. The same is true for uterine fibroids. Also in the case of these vessels, of the uterus muscles of…
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Scabies (Scabies)

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Scabies (Scabies) The vernacular refers to infection is not for nothing called "scabies" - typical Symptom is scratching an agonizing itching, especially in the warmth of the Bed, wakes the person Concerned or the need to be continuously. Scabies, also known as mange, Schäbe, or Grind referred to, was already known in antiquity. And already 1000 years ago the Arabs At-Tabari described are meticulously the pathogen and its finding in the skin, as well as the possibilities, of the disease. Unfortunately, this Knowledge over the centuries by most of the Doctors and was ignored, if the people knew how to help themselves: The animals were crushed with a needle tip from the scabies sores gepult and with the finger nails. Also ointments with sulphur and mercury were in circulation. Of…
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Prevention methods – Mechanical and chemical prevention

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Prevention methods - Mechanical and chemical prevention Mechanical Contraception In these methods, one uses the tools of the vagina by the woman's physician or self, either in or on the Penis, placed and thus once or over a longer period of time prevent the sperm to find their way to the ova. These tools include a condom or spiral, for example. Condom (Condom). A male condom is a protection that is pulled over the rigid member and prevents the ejaculate from entering the vagina. Used correctly, it is located in the middle of the security area (Pearl-Index 2-12). The condom for women ("Femidom®"), is another side-open tube, which is secured by means of a ring against a clean slide is inserted into the Vagina (Pearl-Index 5-25). It is only via…
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Fruit & vegetable store correctly: More tips

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Fruit & vegetable store correctly: More tips More tips for Storing fruits and vegetables For the correct storage of fruit and vegetables, one should note that tomatoes and Apples should never be mounted together with other fruits and vegetables. You are putting the plant hormone ethylene in large quantities. This hormone sets the ripening process in motion to ensure that fruit and vegetables be faster over-ripe and spoil. Also other fruits such as bananas or apricots give off ethylene, but in smaller quantities than Apples and tomatoes. Has bought unripe fruit, you can use the effect of Apples and tomatoes: an Apple or a tomato to the unripe fruit, will accelerate the maturation process significantly. Since various types of vegetables, such as cucumbers, cauliflower, lettuce, or sprouts, are very sensitive…
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Everything is eco – and the fish?

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Everything is eco - and the fish? All the talk about animal welfare and think primarily of warm-blooded animals such as cattle, pigs and chickens. Many worry about whether you purchased fruit and vegetables might be genetically modified. But there is a cold-blooded fish? There are actually fish, how it is held, what is fed, where can I buy it, and there are guidelines? Fish in Bio-quality Although fish is a healthy food, there are differences in quality, depending on the individual breeder. Just as in the fattening and poultry breeding, fishing operations often "mass instead of class"; small basin for too many fish. Also, the use of chemicals and antibiotics is of concern. As a response, agreed growers ' associations, such as Bioland and Naturland, the guidelines for ecological…
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The healthy fridge

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The healthy fridge The phenomenon should be known. Because of the good intentions for a healthy diet are taken, the inner pig dog has been overcome and the contents of the fridge a nevertheless, each time you Open a new challenge. A look in the fridge and the unnecessary sweet, high-calorie Traps to come to the fore. So that the program can be considered a sporting activity and a healthy diet undisturbed by, should just be the beginning of potential confounding factors avoided. Sweet out vitamins in. The essential basis for well-being and health the varied, balanced and fresh diet. Ideally, you should consume three daily servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit. So you are not tempted to put the good intentions first thing in the fridge and…
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Fall avoid accidents

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Fall avoid accidents Tripping, slip and fall accidents occur when walking and Running. The consequences of these accidents are often much more serious than is generally assumed. Often floors, stairs, ladders, steps and platforms are the trigger of the accident. But, different floor textures, the effects of the weather or the bumps can pose hazards. What are the accident statistics? Day-to-day plunge in Germany, 1,000 people during working hours. Annually, nearly 5,000 Affected hurt yourself so hard that you get due to continuous health problems a professional Association pension. Approximately 330 million euros per year for the professional associations to contact for the elimination of the consequences of an accident, the economy alone, due to Failure hourly cost in the billions. Tips to avoid slip and fall accidents: The spilled…
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Nutrition in AIDS

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Nutrition in AIDS The nutritional status can influence the course of the AIDS disease are essential. HIV should Infected be advised as early as possible dietary, so it comes as no decrease in the body weight, the experts of the German Institute for nutritional medicine and dietetics in Aachen (D. I. E. T.) challenge. The final stage of the immune deficiency disease AIDS goes hand in hand with the so-called Wasting syndrome, which is characterized by weight loss of more than 10 percent of the original weight, diarrhoea and/or fever. Because of the prevalence of malnutrition in HIV-Infected or AIDS-sick diet medical measures are of Central importance. Due to the frequently reduced food intake caused by loss of appetite, vomiting, swallowing disorders, physical weakness, depression, medication side effects, and infections…
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Fit at forty – an Interview with Dr. Sabine Voermans

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Fit at forty - an Interview with Dr. Sabine Voermans What is the biggest Problem, when you're forty? Dr. Voermans, Director of the tkgesundheit management: "The Problem starts in the head. Many will be around this date aware of the fact that the second half of life has definitely begun. The result is that you have observed to be critical. In addition, in the phase of life to the Forty loads compression - the commitment to the profession, the family with children and also the care of their parents, the 25 to 35 years old are older than you. Suddenly diseases such as cancer or dementia, and the responsibility is shifted within the family. It is the generation change that is noticeable and often hurts." What are the paths from…
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Amenorrhea – diagnosis and treatment

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Amenorrhea - diagnosis and treatment How is the diagnosis? Often no other symptoms besides amenorrhea. Nevertheless, the woman's doctor will collect a detailed medical history, to see if life circumstances play a role, whether other diseases are present, operations in the abdominal cavity were made or medicines are taken. Also, he will ask for exactly the previous cycle. Then a woman is carried out medical inspection and palpation of the vagina, uterus, and ovaries, usually supplemented by an ultrasound examination. In some cases, a laparoscopy, in particular, in the case of primary amenorrhea. For the diagnosis blood tests with hormone disturbances and other disorders notice. If necessary, a pregnancy test is made. The suspicion of a brain tumor, is a computer tomography of the skull. What kind of therapy are…
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Boreout – boredom in the workplace

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Boreout – boredom in the workplace According to the employment survey of 2007, the Federal Institute for occupational safety and of the Federal Institute for vocational education and training almost one in seven people in Germany will feel, in view of his qualifications under the demands. Underload, boredom and lack of interest characterize the state of dissatisfaction in the workplace, called Boreout. "From time to time I have to do for about an hour or two. The Rest of the time I surf in the Internet, searching for bargains in Online Shops, plan the next holiday. There is nothing to do. What I do is totally irrelevant. My phone does not ring sometimes for days...". This writes a desperate Participant in the Forum of "Boreout“. Definition: What is Boreout? Boreout…
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Peppers: rich in Vitamin C

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Peppers: rich in Vitamin C When shopping for peppers, mostly spoiled for choice as the healthy vegetables, it is available in many different versions: Whether it's red, orange, yellow or green – the colors, the selection is large. To this end, various forms are: While sweet peppers are rather thick and round, spice, paprika, a longer and narrower shape. Also in the flavor, the different pepper varieties differ from each other: Of mild to hot peppers in various shades. Of the different varieties of the sweet Peppers, however, have in common: bell peppers are healthy, have lots of vitamins and few calories. Peppers: Healthy and delicious The different colors of the peppers reflect the degree of maturity of the vegetables: In the immature state, all bell peppers are green, with…
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Flour moths and co. – pests in food

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Flour moths and co. – pests in food Christmas is over and the last cookie, maybe even eaten. Now we can put the Christmas bakery confidently to next year, ad acta. But those who enjoy baking ingredients only brings in the Christmas season, a scuttling Surprise. Just nuts, dried fruits, and the like pests are at the top of the menu of the Stock. Clumpy flour and Webs, the first signs are. Where are the pests in the kitchen? In principle, almost all foods are at risk, only salt, sugar, and pure fats to be spurned. Baking ingredients, which are rarely used and most of the time in dark corners, offering the pests the ideal places to hide, plenty of nutrients and a lot of time to reproduce. Most of…
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What you need to know about weight!

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What you need to know about weight! Underweight people often have a "Beanstalk", "Ironing Board" or "the asparagus are called the Tarzan" Who is extremely thin, it is not always easy. Also, from a medical point of view, means "thin" is not a "be healthy". Nearly 2 million people in Germany are under-weight, such as from the data of the Federal Statistical office. Significantly more women are affected than men, especially in the age group between 14 and 29 years. Similar values apply for the rest of the Western industrial countries: In the United States, around 3.5% of the population have too little weight on the scale, in France, nearly 5%. In contrast, almost 50% of adults in developing countries to easily. According to the guidelines of the world health…
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Vitamin B5 – an all-rounder

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Vitamin B5 – an all-rounder Vitamin B5, Pantothenic acid, belongs to the group of a total of twelve B-vitamins. It represents a main component of coenzyme A (CoA), which is involved in numerous basic metabolic processes in the body. The Name of the B-Vitamin is derived from the Greek word "Pantothenic" what "(of)" and doubly understood, means can be: Pantothenic acid is present in all animal and vegetable foodstuffs, and is almost needed everywhere in the body. For Vitamin B5 is important Vitamin B5 is a component of coenzyme A in the removal and build-up of fats, carbohydrates and proteins, and thus the release of energy from food. In addition, it plays for the synthesis of cholesterol, an important role, which, in turn, for the formation of steroid hormones, like…
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Sex education – education in the school

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Sex education - education in the school Sex education in school The question catalogue of the Small is complex: changes in puberty, arousal, the period of the first ejaculation, and "the first Time" will be discussed. Also, contraception, pregnancy, or malformations in the teaching program. Parents can support the development in this Phase, by shopping first for hygiene or suggestions from youth magazines to get the best source to learn what moves a Teenager. The Younger still "very innocent," said the biology teacher. "Typical questions are: Does everyone in the puberty? I need a towel, if the vagina moist? Hurts Sex?" And: "a floating egg when the pill prevents ovulation?" Although Teens tend to have already made the first sexual experiences, many people do not know about the date of…
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