Acid-Base Balance

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Acid-Base Balance Power mad is really funny? Not always the old well-known Proverbs in a literal sense, correct. Certainly a heart-tale bite into a lemon, our facial features as slip away, that at least is funny. Nevertheless, we must often experience the negative sides of an acid load, sometimes even painful. Acid load increases Nutritional and way of life result in our civilized world to a greater acid load. Of course, our body is Amazing, in order to maintain the balance between acids and bases upright: everywhere in your body buffers that neutralize Excess acids and are deposited or in the best case, eliminated. We do not feel the effects of the acid load initially usually even when these buffers are already overloaded and unnoticed from the acid Intermediate storage…
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Dumbbell workouts: The 10 best Exercises

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Dumbbell workouts: The 10 best Exercises With this dumbbell workout targeted to your body! Through the Exercises with the Weights, the arms can be moved in the first place, especially biceps and triceps will strengthen. But also other parts of the body such as the shoulders, the back, the chest and the abdominal muscles can benefit. We have compiled for you the ten best dumbbell Exercises! Important tips for weight training Make sure when Exercising that you choose no to heavy Weights. For women dumbbells between one and three are, for men between the ages of three and seven kilograms suitable. Perform each Exercise 15-30 times. You have completed all the Exercises, you can have a second and a third round to follow. Insert between Exercises take a break of…
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Loud classes, poor students, the sick teacher

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Loud classes, poor students, the sick teacher In school classes, it is loud. This may be due to the fact that there are about thirty children – and not all of the patterns students are. But above all, it is the poor acoustics in classrooms. High, relatively bare rooms without carpet have long reverberation times, such as Spoken language is poorly understood and many of the background noises are damped to hear for a long time. Under such conditions, can concentrate a lot of students. Who's unfavorable, sometimes has problems to understand the teacher at all. So, it showed that students make fewer errors on the dictation, if you can hear the Text through headphones, and so trouble-free. Difficult Concentration Values In a quiet class, a medium noise of about…
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Love goes through the stomach

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Love goes through the stomach Butterfly in the air, butterflies in the stomach. If the power of the sun radiation is stronger, brightens the mind, the hormonal balance in the momentum and the luck will feel revived: spring feelings! The Lust for life and Love with food increase? Casanova swore by oysters, caviar, and raw eggs, in the Asian region, on certain animal extracts-and in this country there are party service providers, the erotic Buffets in the program are natural aphrodisiacs – have sets: named after Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love in ancient times – in spite of a synthetic competition. Lust or frustration? Many of the natural pleasure-boosting food thanks to their reputation simply your appearance – just think of asparagus and figs. Other although they are not…
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Trichomoniasis The infection with the scourge of animal cells "Trichomonas vaginalis" is a common sexually transmitted disease called Trichomoniasis. At the end of the last century, an estimated worldwide each year, and recorded 174 million new cases of Trichomoniasis, of which 11 million are in Western Europe. Even if the Trichomoniasis is one of the more harmless venereal diseases, and only about half of infected women and even fewer men is causing symptoms, it is taken seriously. In the case of Trichomoniasis-affected Pregnant women, the risk for preterm birth and low birth increases the child's weight. In addition, the Transmission of the Aids seems to be a Virus in both directions is encouraged. Of microbes and human The Transmission of Trichomoniasis occurs by direct mucous membrane contact, so intercourse. In…
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Macrobiotics – The inside of the middle of find

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Macrobiotics – The inside of the middle of find Macrobiotics means "large life" and is a science which deals with all aspects of life. A vegetarian-influenced diet, which can allegedly cure diseases. The principles of Yin and Yang, the two opposites that form a perfect Whole, the macrobiotics. Macrobiotics is based on the principles of Yin and Yang The principles of Yin and Yang, the two opposites that form a perfect Whole, the macrobiotics. On the diet, this means avoiding extremes such as one-sided meat food or too many sweets. Rather, it comes with all of the food to the people in a balance. Yin and Yang are energies that are also present in the food. Yin is the expansive, Yang is the pull-in force. Include the Yin-influenced food and…
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Ayurvedic nutrition: food as medicine

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Ayurvedic nutrition: food as medicine Food and health are connected in Ayurvedic medicine inextricably. Aim of Ayurvedic diet is to reach an inner balance, or to get this. Ayurveda is the oldest known medicine to mankind and means from the Sanskrit, the Knowledge of long life" (ayus - long life, veda - Knowledge) is translated as". The approximately 3,500-year-old, in writing, to traditional Ayurvedic principles originating in India. You have already influenced Hippocrates, who advocated for a holistic treatment of the people. In contrast to Western systems, Ayurveda is a way of life: It wants to not only heal diseases, but attempts to give a comprehensive answer to the question of the goal of life, and to bring humans in harmony with nature. Vata, Pitta, Kapha: the 3 forces that…
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Children from colds to protect

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Children from colds to protect Cough or common cold virus can take root in children is particularly good, and multiply. Your immune system is not yet Mature. Up to six colds per year is considered normal. If parents prevent, in time, can be reduced the risk of disease for respiratory infections. However, this is sometimes exhausting, and not all of the measures you can implement in daily life. It is worthwhile to work on it. The Hand in front of mouth and nose When you cough the virus and bacteria from the breath be thrown because of the Infected literally. Most of the time you land at the nearest Person, and it is attached to. A simple, but effective protection against pathogens is already given when children and of course…
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Healthy increase: tips

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Healthy increase: tips Tips for healthy muscle building In addition to proper nutrition, Sport is an important factor in a healthy increase. Because the gained weight is deposited only in the Form of fat increases your risk for heart disease-vascular. Targeted muscle building is achieved through the combination of regular exercise and protein rich food. Ideal to start light strength training, and Gymnastics – both of which are types of sport that can be pursued in a fitness Studio. Many Studios also offer courses under professional guidance, to help you get started. Alternative sports clubs, or just a friend of mine and training partner. Movement in the free nature also promotes the appetite, - a small walk before lunch, is therefore recommended. Important two is to train up to three…
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Fruit and vegetables – Good for the eyes

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Fruit and vegetables - Good for the eyes In Germany, an estimated 1.2 million visually Impaired and Blind. The visually impaired has very different causes. Vegetables and fruit seem to be able to be a part of this diseases have a positive influence. The most common cause of Blindness age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the us, followed by the Green Star (glaucoma), the eye changes in diabetes (diabetic retinopathy) and cataracts. Elderly people in particular are affected by the vision problems that are associated with a significant loss of quality of life: Many older people with age missing find-sightedness, often even in their immediate surroundings, but lose the ability to read and ability to drive and have difficulty Recognizing people. Nutrients for strong eyes With regular medical checks, especially for…
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Sex diseases on the rise

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Sex diseases on the rise Sex is fun and healthy. However, sometimes, the rude awakening follows the sexual intercourse. Then, when pathogens in a new host search. Success you have, however, only in the case of unprotected intercourse. The history of the STDs is probably as old as mankind. We don't always know which way you were transferred, they were often interpreted as a just divine punishment for the all-too-human vices. Ignorance allows for the dissemination of Until today, not or only coyly is not talked about sexually transmitted diseases often, what is surprising in the case of a topic that has to do with sexuality and illness, or even death. However, it is only ignorance that allows sexual diseases are a scourge of humanity. In recent years, an increase…
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Snoring in children

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Snoring in children International studies show that 21 to 37 percent of children suffer from sleep disorders, and about 9 percent of all infants and children snoring. According to estimates, every fifth child suffers from snore sleep apnea (1). In rare cases, the nocturnal breathing disturbance can be demanding for small children, even so much strength when you Breathe, it comes to developmental delays. More than half of all children between one and four years of snoring occasionally, but every night. With age, the number of children increases, the regular snoring Of 6 per cent in the Year up to 13 percent of four-year-old. Little boys snoring more often than girls. Warning Sign Of Snoring Snoring is a warning sign of disturbed sleep. Children who are not rested, can't concentrate…
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Straight legs, beautiful feet – we can do this

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Straight legs, beautiful feet - we can do this Beautiful, straight legs and feet are for a good appearance is essential. But also for the health, it is important to give his feet and legs a good Eight. Parents can spare their children much, if at a young age on the proper footwear and a healthy diet. The development of healthy legs and starts in infancy As long as we struggle in our mother's belly, bent our legs and we come up with O-legs to the world. This is quite normal, and no mother should have to worry whether your Baby will be running later on like John Wayne. The correct posture for a newborn is reminiscent of a small frog. This is because the hip joints are not yet…
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Acidification How is Acidosis? What are the causes of an overly acidic stomach? More acidic metabolic waste is produced in the body as a neutralized and excreted, so it comes to a long-term chronic Acidification of the organism. The acid-base balance leads to imbalance, and the organism can only work sub-optimally. The body relies on mechanisms, this imbalance. For example, the body stores excess acids first in the connective tissue to loosen and only then to challenge, and to excrete, if the blood has enough basic Compounds. Main Reason: Incorrect Diet In the case of a prolonged lack of alkaline mineral and a at the same time more existing acid load Repository salts of these in-between camps. This can result in pain, Motion and function of limitations of individual cells…
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Men’s health – men are not ill, are you?

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Men's health - men are not ill, are you? Note: XY is harmful to your health! Meanwhile, empirical studies show that men smoke too much, drink too much, the wrong feed, and much less to health promotion and screening programmes than women. A study by the Institute for Public Health at the University of Bremen comes to the conclusion that between the ages of 30 and 65 years, the mortality rate in men is twice as high as in women, mainly due to: Accidents Suicides Diseases of the circulation Diseases of the digestive organs Herein, the higher risk appetite of men in dealing with their health and riskier working conditions reflect. "The reasons for this behavior accepted behavior to lie to a not inconsiderable part in Gender stereotypes and the…
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Diet for colostomy

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Diet for colostomy In Germany, an estimated 100 000 people live with a colostomy (Stoma or colostomy). The creation of a Stoma is unavoidable, you must adjust the Affected in a completely new Situation. Ask for the daily use of the artificial output. Particularly, diet plays a big role in that. No Ostomy Diet As time passes after the surgery, varies depending on the age and of individual reaction, condition, and type of surgery. A great importance have the underlying disease of the Intestine in which the artificial output. After the acute healing phase, the General principle is: There is no special stoma diet! People with artificial output should be just as Healthy a varied, wholesome, mixed diet. For this purpose, a lot of fruits and vegetables, whole grain products,…
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4 tips for beginners

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4 tips for beginners Sport is healthy, but if you overdo it, you do your body no Good. So many studies show that professional athletes are sick more often because your immune system is the duration of training can take it well. This phenomenon is regardless of the sport you are watching: Great efforts and exhaustion make the body more susceptible to the attacks of viruses and bacteria. An effect that can reverberate for up to ten days. Nevertheless, the sports doctors agree that the health Benefits of the sport outweigh the risks many times over. Millions of people of all ages play sports. Sport gives you every day a sense of togetherness, it creates social communication, increases the physical well-being, and helps to strengthen health, to restore and maintain.…
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Children’s skin – how to protect, how to maintain

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Children's skin - how to protect, how to maintain Our skin is a true miracle: it regulates body temperature like a Thermostat, it protects us from harmful environmental influences and pathogens, it is important for our metabolism and it conveys tenderness and well-being. Clearly, they must be maintained, therefore, a particularly careful - and so you can not early enough to start The course for a good "skin-future" later in life are already made in the Childhood. Children's sensitive skin Actually, the main care of the baby age begins, when the mother feeds the infant and provide him with sores and painful inflammation of the saves. Statisticians have calculated that In the 4,000 - to 5,000-times a Baby is wrapped and then with a high quality protective ointment applied the…
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Health benefits of nuts

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Health benefits of nuts Nuts are extremely calorie rich, but who is nibbling on a handful of nuts, do something Good with it. This is because nuts contain a lot of ingredients that have a positive impact on our health. Especially valuable are the nuts contain unsaturated fatty acids, which reduce cholesterol levels, and thus diseases of the circulatory system such as arteriosclerosis can be prevented. Allergy sufferers should be consumption of nuts careful, especially in the case of a birch pollen Allergy, even the smallest traces of nuts can ensure that the immune system plays crazy. Nuts generally contain a relatively large amount of fat compared to other nuts, the fat content of the cashew nut is, however, rather low: 100 grams of it, namely 'only' on 42 grams…
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Ketchup When you remove the lid of a Ketchup bottle, rises to one of the seductive smell of tomatoes and vinegar quickly in the nose. But be careful – in the red sauce, not just tomatoes, but also a lot of sugar, flavor enhancers, and often flavoring agents, thickening agents and preservatives are stuck. Therefore, the question of whether Ketchup is unhealthy or healthy. Ketchup is healthy? Ketchup is only about 70 percent of tomatoes, not Ketchup contains only a lot of tomatoes, and the healthy colour lycopene, but also a high percentage of sugar. For this reason, a good Ketchup should have a that is low in Sugar because too much sugar damages the teeth and fattening. In a single bottle of Ketchup can be - depending on the…
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Well cared for mobile with a Baby

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Well cared for mobile with a Baby Towels, carry bags to carry back and baby carriers: the mobility with a Baby and small child, have the parents be spoilt for choice. The scent of mom, the deep voice of dad, especially in the first year of life, it is for babies important to feel the reassuring proximity of the parents. However, anyone who has worn such a bundle of joy changes over a longer period of time on the Arm around, you will know how difficult even the smallest Baby on the period may be. Advantages of a baby Sling In this case, a sling can come in the first weeks of life use is recommended. Advantages: The parents have protected the child close to the body, the hands and…
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Vitamins in the focal point

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Vitamins in the focal point In order to stay healthy, our body needs, in addition to the main vitamins, minerals and trace elements nutrients. These substances in small amounts of vital operations. A balanced diet with fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy and whole grain products will ensure the needs usually. Some vitamins can not, or only from certain precursors are formed in the body at all. In addition, the organism can save the vitamins often only to a small extent. A regular intake of vitamins with food for the preservation of the life processes must be ensured. Among the mentioned vitamins: vitamins A, C and E are of particular importance. These vitamins act as antioxidants as a so-called free-radical scavengers. In the body can form aggressive oxygen radicals, also called oxidants.…
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Chai Tea

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Chai Tea It consists of black tea, various spices, a dash of hot milk and honey or sugar. So the Indians, for which he is a national drink, the Chai tea. Chai describes the traditional method of making tea in India. In the classic recipe, spices such as cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, fennel and anise come to the black tea. Originally, the recipe comes from Ayurvedic medicine, these spices have their place. Chai tea: Stimulating, but not exciting For centuries, the Indians will appreciate the soothing effects of Chai tea on the body and mind. From Ayurvedic point of view, a clear-cut case: In the traditional health teachings of any healing affects plant both on the body and on the soul of the people. No question about it: The caffeine…
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Erectile dysfunction treat

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Erectile dysfunction treat Patients suffering from disorders of potency, can now find a customized treatment regimen. The choice of the treatment depends, of course, of the often very different causes of the disorder. The spectrum of treatment ranges from drugs using erectile AIDS (vacuum pump) and vascular surgery to the Implantation of penile prostheses. In all cases, however, psychological counseling is worthwhile, even if the causes may be purely organic in nature. Self-help – but professional Thus, erectile dysfunction after possibility does not arise in the first place, it should be recognized risk factors such as alcohol, Smoking, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis or Diabetes in a timely manner and treated. Therefore, it is useful, the appropriate precautions for the events and to maintain a healthy diet and physical exercise. The…
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Salads – season all year round

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Salads - season all year round Salads are not only healthy, they also have always the season of the year. Most of the salads are easy to prepare and fit as a lovely side dish to almost any main dishes, but also as a low-calorie main dish are you just on a hot day is a delight. Who in the summer on the slim line or just the body want to do something Good with the salad just right. Crisp summer salads such as the head and iceberg lettuce, curly lettuce or Lollo Rossa is a calories are low and at the same time healthy and colorful treat. Salad: calories and ingredients The green or red-green leaves provide the body with Beta-carotene, Vitamin B1, B2, and B6 as well as…
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Family growth often leads to jealousy

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Family growth often leads to jealousy Most children wish for a sibling. But if the Baby is there, must share the Greater the attention of the parents all of a sudden. Especially first-born feel, then reset. "Children are jealous when a sister or a brother comes to the world, is quite normal," says Karin Schreiner-Kürten, a psychologist at the AOK-Bundesverband. "A good preparation and targeted donation from the parents to help the Elderly then, with the new Situation." If a sibling is there, need Older a lot of attention With the birth of a Geschwisterchens a lot of changes in a child's life: It should be noted that not everything revolves around it. The more important it is for parents to announce their first-born offspring in a timely manner. As…
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Healthy eating starts with shopping

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Healthy eating starts with shopping An all-round healthy balanced diet is more than just products and their preparation. It begins in the supermarket. The intentions are great, selection and deals when shopping. With a few Tricks and simple rules, you retain the future visit to the supermarket the Overview. All the Power of habit? You know it is intended to be noticed Only at home, to have too many and in the end also are not necessary for items purchased. How often accesses to the articles on the shelf, without thinking about it. It is the colorful packaging, the current offer or the pure habit? The selection of a single item out usually happens subconsciously and out of a Reflex. A few tips will help you make an informed decision…
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Bullying in school

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Bullying in school Lately the messages in the media about bullying in the school are piling up. However, bullying, which can be translated with to attack and exclude from the English, is not a new phenomenon. It already exists for quite some time and is, in fact, in some schools, the cruel everyday life. New awareness to this topic and the many preventive measures that are offered to strengthen the students, however, are. Bullying is a serious issue, this is not a mere Tease, but a kind of psychological terror that may have for the victims of catastrophic consequences for the entire personality and health. Bullying is violence for the soul Bullying can exist in many different shapes and ages and is not to be confused with conflicts among children…
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Stevia: a Sweet sugar-free

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Stevia: a Sweet sugar-free It sounds seductive. Stevia, honey leaf, sweet herb, sweet leaf or Süßblatt called, can replace sugar, is not harmful to the teeth, has no calories, and should be able to achieve, additionally, a positive effect on health. In Germany, Stevia is, however, only since the 2. December 2011 not approved as a food, since the safety of the sweetener was backed up. As a sweetener, or sugar substitute used Stevia, Stevia Rebaudiana, has its origin in Paraguay in South America. Already for a long time, Stevia is used because of its extremely natural Honey as a sweetener and sugar substitute. The population in Brazil and Paraguay used Stevia not only as a sugar substitute, but also as a medicine. Stevia can lead to a lowering of…
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Home Exercise 1 With this Exercise, you can strengthen your shoulder and neck muscles. Stand in an upright position. The feet are apart about shoulder width. Stretch now the arms straight. You can stay 15-20 seconds in this Position. Repeat this Exercise three to five times.   Exercise 2 This is an Exercise to promote mobility in neck and shoulder. Sit upright on a chair. Place the right Hand on the left side of the head and attach the head to the right. The left Arm is stretched down. Hold this Position for about 15-20 seconds and then switch the page. Bend the head forward, while they increase with the Hand on the back of the head pressure more easily. Repeat the Exercise twice.   Exercise 3 You loose. If…
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