Eggplant (Solanum melongena)

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Eggplant (Solanum melongena) The eggplant, Solanum melongena or egg plant, is a nightshade plant and a popular part of our diet. There are many recipes with eggplants. Typical of the Mediterranean and Oriental cuisine, is the use of eggplant is very varied and the preparation is relatively easy. But also for the health of the eggplant can also play a role. Low in calories, eggplants are, however, usually just before preparation. Eggplant: Healthy Multi-Talent There are different types, shapes and colors of eggplant. The most famous eggplant is dark purple with a round oval shape. Eggplant not only taste good, they are also said to have a healing effect. Especially in the fruit water of the eggplant should have a positive effect on rheumatism, sciatica and kidney disease. In addition…
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Grapefruit and grapefruit

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Grapefruit and grapefruit The three citrus fruits, Grapefruit, grapefruit, and Pomelo are closely related to each other and therefore share some similar characteristics: in Common is their high Vitamin C but low in calories, as well as their slightly bitter taste of the three fruits. This makes the citrus fruits not only in the summer to a delicious and healthy refreshment. Are grapefruit, Grapefruit, but also taken on Pomelos together with certain drugs, but can occur in interactions. Bitter Sweet Taste The Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi) is the fruit of the grapefruit tree, which occurs in nearly all subtropical countries. It is the result of a cross between Orange (Citrus aurantium) and grapefruit (Citrus maxima). The result of crossing Grapefruit and pummelo, in turn, is referred to as the Pomelo. While…
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Nutrition tips in the small intestine output

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Nutrition tips in the small intestine output The artificial outlet in the area of the small intestine or at the beginning of the large intestine is the bowel after surgery for a while until he switched to the modified digestion. In the first time of the bowel movement can be thin, later, he should be a thick liquid. Since the colon is not happening, it can, however, be no fixed, regular bowel movement formed. Especially in the initial phase of the intestine is not yet able to provide all nutrients in adequate quantity. Some of the tips will help, however, to support the gut just at this time, and to provide the body as well as possible with food: Drink plenty of fluids – approximately 2 litres per day. Drink…
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The world of Cognac

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The world of Cognac Cognac is so famous that he is often used as a Synonym for the generic wine brand. You can learn more about this unique noble drink, that the connoisseurs around the world fascinated. Cognac is produced by the Burning of the wines of a certain Region according to specified rules. Therefore, Cognac is a brandy of a special kind. Where's the Cognac? The area of origin of Cognac is located in the South-West, about 80 km North-East of Bordeaux. Its landscape is called "Charente" after the main river in the Region. The name for the drink is the capital of the Charente, the town of Cognac. The climate is characterised Charente by the relatively cool Atlantic climate. With only 7% Vol. Alcohol and 10g/l acid, the…
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Why Kefir is so healthy

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Why Kefir is so healthy Kefir is considered to be very healthy and supports digestion and the immune system. In the Caucasus, his homeland, is Kefir known because of its positive effect as a "drink of the Centenarians". But what is its effect? What is Kefir and what are the ingredients of this drink? Here you can learn everything there is to know about Kefir. What is Kefir? Kefir is a fermented milk drink produced by the fermentation of milk with kefir fungi. It was originally made from Mare's milk, today it is mostly used in cow's milk. The thick liquid drink tastes similar to sour like butter milk, but contains carbon dioxide and bubbles. Depending on the manufacturing process for Kefir has a low alcohol content. In addition to…
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Leeks – Recipe

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Leeks - Recipe Recipe for tart with Leeks and carrots For the preparation of this recipe as follows: For the dough: mix all ingredients, wrap in cling film and 30 to 40 minutes in the refrigerator. The carrots, clean, peel and cut into thin slices. Leek clean and cut into thin rings. The carrots in a perforated cooking tray, and at 100 degrees four minutes to blanch. After three minutes of cooking, and the leek rings in a perforated cooking tray into the device. Both of the vegetables for a further Minute to cook. Leek-Recipe: Preparation Ingredients for the dough: 200 g of flour 1 Egg 1 Pinch Of Salt 100 g cold Butter Ingredients for the topping: 400 g of carrots 250 g, leek 200g cream Salt and pepper…
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Quince fruits with healing effect

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Quince fruits with healing effect While our grandparents prepared earlier regularly quince paste, quince nowadays rather unknown. This quince inflammation were already in ancient times as a remedy against skin, digestive complaints and colds appreciated. The fragrant fruits are also rich in nutrients. So quinces contain a lot of potassium, which is needed for the blood pressure, as well as the function of the heart, nerves and muscles. What quince are? A quince looks like a mix of Apple and pear – no wonder, because the three core fruit species are closely related to each other. Named according to their shape, a distinction of the tough, a little harsher Apple, quince, and the softer, milder pear and quince. Both varieties of Quince have a yellow, woolly skin and a core…
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Bread drink: The healthy, combine to create

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Bread drink: The healthy, combine to create For many years, Gärgetränke from bread in Russia are known. The probiotic, combine to create bread drink has health-promoting properties, for example, in the case of constipation, bowel complaints and common cold, reported a diploma in nutritional science expert Karima Young of the society for nutritional medicine and dietetics e. V. Probiotics: Bread Drink Bread drink counts as one of the probiotic foods. These contain specific micro-organisms (probiotics), which are able to reach the intestine alive. To do this, you need to stomach and bile acid-tolerant as well as resistant to digestion be enzymes. As probiotics including strains of the genera Lactobacillus (lactic acid bacteria) and bifidobacteria. The probiotic drink bread drink containing the lactic acid bacterium Lactobacillus reuteri. Health-Promoting Effects In one…
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Healthy eating – what?

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Healthy eating - what? Clear answer: gains in life years and quality of life! Although "healthy" in the food industry is a Trend. A healthy diet – a healthy lifestyle in General – but many people are too time-consuming. To do this, you can say clear: all sick time to be consuming and also painful and expensive; it lowers the quality of life and shortens life! Nutrition plays in two of the three deaths, the German society for nutrition in your nutrition report 2004. In Germany, cardiovascular years diseases and malignant tumors by far the most common causes of death. By a change of diet in the Occurrence and development of these diseases can be positively influenced. Overweight A calculation for the European Union has shown that at least one…
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Vitamin E – Good for the skin

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Vitamin E – Good for the skin Vitamin E is a collective term for fat-soluble substances that cannot be produced by the body itself. Therefore, you need to be on foods such as vegetable oils, nuts and Margarine. Is taken over a prolonged period of Vitamin E, there is a deficiency. Typical symptoms for such a Vitamin E deficiency are disorders of digestion, lack of concentration, increased susceptibility to infection, as well as the degradation of muscles. Effect of Vitamin E Vitamin E as well as Vitamin A and Vitamin C, the antioxidants, and therefore represents in our body is a major free radical scavenger. Free radicals are aggressive Compounds, the rays through chemical reactions, Smoking, Stress, or by the action of high energy, such as sunlight or x -…
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Sprouts: the health of the window Bank

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Sprouts: the health of the window Bank Rapidly germinating sprouts of lentils, Alfalfa, mung beans & Co are healthy and delicious. Especially in Winter, when to harvest on the field, in the garden or on the balcony much, it is worth Sprouting. Either you used a special germ-a Mason Jar device, or simply as sprouts glass. So that the water can drain, the consumer the Mason Jar on its head and binds it with a Cheesecloth. Sprouts pull yourself Most of the seeds, first soak overnight and then into the rearing vessel, wherein the seed should not lie one above the other, so you still have plenty of space to Develop. First, a darker place is convenient, from 2. Day the seedlings, however, should light, but no direct sunlight, be…
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Wine grapes – vitamin-rich berries

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Wine grapes – vitamin-rich berries Every year in late summer, the local grape harvest. Wine berries are called, such as wine grapes, then processed into wine, juice or jelly. At the end of the summer, the sun are Packed-kissed fruits are full of nutrients. The sweet only vitamins and mineral substances but also carbohydrates such as sugar but very few calories, does not contain berries. Healthy ingredients of grapes Raisins, i.e. dried grapes that have a particularly high sugar concentration. Not least for this reason, wine grapes have sometimes a bad reputation as a Fattening. Why, however, they are in truth, very healthy, will be apparent when you look at the ingredients in Detail. Per 100 grams of fresh grapes contain the following vitamins and minerals: Potassium: 192 Milligrams Calcium:…
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Drinking water helps weight loss

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Drinking water helps weight loss Who drinks water, uses more power. The consumption of drinking water also results in Obese, and about two-thirds of adults in Germany - an increase in energy sales. Drinking tap water can therefore help with weight loss. Drinking water contains no calories, "burns" but in addition energy. Also normal weight who want to maintain their weight, benefit from this effect of water drinking. The so-called thermogenic effect of drinking water in Overweight by a study of the Charité, Berlin. It was supported by the Forum of drinking water e. V. A Team of researchers at the Charité, Berlin, and the German Institute for nutrition research, Potsdam-Rehbrücke, investigated in nine obese, healthy subjects, the effect of the drinking of tap water on the energy metabolism. With…
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Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol)

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Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol) Vitamin D is a fat-soluble Vitamin that can be synthesized by our body under the influence of sunlight itself. Nevertheless, recent studies indicate that more and more people have too little Vitamin D in the blood. A Vitamin D deficiency, however, can have disastrous consequences: Since Vitamin D is significantly involved in the regulation of calcium balance, can occur due to a lack of instability of the bone structure. However, only a Vitamin D deficiency, but an Overdose not have a negative impact on our body. Vitamin D regulates the Calcium balance Vitamin D is a collective term that includes multiple Connections. Of this Vitamin are particularly D2, found in plants and fungi, and Vitamin D3, which is included only in animal foods, for us, people of…
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Asparagus: Healthy and low in calories

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Asparagus: Healthy and low in calories The real Fans know, of course, when it goes off in about and long for the time. The other features, if there are suddenly again at each corner of the white (or green) rods. Most of it is in the second half of April as far as - basically, the asparagus depends on the harvest but of the weather and the soil temperature. When it is over, says an old Franconian farmer's rule: "cherries red, asparagus dead". Traditionally, the 24. June (Johanni) the last day. Then the harvest is completed, to allow the plants sufficient recovery time to the next harvest year. Asparagus: Healthy and low in calories Even if asparagus is enjoyed because of its incomparable flavor, the Gourmet bar, also diets have…
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Fruit in the Winter

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Fruit in the Winter Especially in the Winter, a healthy diet is important to strengthen the immune system and, therefore, colds and flu. Because it is only when the body is supplied with all essential nutrients, it can fight pathogens effectively. Fresh fruit is particularly rich in vitamins and minerals and has only a few calories. We present five typical Winter varieties of fruit and reveal what makes the fruit so healthy. In addition, we give the Fruit a delicious recipe for the preparation of oranges, mandarins & co. to the Hand. Oranges are sought-after hot in the Winter, because they not only smell gorgeous, but convince also by their juicy sweet taste. In addition, oranges are very healthy because they are full of important vitamins and minerals. The fruit…
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Pesto – Healthy treat from Italy

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Pesto – Healthy treat from Italy Pesto is fresh Basil, pine nuts, Parmesan, garlic and olive oil is a classic recipe of the Italian cuisine made. Pesto is prepared both tasty as well as quick and easy. In the meantime, both the classic Pesto, as well as different variants such as Pesto Rosso or Pesto bear's garlic has conquered the German cuisine. Noodles, whether, meat, asparagus, or potatoes, Pesto is an ideal addition, as well as sauces as an Alternative. Pesto: origin and history Pesto is translated from the Italian with "crush" and "crush", so that the Name of this specialty is derived from the traditional preparation of the Mash by means of a mortar. While it can be used instead of a mortar, a blender, however, can be of…
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The female organism and diet

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The female organism and diet A healthy diet is the basic requirement for physical and mental well-being, as well as for the efficiency of our organism. Most people are aware of it. Nevertheless, the reality often looks different: The today's way of life has not only given us a wide range of food and drinks, but also a faulty diet habits. In addition, media, advertising, family, friends, and, not least, the education that's determine to grab what food we can. The desire, especially of younger women to gain a low "weight" or maintain, usually leads to an unhealthy diet. Hazardous to health under the supply with certain nutrients is a common consequence. In addition, this behavior is also a breeding ground for the development of eating disorders. What is a…
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Guarana: caffeine out of the jungle

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Guarana: caffeine out of the jungle Guarana is supposed to make tired people awake. The Liane, one of plants of the soap tree and originally from the area of the Amazon river originates, has five times the amount of caffeine compared to a coffee bean. Therefore, the Guarana Plant as well as caffeine is referred to Liane. In Germany, Guarana is mainly in the Form of a powder, as capsules, or as an energy drink known and popular. Side effects are similar to those that can also occur with consumption of other foods with caffeine. Guarana as a powder, tea or capsules It are the small red fruits of the Guarana Plant, which contain in the Interior, the valuable, but bitter-tasting seeds, and also nuts. These are not only rich…
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Green tea – a miracle cure?

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Green tea – a miracle cure? A stimulating hot drink is Green tea all. However, a health promoting effect is ascribed. So he's supposed to prevent osteoporosis and the risk of cancer reduce. But what is it about his miraculous power? The Chinese Emperor Shen-Nung, so is a legend, drank to the loved ones of hot water. One day the Wind blew him in the bubbling water a few leaves, the water colored slightly green. He tasted the drink revived and refreshed the ruler. The history is about 5000 years old, and Green tea an integral part of Asian drinking culture. Extraction of green tea Like his brother, the Black tea produced from the Plant with the Botanical name Camellia sinensis. He, however, is not fermented by a fermentation process…
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Leek (Leek)

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Leek (Leek) Leeks can be harvested both in summer and in the autumn compared with The summer leek of September-harvested Leek is a bit stronger in taste. Leeks can be extremely versatile, and it can be eaten both raw and boiled, fried or baked. Calories and ingredients Leek is rich in vitamins and minerals: It contains Vitamin C, Vitamin K and folic acid as well as potassium, calcium, Magnesium, manganese, and iron. Since Leeks belong to plants of the Onion, put in it a valuable secondary plant substances. Leek is not only healthy, but also good for the line: 100 grams bring, it is in fact just 26 calories. Recipe: Cheese-And-Leek-Soup Fry 500 grams of minced meat in a pot. You in the meantime, cut a kilogram of Leeks into…
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Food culture

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Food culture The development of the food culture It was in the early history are still the primary target of hunters and gatherers to survive through the more or less regular food intake, as discovered by later generations, that food won through special preparation to taste. New techniques of preservation, dealing with herbs and spices, the origin of table manners, and Essritualen are just some of the milestones on the path to our current food culture. This can be from Region to Region, very different from what we find on trips to distant countries. Other factors, such as religious affiliation, can play a major role. Herein, the embedded families usually develop as the smallest, but probably the most important unit of a family food culture. The food culture of the…
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Paleo diet: Eat like in the stone age

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Paleo diet: Eat like in the stone age Paleo diet – so a decreasing trend from Hollywood. What's behind it? In the case of the Paleo diet, which is also referred to as the stone age diet, are allowed only such food, which were also our ancestors in the stone age accessible. So mainly a lot of fruit, vegetables and meat during the diet on the table. We introduce you to the Paleo diet velvet delicious recipes for Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In addition, we are betrayed, what are some good reasons for, but also against the Paleo diet talk. Basics the stone age diet The Paleo diet is based on the assumption that our genome has changed since the stone age. So – the proponents argue – is the…
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Lose weight with the Dukan diet

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Lose weight with the Dukan diet In the case of the Dukan diet (Dukan Diet) is rich on the consumption of lean dairy products, vegetables, and protein, but low fat fish and meats. The effect of the Dukan diet is similar to other protein-based diets. By avoiding carbs necessary energy to the body, so he can attack fat reserves and this needs to convert into energy. In this way, it is also used in the Dukan diet Plan to weight reduction. Dukan Diet Plan Not to suffer during a Dukan diet hunger feelings and other vital substances are supplied to the body with protein food. These foods can be filling and nurture the muscles, can, however, be converted by the body into energy. A weight gain from it remains so.…
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Dill has numerous healing abilities

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Dill has numerous healing abilities The aromatic plant Dill a lot of myths: As a bundle of Dill to help under the pillow against nightmares, while it is supposed to keep attached to the door of evil witches. First and foremost, Dill is used to Flavor food, and here particularly to the Seasoning of the cucumber. Therefore, this spice is a plant known commonly as cucumber herb, a Name it shares with the Borage. As a spice both the leaves and the fruits of the fennel can be used. The leaves can be harvested from June to July, and fruits from August to September. Dill contains valuable ingredients Dill has a slightly sweet taste, with the fresh herb will taste sweeter than the dried fruits. 100 grams of dried Dill…
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Ghee Ayurvedic clarified butter with healing effect

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Ghee Ayurvedic clarified butter with healing effect Ghee plays in Ayurvedic medicine a special role. It is both medicine and food, and belongs in the Indian and Pakistani cuisine to the most important fats. In Ayurveda, Ghee is important as the "elixir of life". We explain what the effect is attributed to the health of the fat, if the Ghee is healthier than Butter and how to make Ghee. What Ghee is? Ghee, simply stated, is the Indian Form of clarified butter, or butter fat. For its production of Butter is heated and the foam skimmed off the back of the pure fat remains. Usually used for Butter made from cow's milk, but the milk of goats, sheep, camels, or elephants, is a possible Basis. Ghee has a yellowish-white color.…
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Apricot Apricots are less juicy as peaches and nectarines and can be consumed, therefore, mostly without problems. Ripe apricots taste very sweet and have a mealy-soft flesh. When shopping you will recognize ripe apricots to the fact that the flesh of the fruit yields to pressure easily. Calories and ingredients Apricots are one of the most nutritious fruits ever: In apricots are Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2 and Vitamin C as well as potassium, calcium and phosphorus are stuck. Due to their valuable ingredients, the sweet fruits have a positive impact on our hair and our nails, and also strengthen our immune system. In addition, apricots are good for the line, because 100 grams of bring it down to only 40 calories. Care should be exercised, however, with dried…
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Hemp seed oil and camelina oil

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Hemp seed oil and camelina oil It's not the weather, the genes or the Lifestyle. The reason Eskimos and Japanese suffer much less from cardiovascular disease than Europeans, is in their diet. Due to their fish-rich food you take in significantly more Omega-3 fatty acids to protect your heart. Who wants to join the Asians, do not need to, however, every day fish on the menu. It is quite sufficient for two almost forgotten types of Oils in your spice rack to include: hemp seed oil and camelina oil supply is in fact learning a lot of valuable fat. Hemp seed oil and camelina oil: effect of Omega-3-Power Both hemp seed oil, as well as camelina oil have a high proportion of mono-and poly-saturated fatty acids. In contrast to other…
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The best diaper for the Baby

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The best diaper for the Baby Some parents swear by cloth diapers, others on their disposable variants. But what is the best diaper for a baby bum? Around three years children wear diapers, in the last few years, even more longer. In the newborn, you need to be up to eight times of the day changed, and later about five times. On "the winding years" to come together as easily between 6,000 and 8,000 diaper changes. And weigh a lot: Every Baby produces an average of about one ton of disposable diaper waste, noted Stiftung Warentest. That is reason enough to make the packaging of his offspring, extensively thought. Disposable diaper or reusable diaper? A diaper should keep one thing above all: The baby's bottom as dry as possible. In…
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Pelvic inflammatory disease – treatment and prevention

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Pelvic inflammatory disease - treatment and prevention What kind of therapy are there? Most of the time a hospital admission is required, in any case, strict bed rest. The focus is on the administration of an antibiotic is that at the same time against a number of germs and in many cases, initially as an Infusion is to be administered. In addition, painkillers are used, which also act anti-inflammatory. With a towel wrapped ice pack on the lower abdomen, the pain and the inflammation relieve. It is important to drink plenty and empty the bladder and bowel regularly. Sexual intercourse should be avoided in the first time, the Partner may need to be treated. Smoking is taboo. Subsides, the acute inflammation (which can be determined by blood tests to check),…
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