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Relaxation exercises at the workplace

Massage for relaxation

To activate the life force and body energy the Massage the following Akupunkturpunte:1 is ideal. Ear massage you Summarize your ears with one Hand between the thumb and the index edges of the finger to the rolled-in and drag it to the outside. Then the ear is massaged in the direction of the ear Tip. Then you grab the ear a little deeper between the thumb and index finger and massage again up to the Tip. Repeat the Massage until the whole ear, from ear lobe to ear Tip kneaded. The ear is now hot and red. In the ear approximately 200 acupuncture points are located. Through the Massage, you stimulate your entire body’s energy.

2. Massage of the acupuncture points on the clavicle Approximately 2 cm to the right and to the left of the sternum, below the clavicle, two acupuncture points (yellow dots are on the photo on the left), the Massage promotes the reduction of Stress and Anxiety. RUB these points with the thumb and index finger of one Hand and place while the other Hand on your belly.

3. The thymus gland tapping The thymus gland is located behind the breastbone. It produces T-lymphocytes for the body’s defences against infections and controls the energy flow in the body. Stress, emotional imbalance, anxiety and strife to weaken the thymus gland. You knock loose with a fist in a circle against the clockwise direction, the center of your chest about 10 to 12 Times (yellow area in the photo to the right). Hum, if possible. You will feel how your energy is awakened and a feeling of relaxation arises. It is extremely helpful to combine these Exercises that increase the ability of concentration, with Exercises that stimulate the circulation and give a boost. This pick-me-up, you can find here.

Little pick-me-up to encourage the concentration

These Exercises promote blood circulation and bring you back in full swing.

1. Calves Support you to stretch with both hands on your Desk plate. Bend one leg, stretch the other one straight back. You try to press a couple of Times her heel to the ground, to the extent it does not cause pain. Alternate the legs. This Exercise promotes blood circulation and has an invigorating effect.

2. Arms swing you stretch your arms out to the right and then to the back swing and forward again. Please note that the arms describe a semicircle. The Exercise is invigorating and loosens the shoulder girdle.

3. Arms circles, Now circling arms. They stay loose in the knees. This Exercise promotes the blood circulation and oxygen supply to all organs.

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