Safe on the road in a (rented) mobile home

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Safe on the road in a (rented) mobile home

Many of the tourists are, and not just in the summer time, with a rented RV on the road. Who wants to risk nothing, should, before departure, a short security Check, and to instruct its and their security, carefully in the RV.

It is particularly important:

  • Where are the quick shut-off valves for the gas lines?
  • How do you replace the gas cylinder or the gas tank filled?
  • Where are the fuses, the electrical Fuses and replacement?
  • The supply of gas-certificate-fine (Gold-colored plaque at the rear of the vehicle and yellow certificate)?
  • There are operating instructions for the cooker, water system and electrics?

The Caravan and motorhome industry has, in the last years, a number of innovations to the market. This includes increased insulation, advanced battery and fuel tank capacity and optimised heating systems.

However, anyone who wants to enjoy his “new freedom” really should pay attention to the following:

  • Security check for the liquefied petroleum gas system For the LPG installation shall be at the summer camping, as well as in Winter, the principle: safety Check by a specialist every two years. The valid inspection sticker you can get from a nationally recognized expert, for example, TÜV, DEKRA, distributors, or repair shops.
  • Porous electrical cables check the connecting hoses must be replaced after a few years since you box due to the heat in the Drawbar or through the sunlight in the Free (free guide is already banned) is porous. This can accumulate may in the drawbar of a Gas-air box-mixture: danger of explosion! Always better insulating materials, make the whole year a sufficient ventilation of the Caravan, motorhome or tent when cooking is necessary. In the summer the fridge would like to thank especially a sufficient supply of air. Because the operation heat of the cooling unit to dissipate requires a certain amount of air, otherwise the cooling performance of the device decreases. Caravan-the connection cables must be laid so that they tear it down, run over, or in the awning jammed. A dig on pitches off the rubber hose lines! They could easily be damaged. Between the tents and living, sufficient security should be the car spacing and to the tent or the Caravan around, not everything with tables, chairs and other camping accessories. In an emergency, you will not be able to leave their accommodation, otherwise, fast enough.