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Sandwich guide – Healthy food in school and office


At noon she has her big appearance: The Sandwich! Almost half of professionals (45 percent) engages in the lunch break to bread, buns or Sandwich. This was confirmed by a survey conducted by the DAK. In addition, folding play sandwiches-classics such as cheese or sausage sandwiches in the Breakfast of many school children’s boxes have an important role. But a Sandwich is the same Sandwich – the DAK-guide shows why.

From simple cuts to a luxury sandwich

Simple cuts with little effort and a little imagination easily into a “Snack de luxe”.

First stage – the bread is the basis of every Sandwich, and more important carbohydrate source. Disc for disc, it supplies fibres and minerals. How healthy the Bread is depends on your full grain. DAK-a nutritionist, Hanna-Kathrin Kraaibeek: “Check when shopping whether to the full grain is processed. Here, the value of the store full of ingredients. The more whole grain, the healthier they are.” Also, the grains on the bread: sesame, for example, contains a lot of calcium. Sunflower and pumpkin seeds provide unsaturated fatty acids that have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular System.

Clever bread topping Who wants to satisfy his Hunger healthy, should prove his Sandwich clever. A balanced composition promotes concentration, Fitness and good mood. Lack of time makes the DAK-nutritionist not apply: “30 minutes will suffice – for example, for the preparation of homemade bread aufstrichs. The time is also sufficient to eat and to recharge your batteries.”

If nut cream cheese, or Paprika cream, Healthy ingredients that make each bread brisk – from the rye-crisp bread to the pretzel. Fresh herbs such as lemon balm or sprouts to give the taste of fine tuning and provide vitamins.

Cheese sandwich with a new location, Fans of the classic Käsebrots can often experimenting with new variants. Instead of Butter, bring the arms spreads to entirely new taste experiences: How would it be, for example, to remove sweet mustard, tomato puree or mango chutney among the favorite cheese? Might also like: Fig and grapes in a cheese sandwich in the other Hand – you’ve got the perfect Trio!

The sausage bread to look and see the sausage, the crucial issue is what’s under the skin. Because not every sausage places is healthy. Lean variants, such as poultry, sausage, salmon, ham or Corned Beef to protect the fat levels in the blood and are better suited as meat or liver sausage. Who has the sausage is saturated, it can put the variety on fish. The fatty acids from tuna or salmon are an important component of nerve cell membranes in the brain: So Foodies keep also in the afternoon to clear my head.

Cool folding sandwich for the break, Admittedly It is not easy to convince school children of the benefits of a full-fledged meal. What counts for little Gourmets, however, are colorful colors, finger food and lots of variety. If, for example, of a face from chives cream cheese, convinced that the small eater is more than the reminder of the mom, but not to forget, Yes, the school bread.

Ideal Snack for the break

Ideally, the Snack for the break consists of a wholemeal bread, thinly with Butter or cream cheese spread and topped with cheese, lean ham or low fat sausage. There is also a vegetarian bread creates from time to time spread. Yogurt, cottage cheese or milk drinks provide calcium and are a good source of the minerals Magnesium, zinc and Iodine. Packaged in a colorful lunch box is also the coolest kid folding takes place sandwiches in class!