Selenium: deficiency and Excess

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Selenium: deficiency and Excess

Selenium: Deficiency Symptoms

Because of the large differences in the selenium content of the soil, the selenium content varies in crops is very strong. In many regions of Europe, including in Germany, contain the soil, only a little selenium, among other things, due to the sulphur dioxide polluted acid rain and sulfur-containing fertilizer (sulfur is then absorbed by the plants instead of selenium). The trace element is added, therefore, often cattle feed, since the animals are thus less prone to disease.

Animal proteins are usually much better sources of Selenium because the selenium-poor soils as plant food. Some scientists classify Germany as selenium deficiency area, because often, the actual selenium intake – an average of 30-60 µg /day – behind the recommendation of the German nutrition society (DGE).

Selenium deficiency: causes and Affected

A selenium deficiency people with their food a little selenium are affected in many cases: people living on a diet of vegetable protein, poorly cared for old people, alcohol abuse, people with an unbalanced diet, with a Probe-fed patients and dialysis patients.

On the other, a selenium deficiency can occur when increased selenium is eliminated: This may be the case of long-lasting diarrhea, but also on the urine in Diabetes mellitus, or severe kidney disease to happen. Gastro-intestinal disorders (e .B. chronic inflammatory bowel diseases such as ulcerative colitis) can lead to an impaired selenium absorption. An increased selenium requirement can result in bleeding in the pregnancy, in the case of strong month and during lactation. Also in the case of cancer “consumes” the body more selenium.

Consequences of lack of selenium

What are the consequences of a lack of Selenium, is not yet final. In extreme selenium deficient areas of China and Central Russia, the heaviest of heart muscle diseases and disorders have been observed in the joints. However, it is still not clear whether these so-called Kashin-Beck disease is actually a result of a selenium deficiency or other triggers.

Recent studies also a correlation between low selenium values and high blood pressure, fat metabolism disorders, as well as the development of arteriosclerosis suspect. Also, there is evidence that a selenium deficiency can affect fertility: women who failed suffered births, had extremely low blood levels of the trace element. In men with a selenium deficiency in the maturation and mobility of the sperm can be disrupted.

Overdose of selenium

Selenium in higher concentration has toxic effects. Normally, the body excretes, therefore, excess selenium in the urine. However, results over a longer period of time, regularly in larger amounts, e.g. about dietary supplements, it can lead to complaints. These include hair loss, liver damage, nervous disorders and heart muscle weakness.

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