Selenium: Health Significance

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Selenium: Health Significance

Health significance of selenium

Selenium is a component of important enzymes and helps (in the Form of the enzyme glutathione peroxidase), the cells of the body in the defense of aggressive metabolic products, the so-called free Radicals. In this function, it belongs to – such as vitamins A, C and E – to the so-called anti-oxidants. Free oxygen radicals arise in nearly all metabolic processes, can damage the body cells and the genetic material (DNA) and cause cancer.


It has been observed that in areas where selenium-rich diet prevails, cancer and heart attacks are rare. Therefore, a certain degree of protective effect against cancer and Atherosclerosis will be discussed. In experimental studies have shown that selenium may help prevent cancer. In addition, selenium protects the body from toxic heavy metal compounds (cadmium, lead, arsenic, mercury) and harmful radiation such as UV light or radiation in cancer treatment.

In cancer patients, it was found that a sufficient supply of selenium improves the tolerability of anticancer drugs and the side effects of radiation therapy without compromising their effectiveness. Today, the selenium dose diseases has, therefore, already in the supportive treatment of many tumor. In addition, international studies have shown that selenium can help to inhibit tumor formation and growth in skin, liver, prostate, and colon.


Studies show that in inflammatory diseases of the thyroid gland (Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, graves ‘ disease), the selenium dose, the General and some of the complaints improve.

Defenses and immune system

In addition, it has a positive effect on the immune system. Selenium strengthens the immune system – especially good in a Team with zinc and the additional administration can support the body in blood poisoning or in the case of a HIV disease. Also in patients with auto-immune diseases of the intestine, in the case of rheumatic diseases or allergic Asthma, the disease can be influenced by selenium cheap.

Tip: During the infection of the winter time the body needs especially a lot of selenium. To meet this increased demand, can be supplied to the trace element addition as a dietary Supplement, e.g. in the Form of selenium yeast (available in the pharmacy). A common cold is already in the suit that can help the increased consumption, the symptoms of the disease and soften the course of the day.

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