Semen analysis: a study in childlessness

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Semen analysis: a study in childlessness

What tests are performed?

From the beginning, both partners should be involved in the conversation, and diagnostics. The collection of Before – and medical history, as well as a first General investigation.

  • When the woman is examined on the basis of different methods, whether you are ovulating and whether the fallopian tubes are permeable. This is done by means of a contrast agent and ultrasound, and sometimes a laparoscopy is needed.
  • In the male, the reduced fertility is based mostly on changes in the sperm. Therefore, it is often sufficient to deliver a sample of his semen, which he wins after about three to five sexually seeds containing days by means of Masturbation. The Sperm is usually undisturbed in shielded areas of the practice. To can home the sample be obtained as soon as possible in the laboratory, delivered. The prerequisites for this, however, is that the man is previously informed by the doctor exactly on acquisition and retention.

What happens to the semen sample?

The ejaculate is created in the laboratory as soon as possible, a so-called spermiogram. To be checked:

  • Color,
  • Smell,
  • Volume,
  • the pH value of the semen,
  • its sugar content (fructose, index),
  • its resistance to flow (viscosity).
  • Under the microscope, then, the mobility, the number and shape of sperm to be evaluated.

In a normal volume of 2-6 ml, a total of at least 40 million should be frolicking, per millilitre to 20 million sperm. Of these, more than 65% should be normal shaped, and about 65 %, at least 25% move. These values are all or part of the pathological changes, reduced fertility, and in rare cases even non-existent.

What happens if there is a change in semen analysis?

The result is not normal, should be at least a second investigation in the interval of one month carried out, since the values of the sample may vary to the sample.

Only a few or a little active sperm, show, once again, additional studies are needed. In addition to an ultrasound of the testicles and prostate, with the tissue changes, for example, by a Tumor reveal, hormone studies. Tissue samples under local anesthesia can be used if the semen analysis, there are extremely few sperm. This allows you to check whether or not sperm cells are produced. In a sample of blood may be genetic variances sought. This is especially recommended prior to artificial insemination (in both partners).

What’s next?

In most cases, the cause is found and the lack of children can be addressed medically. The spectrum ranges from the successful hormone treatment of the woman or in case of bad spermiogram – of the husband to the artificial insemination with unfortunately a lower success rate and higher complication rate. Experts estimate that all the measures included in about 60-70 % of the first infertile couples with medical support and targeted treatment, the desire to have children fulfilled. On average, you need about a year of patience and perseverance.

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