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Sex education – education in the school

Sex education in school

The question catalogue of the Small is complex: changes in puberty, arousal, the period of the first ejaculation, and “the first Time” will be discussed. Also, contraception, pregnancy, or malformations in the teaching program. Parents can support the development in this Phase, by shopping first for hygiene or suggestions from youth magazines to get the best source to learn what moves a Teenager. The Younger still “very innocent,” said the biology teacher. “Typical questions are: Does everyone in the puberty? I need a towel, if the vagina moist? Hurts Sex?” And: “a floating egg when the pill prevents ovulation?”

Although Teens tend to have already made the first sexual experiences, many people do not know about the date of conception. “When I question, when a woman is fertile, there is dead silence in the class,” says Henke. The Teenager wouldn’t forget that prevention can protect not only against unwanted pregnancy but also many sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, the prevention and sexually transmitted diseases are in the focus of sex education in the ninth grade.

Knowledge is important

A loving and sound sexual education in home and school is essential for the development of the child is important. The fear early sex education will lead, accordingly, to early sexual activity can not be proven in studies. On the contrary, The more Knowledge, the more confident the child is with his sexuality, with love and prevention. It can be present in the group of self-aware and decide to what steps it is ready or not ready. And, not least, it can protect its Knowledge from misuse.

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